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    DerikMr reacted to Tech in form•Z 8.5.7 Update Released   
    We are pleased to announce that the formZ 8.5.7 update is now available for pro, jr, free and student editions. 
    Select Check for Update from the form•Z Help Menu automatically update your v8.5 software.
    If you have any issues with the automatic updates you can install the latest version using the link from your license email.  
    Note: If you have installed any of the 8.5.7 WIP versions, please delete the WIP application folder and update your 8.5.6 (or earlier) installation.
    Please contact us at support@formz.com or start a new forum thread if you have any feedback or issues.
    Highlights of improvements in this version include (but are not limited to):
    ◦ Sub-d Objects now support face colors.
    ◦ Copy/paste now perseveres layer groups.
    ◦ DAE import improved.
    ◦ Opening and saving files to DropBox locations with long path names no longer crashes.
    ◦ Layer groups are maintained with copy/paste operations.
    ◦ DWG/DXF/DWF plugin updated (OpenDWG 4.2.2)
    ◦ Stream Line tool icon now shows properly.
    ◦ Billboard tool now displays properly when changing image files.
    ◦ Define Arbitrary Reference plane tool now works properly in Wireframe.
    ◦ Edge Color Layer override now works with the Material Average option.
    ◦ Show/Hide edges Layer override and Render as Shaded Surface now work as expected.
    ◦ Hide ghosted rendering options now work for dimensions and notes.
    ◦ Redo of Draft Angle operation now works after an undo.
    ◦ High facet count subdivision objects now work properly on Windows.
    ◦ The derive face tool now works properly on faces of subdivision objects.
    ◦ Hide ghosted rendering options now work for dimensions and notes.
    ◦ Various stability and performance improvements
    ◦ Improved display efficiency of files with a lot of dimensions/notes/leaders.
    ◦ Improved efficiency of updating frame data from modeling.
    ◦ Resizing frames no longer leads to crashes in certain files.
    ◦ Printing no longer drops lines from frames.
    ◦ Layers now transfer in the order they appear in modeling.
    ◦ Layer groups now transfer from modeling.
    ◦ The frame parameters now has a larger list for selecting layers.
    ◦ Frame dialog has been adjusted to list layers in order of modeling and the layer list has been expanded and a button added to view the layer the list.
    ◦ Export defaults to polylines (higher order levels now disabled).
    ◦ The line tool now appears in the tool palette.
    ◦ Hide ghosted rendering options now work for dimensions and notes.
    ◦ Line tool icon now shows properly.
    ◦ Various stability and performance improvements.
    OS X Specific:
    ◦ Palette positions are properly maintained on OS X systems with a second screen positioned above the main screen.
    ◦ The Favorite tools window now works properly on all screens on OS X (not just the main screen).
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    DerikMr reacted to Rudy Daverveld in best way to create a 360 view for online viewing   
    Hi all, Zweb,
    Can anybody help with how to create a 360 spherical render, to view online with youtube or facebook?
    kind regards
    Rudy Daverveld
    Visual 8
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    DerikMr reacted to Andre Conlledo in formZ 9   
    I'm curious about the new features formZ 9 will bring. Could we get a preview and an ETA?
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    DerikMr reacted to jambojam in I need a fixed undistorted Background image   
    Newbie question so sorry in advance.
    I work in Axonometric and Isometric and want a grid I have created as a jpeg to be my background image. I created this grid as a jpeg 1024 x 768. The grid is simple lines running at a 45 x 15 degrees. I need to bring this image in and have it stay exactly as created so the grid maintains the exact 45 x 15 angles.  I am finding it distorts based on the size of the window. How do I get a background image to stay true to it's exact aspect ratio regardless of my workspace window or can I specify the window to be 1024 x 768?
    Grid is attached.
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    DerikMr reacted to emarinlara in From Foem Z to Unreal engine   
    Hello, as a current user of Form Z into Mac OS X environment, I am looking for a way to bring 3D models from Form Z to Unreal engine. In order to do this properly a step on UV mapping and Unwrapping is a must and most of sites and tutorials refers to 3DS Max to do it. Since there is no 3DS Max for Mac, I am wondering if there is another way to do that avoiding 3DS...
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    DerikMr reacted to Imagix in Does any of the export formats support an animated camera?   
    I have a simple animated camera - moving from a to b at constant speed and need that camera path moved to C4D.
    So, does any of the formZ export formats support the simplest keyframe animation?
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    DerikMr reacted to Des in Maxwell material editor   
    I recently noticed that in Version 4, the material type dropdown menu does not have the Cloth type anymore.
    I can't find anything on the maxwell forum about it, so posting here (better anyway).
    Im looking to get a velvet cloth, and I thought using a type would get me started.
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    DerikMr reacted to Alan Cooper in formZ 9   
    Yes, anything that takes us closer to creating a cost-list / price-list / more user controlled bill of materials as spreadsheet, which refers to selected parts and maybe parts even unselected if on a certain layer. Info management is an extremely useful tool but the .csv output is still a little limited regarding customisation.
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    DerikMr reacted to teetant2 in interior design by Form z   
    share some recent works. any news of V ray for Form z    :) ??? 

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    DerikMr reacted to Andre Conlledo in 3D Connexion   
    Hello Z! I need help fixing my 3D Connexion mouse.
    I just updated the 3D Connexion software to 10.5.0 and now NON of my preferences on the advance settings tab of the 3D Conexxion window are taking effect on the way the mouse behaves in formZ. My work-around this was to get my preference file from my laptop located in the folder C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\Cfg and copy/paste to the same folder of my desktop. The mouse works fine now but I can't modify my preferences.
    Also I can't access the formZ advance settings tab on the 3D Conexxion properties window unless I have no projects open on formZ which might be why I'm having this issue.
    Things I've tried:
    re-installing the old drivers re-installing formZ clean install of the new 3D Connexion driver the mouse works fine on other software  
    System Info:
    formZ 8.5.7 (Build 9929) Windows 10 PRO (10.0.15063 Build 15063) Intel Core i7 -6700K NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti (Driver 384.94) 3DxWare 10.5.0 3DxWinCore Space Mouse Wireless (FW: 4.38)  
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    DerikMr reacted to ¢hris £und in Swift   
    in my impatience, I am studying Swift.
    I see that there are workarounds for getting C/C++ Libraries to work with it.
    Just wondering if this would be too much of a stretch with the fZ SDK?
    I presume that the current build is C/C++?  or have you differentiated and gone objective-C and C#/.Net?
    Also, curious to know if there is any consideration of future development in swift?
    As there has been some work for it on windows, 
    and there is a dist for linux.
    I of course realize that this would be substantial upfront work, but seems that it would also lessen the long term investment.  Would certainly reduce the load on small dev's who would like to add full extensions to fZ
    Tail Chasing; never ending.
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    DerikMr reacted to bbuxton in Struggling with ruled surface   
    I am trying to create a ruled surface between two non planar sets of curves.
    I have tried numerous methods but no success so far.
    * tried using the imprint tool to project planar curves onto nurbs surface
    > one curve managed to imprint the rest failed.
    * Tried extruding the curves and using line of intersection to get the profiles
    >This worked but the curves are very bad and cannot create a ruled surface
    >Also tried boolean subtraction and deleting the unwanted faces
    * tried sweeping a straight line segment along the lines of intersection
    >This doesn't work either
    My suspicion is that the curves are not good. I have tried creating the curves in FormZ and Illustrator and the problems are the same.
    Attached is the file with curves drawn in formZ if anyone would like to have a look.
    I don't work with curves or nurbs in formZ very often so have run aground quickly with this one.
    pugin MAN inscription.zip

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    DerikMr reacted to poco2017 in formZ 9   
    I'm a bit skeptical. 90% of the programing will still use the functions developed by AutoDesSys to communicate with FormZ (just using different name(s) ) - pretty much as is the case now. The real power comes from the additional capabilities of python to  manipulate and search existing data. Hopefully things like Regexp will also be included as is standard with Python. There are many versions of embedded Python and without its full capabilities, this may just turn out to be a academic exercise. Hopefully the beta will consider ease and capability rather than just one/one conversion with the vision to expand by using all the ability of Python and FormZ.
    To be successful, the new SDK must also appeal to both experienced and new users, which is about FormZ not Python. Hopefully, AutoDesSys is also taking this  opportunity to create an easier more straight forward interface to manipulate or customize FormZ. This would be particularly useful to enhance those areas which do not have widespread appeal or use and for which AutoDesSys alone can not afford to spend much time. Hopefully the focus is still on FormZ  to add appeal to add a great number of new users - aka Sketchup
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    DerikMr reacted to archigraphica in Layer manager suggestion   
    Here's an easy one.  I'm working on a building with multiple components.  Exterior, Interior, FFE, etc.  I'm old school so I have things divided up by layers.  The issue is going back and forth between different layer configurations.  (In C4D I would use TAKES) I was trying to do this with the Scene's pallet which I haven't really used before, but that doesn't appear to do what I'm after.  If I could suggest adding 3-4 configuration buttons to the top of the pallet. (see the attached image) It could be as simple as setting your layers like you want then CNTL-LMB to save the configuration to that button.  That way you could always click the button and have bring the configuration back.  Make sense?  Easy to do? thanks.

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    DerikMr reacted to krishna in coordinate move   
    I am new at formz. I use autocad and other software.  I use formz 6.5. when i came to Formz i feel very uncomfortable with coordinate to move or copy. I need to type 0,100 to move to y-axis. Is there any way i can use only one number to move or copy. or is there any extension or plugins, Thanks in advance.
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    DerikMr reacted to Hutchy1980 in Help Modelling Scalloped Shaped Bowl and Cup   
    Hi All,
    Struggling with coming up with a good way to model the bowl and cup in the attached picture. Does anyone have any good ideas to get me started?

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    DerikMr reacted to Tech in formZ models exchange site!   
    Hi Anton, et. al.,  
    FYI this topic is now pinned to the top of the formZ Discussions forum page.  This should help users and contributors easily find Anton's resource page.  Thank you all for the contributions! 
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    DerikMr reacted to sjj in Converting a facetted object to smooth   
    I have a cabinet design that i need to convert into a set of 2d paths for CNC cutting. The process i use is to take all the parts and lay them all flat on the XY plan, export as a .dwg the open in Autocad and use the FLATSHOT command to get a 2d representation. The problem i'm having is that FLATSHOT does not draw facetted elements from Formz only the smooth. 
    The question i have is can i convert a facetted object (e.g a plank with 6 planar sides) into a smooth object?
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    DerikMr reacted to gibus in Chinese shadows ?   
    Hi, I tried to realise a volume which is like a translucide ( but not transparent ) surface . I did'nt .Something Like a screen Which catches shadows by the front and in the same time let appears the shadows projected on the other face .  ( I use an old 3,6 version ) Can you help me ( sorry for bas English )   
    Best regards
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    DerikMr reacted to Hugo in formZ 9   
    Agree that 3D modelling works well, but my experiance about creating output, is poor. My most recent issue; in 1 3D model i had to export 1 object with dimensions as a 3D DWG. In total 12 different layers as 12 seperate DWG's. The result: 4 layers perfect, 8 layers missing the objects. And when using hiddenline, text is created in many single segments not readable at all. Not to speak about layout or getting consistent vector output in any way. My standard for WYSIWYG is Vectorworks. Probably the best graphics output in CAD. In an earlier post i mention about many little issues, as if the software is developed in a hurry.
    If i only modelling and render with Maxwell, i am happy with the result. If i need all kind of other, lets say (2D) output... then... pffffff
    To say something positive, 3D modelling, the way it can be done is very nice.
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    DerikMr reacted to AlexanderGogl in Is analyze object broken?   
    The analyse object function seems to be broken. If enabled, the surface either disappears and is viewed as a wireframe when it is selected, or the appearance of the surface doesn't change at all. None of the Analysis Types works, except the Porcupine Plot. This happens in shaded work and shaded full, axonometric and perspective view.



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    DerikMr reacted to kac in Antique metal shaders for Renderzone?   
    I am trying to make some virtuals for customers to get the go ahead on castings and am wondering if there are any antique metal shaders.  I am casting parts in pewter and antique them where the recesses are dark and tops are polished.
    Are there any shaders for Renderzone or do I need to get a 3rd party renderer for that?
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    DerikMr reacted to Tech in formZ 7 "Hot Fix" for OS X 10.10 Yosemite   
    formZ v8.0 fully supports OS X 10.10 “Yosemite” but if you are still using form•Z 7, we are releasing a “hot fix” which should generally make this compatible with OS X 10.10.  Please follow these steps (or upgrade to the current version):
    • Be sure that you have form•Z 7.3.4. This fix will only work for form•Z 7.3.4. If you don't have it, you can download it here:  www.formz.com/update 
    • Download libFZRT.dylib.zip. If necessary extract the zip file. You should now have a single file named “libFZRT.dylib”. 
    • Locate your formZ 7.3.4 Application folder and locate the file “libFZRT.dylib”. 
    • Replace the file in your installation with the one that you downloaded. 
    • Launch form•Z 7.3.4! 
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    DerikMr reacted to DKellitt in Saving project settings   
    Hi all,
    My apologies as this must seem rather simple. I cannot work out how to save my adjustments to project settings. So currently i'm having to repeatedly do it every time i open FormZ. (changing the units to mm for example). I am assuming there is a way to save them? Because I cannot see anything within the project settings box.
    Thanks in advance
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    DerikMr reacted to Imagix in Formz and Anima 2   
    I have a bit of a problem. I have to add people to a formz animation/scene (with simple camera motion). I have been looking at Anima...
    - I can import my formz into Anima (fbx) and add people.
    - I can export my Anima scene as fbx (lot's of fun settings)
    - When I import the anima/fbx scenes into formz ,there i no motion. Characters just stand still at the center of the scene (one big mess).
    Like I said there some setting when generation the fbx from Anima (see attached); animation preset, animation format and fbx version. Does anyone have experience with this / the correct settings? ...or is it even possible?