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    Form Z for residential design & con/docs

    No. I want a 2D door swing added to my 3D door and have it show up in PLAN only, both in the model environment and in layout. If I take any kind of view (perspective, etc.) then the swing should disappear and I only see the door itself. A component with 2 sub components. Attached is an example from SKP (I apologize for the heresy, but it is a non-BIM modeller like FZ, so the solutions should/could be similar?). Making doors look right in different ortho views.pdf
  2. David Paul

    Form Z for residential design & con/docs

    A 2D symbol HAS to be connected in some way to the 3D component it represents in 2D. A 'hybrid' symbol, if you wish. Otherwise this engenders chaos in the design workflow. A massive problem if not dealt with properly, I suspect. In SKP an object can have many layers, but they are controlled by styles and scenes. I am not sure I understand how your views and scenes are intended to function, whether they might work in the same way or not. However, as I say, I have to step back and assess if I can make FZ work for my needs and where I can secure the training it will require. With my thanks.
  3. David Paul

    Form Z for residential design & con/docs

    My workflow has always been as you suggest Des, from 3D to 2D. I have looked at the video quite a few times, yes. What I note in the video---and had asked how to deal with---is seeing 2d plan representations in 3D (door swings, shower stall, etc.) I do not want to see them there. Is it possible to have a system (2 layers for the same component, for example), where you see the door swing in plan, but it is not there in 3D? I am not sure what to do next in regard to FZ for design/condocs, but in any event, I do appreciate your making the time to respond to my initial inquiry. Thank you.
  4. David Paul

    Form Z for residential design & con/docs

    Helpful observation. Thanks.
  5. David Paul

    Form Z for residential design & con/docs

    Hello Des, "a fast way to model your designs." I have heard this said many times, and that is why I am here. However, the bigger question still remains for us at the bottom of the learning mountain: where are the video examples to provide both direction, professional examples, and encouragement? I do not see them, other than brief glimmers of possibility in Evan's quality freebies. For buildings, there is fluidity in VW or Archicad, or even in Chief Architect (my present effort), but in all these cases I have painfully arrived at an axiom: the more they try to help speed up my workflow, the more nightmarish they become and grind me to a halt. I have walked away from the first two. Almost impenetrable. So I do agree with you on the ton of work required to interact with them. "FZ is way ahead of the others for designing in 3D". OK. Where can I see this being demonstrated as I see from the very best users of SKP? This is my dilemma as I said in my first post. Where are the current, timely, professional video tutorials to back up a statement like this? I would love to be able to arrive at agreeing with you....... I appreciate the time you took to reply. Hello Tech. Your comments on components I understand, but are there a current video tutorials showing how this can be done quickly and effectively? This is at the heart of my uncertainty in giving FZ the time: there are no guides for me to study and learn from that are up to date, let alone comprehensive, for how to model buildings in detail. In this vacuum, I could be wandering in the learning desert for months, not days, stumbling over solutions on my own. Surely there has to be a better way. In any event, everyone knows FZ has the timeliest forum in the industry, so I am also appreciative of the courtesy of your response. Thank you both. David PS. Here is an example of one question (of hundreds) I would have for FZ: Is it possible for walls to be in different view, scenes, or layers and with different line styles/weights at the same time, so that they show up as gray and dotted under thick roof lines, and then solid and thick in floor plans (I am not even sure I have asked the question accurately....)? Can the program be organizationally stretched to produce standard drawing readability by a clever arrangement of layers, scenes, views, and linestyle/weights?
  6. I purchased FZ a long time ago, but I remain a frustrated newbie: I can't figure out on my own how to use Formz for detailed modelling of houses or to prepare construction documents with it. Is it possible to set FZ up for residential design/working drawings, and if so, can it be efficiently and robustly organized (objects, groups, layers, views, scenes, line type/weights, connection to Layout, etc.) for stick-frame design in US/Canada? The proven tips&tricks is what I am hoping to learn from advanced users. Within the larger question, these are limitations I see are: no parametric capabilities for windows/doors, or cabinets, trim, etc. (is this coming in 9?) Would I have to create a library of components for these items from scratch every time I need a new window or door? While Sketchup may be a toy (......?), VALI'S plugins, particularly his parametric win/door tool, are the best in the industry. Would I have to make what I need in SKP, then bring it over and lay it flat to make a FZ component with hole-cutting capabilities? Seems like a very painful work-around. SKP has remarkable plugins, but not FZ's power or depth. Agreed. How about 2D door swings? How is that dealt with in FZ & Layout? Why not be able to move points without having to go into wire-frame every time (a free plug-in in SKP cleverly allows moves without going into WF)?. And so on..... In any event, I would happily pay for tutoring----if it is possible to use the program effectively for the design & relatively seamless production of condocs for NA houses. If so, I would also then gladly pay for Evan's fundamentals tutorials (I have spent quite a bit of time on his current videos. He is very good at explaining the basics of the program, but it just has not been enough for what I need to see and understand. The void in advanced use educational material is mind-numbingly inexplicable: why are specific use tutorials for houses missing? Imagine, I am still looking at generic modelling videos made 7 years ago! Just one video on using layout? This is just not right--or fair to anyone anxious to learn the program well. As I say, frustrated by not knowing how to secure FZ's potential for my CAD needs. Keen though..... Any help would be much appreciated. David