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  1. Hi, i Need some help how to organize my palettes under Windows 10. As you can see in teh Attachement i would like to do my materials in the top and the layers on the right side. How can i handle this so that the Modell-window isn't behind the palettes? Is there a tutorial for the interface? regards walter
  2. Walter

    Optimize Palettes under Windows

    Hi Chris, thank for you suggestions. But how to i get the materials palette into the tool dock or bottom dock? I can't move inside….. regards walter
  3. Walter

    Surface to solid

    hi there, is there a way to make a Surface object to a solid or the other way? I have the Problem that some parts of my model wents from solid to Surface i don't know why. regards walter
  4. Walter

    Query Attributes

    Hello, can tell somebody where the query Attributes has gone in Version 8.6? (see Attachement)
  5. Hi there, i just changed form 6.7.3 to 8.6 and Looking for some Tools i can't find any more. (Maybe i'm to stupid to find them but i don't know if the still there in 8.6) 1.) Unter Modeling Tools "NET" was an Option "DISTURB" - is this function still there? 2.) In 6.7.3 i could fix axis in the "PARALLEL TOOL" - so it was possible to parallel inside and outside on a level - is this function still there? I was using those functions so often - i hope they are still here. regards
  6. Walter

    Missing Tools from 6.7.3

    Hi Des, thanks for your fast Reply. But with the "PARALLEL TOOL" i just can to do the function in Z-axis or all axis - or i'm doing something wrong? There where some more Options in 6.7.3. (see Attachement)
  7. Hi, when drawing a rectangle or anything else sometimes the grid appears and sometimes not. Is there an Option to turn this off?
  8. I just got 2 new UHD Monitors and now there is the Problem that the whole FormZ user interface and Icons are blurry. Are there any Settings for UHD? Is there any other suggestions to get this away? At the moment it isn't possible for me to work under this conditions on FormZ.
  9. Walter

    UHD Resolution Monitors - Blurry

    Hi Des, yes. I have a system with a Nvidia RTX 2080TI inside - that should work more than fine.
  10. Walter

    Roof Generator

    @ tech: in our Company we using formZ 100% for architecture desgin. So we alsways have to spend a lot of time when we have to do a hipped roof. Is there the possibility to creat a better "roof generator" for FormZ, especially to make easier roof survived or an automatic creating of rafters. I see forward to Version 9 - maybe you can have a look at this. regards walter
  11. Walter

    Roof Generator

    @ tech: something similar you can do for Formz 9.0? It's so hard and Long way to build a Roof right now ........
  12. Since i have installed FormZ 8.5.7 everytime i start the program - FormZ says: cannot open template file - file was created in a Version 5.0 or later. Please help!
  13. Hi there, i'm using FormZ Pro 8.5 but sometimes i'm still using FormZ 6.7 because of some Options - maybe you can tell me if i can manage them also in Version 8.5. MATERIALS: (see Attachement) I'm showing my material with small Icons - in Version 6.7 i can see the name of the selected material in the upper window frame - in Version 8.5 there is just a Name of the material when i use the big Icons. Is it possible to show the material Name also in the Window Frame like Formz 6.7 when using small icons? Because of Little space i'm using the small Icons, but in 8.5 it's horrible when you don't see any Name. AXIS AFTER USING A MODELLING TOOL: (see Attachement) Every time after creating something like a cube, FormZ 8.5 is showing that orange axis and i have again to confirm my work. In FormZ 6.7 after giving the height of the cube it is done - i have nothing to confirm so i'm faster. Can i turn of the function with the orange axis? Regards Walter
  14. I have a generell question about FormZ updates: why is there always something to copy - can't you do a self installer .exe? Every time a update is coming out i have to Change all shortcuts becuase of a new .exe. Never seen this in an other program.
  15. Walter

    formZ 9

    The only thing i hope is that they finally make changes in the Workspace - the floating palettes are horrible - there should especially be no possibiltiy that the modelling window could be covert by palettes. There should be a fix Workspace Frame as in all other programms. It's still a disaster when opening a file created on a machine with other Palette Settings - the modelling window is allways covered Please don't forget the disscusion about improvements started in may 2015 about the layout - this would be the major Point for me. http://forums.formz....ayout#entry6087
  16. Hello, today i tried to install a new licence of FormZ on a PC, i loaded the template file and also preferences allready saved by another FormZ licence. Now i want to get the Palettes on the same Position, therefore i used the workspacemanager with the Export function. When trying to Import nothing happening. Any ideas? regards Walter Now i got another Problem too. Everytime when i try to launch the new licence a second time the template file is erased - what is happening here?
  17. Hi, i just reinstalled FormZ and got the same Problems - but i could solve them. The Problem were the Template File and the Prefernce File - i don't know why - but FormZ alsways said that the path on the Server doesn't exist. So i saved the new Template and Preference File local - no it works.
  18. OK - i will try all your suggestions and will give a feedback on monday - thank you!
  19. sorry, i can't send the file bevor monday - i'm out of my Company. Template file name is: template_file.fmz template file is saved on the Server, Location on Y: I could try to do a new Installation monday morning - is there a way to get all my formz files from my PC that i can do a really "clean" Installation?
  20. My Monitors are the same. Problem is when importing the Workspace nothing happens - the palettes are still on the standard Location. To clarify: it's also confusing for me too! I try to explain what happened: 1.) i installed FormZ 8.5pro 2.) i licenced FormZ and did the update to 8.5.3 3.) i started FormZ and set the "Template File" and also the "Preferences" which where saved on licence which was running for month. (Template File and Preferences are on the Server for all Licences) 4.) now i tried to Import the Workspace - nothing happens 5.) i closed FormZ 6.) i restarted FormZ 7.) while starting FormZ - FZ says: Template File is missing - and right - the file wasn't there anymore 8.) the other older licence was still running on the other pc so i could do a new template file without Problems 9.) i started formz again - it is running - but Workspace still won't work. I try again to Import - nothing happens -> i close and restart formz -> same Happens as in Point 7
  21. I think all snaps that got lost from 6.7 should be back (endpoint)
  22. Walter

    Photorealistic People

    I have also very good experience with http://renderpeople.com/ You can download there 2 free models. http://renderpeople.com/free-3d-model/
  23. Walter

    FormZ 9 wish list...

    Please don't forget the disscusion about improvements started in may 2015 about the layout - this would be the major Point for me. http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/2285-an-open-letter-to-autodessys-regarding-the-interface/?hl=layout&do=findComment&comment=6087
  24. Walter

    FormZ: menu bar but nothing else works

    i have the same Problem - but in another constelation. I have installed 6.7.3 and 8.5 pro and since today when opening 8.5 all palettes are missing. I have renamed the Folder a month ago with "x" and it worked till now. What should i do now? Create a Folder named "xx" and next month "xxx" and so on?
  25. Walter

    Thea for FormZ - Call for Beta Testers

    @ DennisA: You asked about render time: I'm using Thea for about 2 years together with FormZ - i imported my files as 3ds to Thea. In the Attachement you can see 2 Renderings done in about 9 min. with presto (GPU/CPU) - original size 3200x2400 and 3200 x 1600 My System: I7 4930k 3.40GhZ 32 MB RAM DD3 GForce Titan Black fully water cooled