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  1. I have a related issue, I'm quite used to some occasional weirdness with the palette sizes/palette names not displaying in full etc.  I can live with this. But I had to re-set my preferences today for another matter and I am trying to adjust the size of the INPUT palette within FormZ.   It will not extend past a certain point, meaning I can tab across to 'width' OK, but I cannot see past the first digit of 'length'.. Not ideal as I can longer read the dimension I am inputting.


    I have tried the following with no luck:


    1) Re-set workspace,

    2) Adjust font size

    3) Right click on palettes/settings/tool palette settings/change tool Icon size.  This works on most other palettes but not on the Input palette.

    4) Adjust preferences/try using old preferences.


    I cannot drag this palette out large enough to use.  Have you any other ideas to try?



  2. Hi Pylon,


    I have replied below for the sake of helping others with the same problems, all sorted now and am up and running. Thanks once again!


    First, please try restarting the computer and the workstation the hosts RLM, assuming you have a node-locked license  (this ensures that your license are not for some reason oversubscribed).


    Do you have a floating license, or node-locked? NODE LOCKED


    Is this on your windows computer, or mac? PC


    You are using the plugin, correct? YES


    If you temporarily start with formZ "factory default" preferences, does that allow formZ to launch? To start with "factory defaults" first quit formZ. Then, on Windows, rename the USER\App Data\Roaming\ autodessys folder before launching. Or on Mac, Quit formZ, go to the Go Menu, hold down the Option key, choose Library>Preferences and rename the autodessys folder within. THIS SOLVED THE ISSUE.



  3. Upgrading to has created another issue.  FormZ hangs on start up and will not start.

    Removing the Maxwell plug in allows FormZ to fully start up.  I am using FormZ 8.5.6, is there a conflict between this and Maxwell V3


    I'm using my old plug in for the meantime until I can solve it.

  4. Still having the same issues here.  I have tried downloading these files on a Mac and also two different PC's and I cannot get them to work.  As a base test I have downloaded 'grind glass-frozen', this is a file that I frequently use, but I cannot get the new version to work.  Is anyone else out there having this issue?


    I have tried decompressing the file using WinRAR (5.21) /WinZIP,  your suggestion of 7zip and I have just tried on a Mac too.  Each time the MXM files appear to be OK, but we cannot load any of them into the Editor or FormZ.


    In the Editor I have tried various ways to open the file, e.g  double clicking and also using 'open', the materials do not load.  At the top of the window the title remains 'untitled.mxm' rather than the name of the file I am trying to load.


    Within FormZ, I have tested setting up a new material, using referenced MXM and immediately a warning palette appears, which reads 'MXM cannot be read' and after I hit OK another palette appears 'MXM is NULL'.


    This is happening across the three PC's that we're using here. We're all on Windows 8.1 Pro, could this be the issue?

  5. Hi Pylon,


    That's very odd I have not been able to use a single one.  We noticed this issue when the new site started up, for reference we are using:




    I have just selected a few different materials to test, entirely at random and none of them work here: 'Brick Glass Wall Circle' (Maxwell v3),  'Mocca Wood' (also V3) and 'Bare Metal 01' (V3).  I cannot get these to load either in the Editor or direct within FormZ.

  6. I didn't want to start a new thread for this, as it's related to the above.  Since the resources have migrated to the new site I cannot get any of the Maxwell Resource MXM files to work.  I download them as before and even trying to load them into the Maxwell Editor fails.  This is across three PC's in our office.

    I have been using these on and off for many years and this is quite frustrating.  I am on V3 ( on a PC).  Is there any reason for this?

  7. Hi support,


    At first we thought this was tied down to one model, but we are getting the same issue across a number of projects (and machines) and we think it is related to 8.5Pro.  We are getting repeat crashes which happen when we are hitting save, we get the warning that the model has high levels of ghosted operands and the option to keep them in the model or not.  Whichever option we chose FormZ hangs up and stops responding.  This is quite frustrating because we lose the work we have done in between saving.  It does not happen every single time we save which is equally frustrating because we cannot always replicate the issue.


    I normally run FormZ with the following options




    Do you have any suggestions to try?

  8. Hi Support,


    Can I ask if you're running FormZ on 4k resolution at all?  And if so are you using the 'change the size of all items' function to enlarge the size?  FormZ is beautifully clear at 100% on the 4k screen, BUT everything is far too small to use.  We have tried to use 150% etc which gives you a similar size/look to a 2560 x 1440 res except that the scaling within Windows seems to make everything fuzzy.


    We have the latest graphics drivers installed.  I just wondered how other people are working with 4k screens? To get around the issue we're having I am using the 2560 screen as my main screen and FormZ looks great at this res.

    I can try and get some screen grabs over to you later.

  9. I am moving over from an iMac (2011 3.4Ghz intel i7, AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024MB) to a 12core Xeon (hyper threaded to 24core) on Windows 8, 32GB Ram,  along with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 card.  This PC is running a 4k screen, alongside a second screen running at 2560 x 1440.


    Side by side running FormZ 8, the interfaces, dialogue boxes and text are extremely crisp and clear on the Mac. However I cannot replicate the clarity of the Mac display on the PC, I would describe the image as 'fuzzy'.  Is there an issue with FormZ on Windows 8 or do you have any tips for this?  Is there anything I can try?  If it was the 5k iMac I was comparing it to I would understand the issue!


    For your info I have tried lots of different resolution settings and also ClearType to no avail.  As I mentioned other programmes appear clear and crisp.

  10. I am getting issues relating to the above posts so rather than start a new thread..


    @Pylon - you say that relinking all of the materials etc only takes one step, or at least it should take one step.  I have a few machines here, one Mac and a few PC's, I can work happily on a model, rendering on and off throughout the day with all the textures working fine and without warning I get the same issue as the original post ("Scene contains Errors. Review Log for details").  I check the log, check the materials that seem to be an issue (which have been rendering fine beforehand) and then slowly work back through re-linking each and every one, this is extremely tedious!  I cannot see the issue, I have set the correct path/paths using the resource manager and this sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.  I cannot get to the bottom of this issue, could it be switching between a Mac and a PC? I am careful to place all the materials I use within one folder on every job I work on.  

  11. Sorry to add to this thread but it's related to my post above.

    I have a new PC and a new mouse, is there a way to turn off the function of the middle mouse tilt left and tilt right to zoom in and out whilst retaining the hand interactive mode (middle mouse click).  I have been rooting around for 20mins and no luck.  On my old Mac I seem to have this function disabled and I am just trying to replicate it.


  12. I'm having some issues with the 'hand' tool/middle mouse button.  I usually hold down the middle mouse button to pan around my drawings, I use this continuously whilst working. I have two machines, one older iMac which is around 4 years old and a late 2013 model (details below).  The hold and pan function works fine on the old Mac.

    But I cannot seem to replicate the standard hold and pan function on the new Mac.  I've been though all the settings I know and have tried different mice...I'm stuck on this. 


    I have tried ; restoring FormZ pref to default.

    Setting up a shortcut for the tool, but this only results in turning the hand tool 'on' 

    Two different mice.

    Various middle mouse click options.


    I'm running FormZ 7.3.4 build 8923 on OSX 10.9.5, iMac 3.5GHz i7


    Any ideas?


    BTW - Congratulations on the new forum!, the old one was getting rather dated and awful to trawl through after all these years.