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  1. AHDD Designer

    Vray Update 5.1

    Any news regarding this topic? Nevertheless, it seems to be very quiet on the part of Form.Z/AutoDesSys once again – in every thread. Is everything OK with you...? I hope so. Best regards from Europe.
  2. AHDD Designer

    Trees and plants for Vray/FormZ

    I'm also eagerly awaiting the Cosmos....
  3. AHDD Designer

    Vray Update 5.1

    Hello Tech Of course I always try to install the latest update first. FormZ and Vray on MacOS 10.14.6. Additionally I post a few screenshots showing that the tiles are not drawn and the position between RenderZone and Vray is discrepant. In addition, ManfredM's post above shows that the documentation is obviously not adequate and cannot be found (as it was by me). The fmz-File is in the ZIP-Archive. Cheers! Decal.zip
  4. AHDD Designer

    Vray Update 5.1

    Sorry but I chose this way of communication because I suspect there are other users who have this problem or do not know how the decals work together with Vray. I have checked the settings as you pointed out above, but it still does not work.
  5. AHDD Designer

    Form Z Palette System

    Yes, I have the similar problems here. MacOs 10.14.6
  6. AHDD Designer

    Vray Update 5.1

    I can not edit my post above, therefore the addition here: MacOS 10.14.6 FormZ
  7. AHDD Designer

    Vray Update 5.1

    Hello AutoDesSys Thank you for the update to Vray version 5.1. I immediately wanted to try out the decals function. However, I had little success because I do not know how to use this function in Vray. I tried the FormZ-Tool «Decals». I am probably close, but the following does not seem to work: The tiles of the decals are not shown correctly in the preview of the Decals-window. At the very beginning the border of the instance flashes briefly and then disappears again. And in the Vray-display-mode no decal appears either. I have recorded a film about this. Screencast.m4v
  8. AHDD Designer

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    This is very satisfying and great to read! Thank you very much for this motivating message.
  9. AHDD Designer

    Textures Vray 3 vs Vray 5

    That is some great news. Thanks for sharing!
  10. AHDD Designer

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    Unfortunately, I also do not understand why this discussion has once again degenerated into a software war that has long since become out of fashion. However, I clearly take the side of the critics of our beloved 3D software FormZ. I have been working with this tool since 1994, the way it works has probably become second nature to me and I am probably dependent on the continuation of this software for the purpose of my professional life - which is not difficult for me. This is exactly why I am always critical in these forums, be because of the (subjectively) old-fashioned and partly unergonomic UI, the way V-Ray, for example, is implemented and how it looks with regard to communication with the users. In this respect I always have to look with envy at other products, such as Blender, Keyshot, Rhino and Affinity. That I bet on this horse 30 years ago, which feels so wobbly today, always makes me angry and sad - but I could live with that. But why do I feel no indication and no effort on the part of AutoDesSys to remove these concerns and to communicate future perspectives clearly and proactively?
  11. AHDD Designer

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    Leider verstehe ich auch nicht, warum diese Diskussion wieder einmal mehr zu einem längst ausser Mode geratenen Software-Krieg ausarten konnte. Allerdings stelle ich mich ganz klar auf die Seite der Kritiker unserer geliebten 3d Software FormZ. Ich arbeite seit 1994 mit diesem Werkzeug, die Funktionsweise ist mir wahrscheinlich in Fleisch und Blut übergegangen und ich bin für die Weiterführung meiner Erwerbstätigkeit wahrscheinlich von einer Weiterführung dieses Software abhängig – was mir nicht schwerfällt. Genau deswegen äussere ich mich in diesen Foren immer wieder kritisch, sei es wegen dem (subjektiv) altmodischen und teilweise unergonomischen UI, die Art und Weise wie zum Beispiel V-Ray implementiert wird und wie es bezüglich der Kommunikation mit den Nutzern aussieht.
  12. AHDD Designer

    Where to report issues and bugs?

    Hello Tech Very well. Thank you so far for your answer and statement, which I appreciate and can also understand. However, I hope that in return you can also understand that (at least) I as a user would like to have a bit more information in general. We will see...
  13. AHDD Designer

    Where to report issues and bugs?

    Hello Justin To clarify: Sharing work-arounds does not lead to actual frustration. I am basically grateful for the Work-Arounds. That said, the reality is that most of the time these helps are just symptom relief and don't address the root of the evil. Would you like an example? In the late year 2021 I discovered by a Youtube tutorial that there is on the one hand an integrated «Cosmos» with assessments to download and on the other hand the function to render native «Decals». Both are not available for Form.Z and MacOS. Among others, you have kindly joined the discussion. Nevertheless, as a user I very often feel left alone and in the dark. For me, for example, there is no official statement from AutoDesSys on this topic. In general, I miss a customer-oriented communication very much. For example, in October 2021 a joint venture with the (to me absolutely unknown) PowerCADD was proclaimed. But since then there is silence again. No communication about how the project stands, not to mention an outlook about possible features or a roadmap. When I compare this with other software companies, it is incomprehensible to me. Take a look at how Blender or Keyshot, for example, approach this. They actively communicate with their user base. There are sneak peaks and detailed documentation. Why is this so difficult for AutoDesSys...?
  14. AHDD Designer

    Where to report issues and bugs?

    I would actually like to find out once and for all where I can report issues and bugs from Vray, so that they really get to the places where they can be addressed? It seems to me that nobody is responsible. When I post something here in this forum, I only get work-arounds or other vague statements, if at all. And when I post something at Chaos Group, I get no response at all. So where should I turn for issues & bugs?
  15. Some time ago I already posted this suggestion. Since I still miss this in my daily work, I will take the liberty of mentioning it again: I would like to have a button near the coordinate input fields with which all values can be reset to zero at once. The reason: My left hand is on the 3d mouse, my right hand is on the normal mouse. When designing quickly, there is regularly the moment when, for example, a circle should be at absolute zero. I have marked a possible place for the function with the red arrow. While I am on the subject: I would appreciate it if the typo of the coordinates were vertically centred in the field. I have marked this with the blue arrow.