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  1. I am impressed ! Thank you Pylon
  2. mleblanc

    formZ 9

    I like the blender look - but it is really text intensive. I understand the icon based approach have issues , but it can be fixed. For me Photoshop remains the best example of a modern and clean UI with the right balance between icons and text.
  3. mleblanc

    FZ on Mac Book Air?

    I have both in the 2013 version, and the MacBook Air would be ok. That being said, you will miss screen real estate and the macbook pro is zippier. None of the model you are considering have dedicated AMD / NVIDIA graphic, but the MBP got an iris card which is better at open GL . So I would definitively go with the MBP - also check NVIDIA thunderbolt Enclosure as an add on to the MBP, you can basically plug an outside NVIDIA card and get very good maxwell gpu rendering when at the office.
  4. mleblanc

    vray fz

    Great to hear all of that ! This is quite exciting. I'm a big fan of Maxwell. Got myself a nice GPU and V4 when it was on special and I am very happy with the speed and workflow. Having said that, I casually use sketchup and vray and I would gladly add V-ray for formZ as well if it is fast and clean. I used to be a 3d design professional, now I'm more of a manager and I have very little time to get deep when I model/render, so speed and ease of workflow is critical to me. The vray plugin for Sketchup is better than the maxwell one for SU in my opinion. The best integration is hands down Formz+Maxwell. I hope V-ray can reach that. Most people in our agency use Sketchup + Vray even if Revit+Maxwell is gaining in popularity at concept level. I'm starting to see young people with Form Z in their cv . The older ones ( 28+) all use Sketchup.
  5. I finally managed to upgrade to v4 during black friday specials. I have now a floating license of studio and FMZ. I use a pc ( with a GTX 1080) and a mac laptop and I intend to use maxwell on both. I also have a couple of cpu's at the office I can send network rendering to. As I saw few reports of issues after installing maxwell 4 - I was wondering if there is any advice about installing the software for the first time ( I currently have v3 installed). Thank you.
  6. mleblanc

    formZ 9

    I do feel we see a bit more of Formz in the trade. The fact that Next limit decided to drop the LIghtwave plugin but kept the FormZ plugin is showing that trend. I hope an eventual V9 could bring more user to consider Z in their toolset. The free version certainly helps. I would also like to know if something is in the oven or not.
  7. mleblanc

    Maxwell V4 GPU rendering working?

    Thx for the info Andre I want to try V4 too, but I' m in need of time these days. M
  8. mleblanc

    Maxwell V4

    I'm not sure how we're supposed to integrate this new multi-light app in our workflow. I'm hoping for ease of use in the materials management department and also to see if GPU turns out as the holy grail of rendering for small agency as some says it is. A few more days and we will be invited to fork some more euros to know it
  9. mleblanc

    Maxwell V4

    Can't wait - thx !
  10. mleblanc

    Maxwell V4

    I saw that V4 is coming soon. With GPU rendering ! Quite something. Will the new version be compatible with Form z and will Fire use the GPU engine ? Thx M
  11. mleblanc

    News on Vray

    That would be a major achievement and would make of FormZ a recognized platform.
  12. mleblanc

    Exporting to SketchUp

    Due to the nature of the business I have to use sketchup a lot and I usually use the dwg way to transfer file from FMZ to skp. It is better if you separate each group of object a a separate file and that you import each file - one after the other - in sketchup. If you have a bookcase, you would put the shelve as a dwg file, the casing as another and the book as a third. This is the easiest way I found in order to get a somewhat clean model that is not packed in one object in skp. There is other way, but in any case, expect to spend a good amount of effort cleaning your skp after. I wish there could be a direct way to export to skp which provide options to respect the nomencalture ( layer, color, instance) of sketchup. M
  13. mleblanc

    UI Requests

    Thanks I also agree that the way Formz is handling icon display, text and palettes is not the most efficient in regards to screen real estate and stability. The structure of information remains very good and they really made a great job with V7 for that. Although I'm not very sure of the tool docking palette concept - this is still unstable when you move out of the configured three row or decide you do not need the common tool palette because you want to free up some space. I believe you could use tab to keep the moving palette without adding a palette to receive them. To me the most elegant interface for that remains Adobe Photoshop cc. The moving palette ( which becomes tab when joined) seems to always snap to an invisible grid, there is limited choice of background and icon size but they are well tough of., not too many colors to distract you from you work, text and icons are handled beautifully. Huge screen real estate, simplicity of icon design. Maybe v10 will have a revamp ... in the meantime , and despite the shortfalls, I decided to become a friend of the as is workspace and I reset whenever I feel the palettes when of. This is still better than many other 3d package. M
  14. mleblanc

    Maxwell 3.1 Update Available

    Thx ! I see lots of little improvement there. Is the spotlight feature integrated in FormZ light system ?