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  1. Akis

    Formz 6.7 to FormZ 8

    Hello With the Performance Test File the rendering time is 24:30, if i save this file en V6 the rendering time is 25:10 en V6, almost the same. My setup : Mac Pro 2009 - 2,66Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon and OS X 10.9.5. I tested your file with the wood texture, i enclose the result .... strange If i do the same with a "Roof Tiles" for instance, changing settings is reflected with rendering
  2. 24:30:50 XEON 2,66 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon MacPro 2009 OS X 10.9.5
  3. Akis

    Formz 6.7 to FormZ 8

    I tried with fewer processors, but with 8 I have the best result. With a larger file: FZ V6 = 23:20 and FZ V8 = 28:30 "Render Area Rectangle" can not do different renderings juxtaposed as does "Set Image Size" in FZ6 or I did not find. For it is much less. Now I test the settings textures and I have a problem with material "wood accurate": The controls made directly on the object have no effect on the rendering, it must go through the "Tool Options - Edit Texture Map" palette but no visual control is possible. A bug ? because it works with other materials. Thanks
  4. Akis

    Formz 6.7 to FormZ 8

    Happy new year The settings of the number of processors is the same in the two versions, I always have a longer calculation in Version 8 after multiple tests what I miss with version 8 : - The possibility of different renders side by side to adjust the lights or parameters of "Surface Style" with "Set Image Size" of Renderzone - The settings of the pallet "Status of Objets" that could be preset for each operand
  5. Sorry for my English, I am French I took advantage of the discount offered for the update ( 6.7 to 8 ). I have just tried version 8. I have a MacPro 2010 on Mavericks. My first conclusions : Renderzone is slower : 25" with FZ 6.7 , 35" with FZ 8 and with the same settings. What I find less good : - The loss of the Status of Objets pallet with the settings for the ghost, in the FZ8 i did not find the custom settings for the various Boolean operations. - In FZ6.7 I used the moving objects with nudge keys and the settings translations were easier to access by double clicking on the arrow to open the pallet "Pick Options" and change quickly "translate by" or "Rotate by", it's a little more complicated with the palette "Quick Key"in FZ8. - Now in FZ8 only one option can be displayed 3D or 3D Delta in the "Input pallet", it's frustrating Meanwhile some improvements I will continue with version 6.7.3. Good end of year.