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  1. Thanks ! Basic error on my part. I have now updated my OS. I know can see maxwell in formz. Unfortunately I am now having trouble licensing. I have a floating license and tried to license via the license activator. I am getting Error getting license, returned code : Communications error with license server I have turned off the firewalls
  2. 1. Yes straight from Nextlimit. 4.01.1 2. FormZ build 9929 3. OS 10.9.5
  3. Maxwell doesn't show up at all in the extensions menu. It looks like formz is not recognizing the maxwell plugin.
  4. Yep copied the folder from the install to the plugins folder
  5. Just recently updated to latest FormZ and the latest Maxwell 4 plugin. I have installed everything but now when i go to open formZ the maxwell plugin is not appearing. I can go in and open the maxwell renderer as a standalone and it is licensed.