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    I need a fixed undistorted Background image

    Hey Des, Thanks for the response. The short story is that I work 99% in illustrator and while I have wanted to become a 3D expert for years it as proven to be elusive. I did just get FormZ to pursue that dream and as time permits I will do just that. But for now I get 3D files from clients and use FormZ to pose them to illustrate in AI. All 2D vector for now. To your question specifically I illustrate in a variety of isometric/axonometric angle combinations and just need to get the models in, set the angle and render to use as reference. Hopefully in the months ahead I will transition more into the 3D world.
  2. Newbie question so sorry in advance. I work in Axonometric and Isometric and want a grid I have created as a jpeg to be my background image. I created this grid as a jpeg 1024 x 768. The grid is simple lines running at a 45 x 15 degrees. I need to bring this image in and have it stay exactly as created so the grid maintains the exact 45 x 15 angles. I am finding it distorts based on the size of the window. How do I get a background image to stay true to it's exact aspect ratio regardless of my workspace window or can I specify the window to be 1024 x 768? Grid is attached.