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    Why form•z is not popular any more:

    Hi Tech So you are saying: «We can find no communication with our sales or support teams from you so you have no basis for your comment that we are not responsive.» I have been using FormZ since 1995 . Since version 7, the user interface and its stability has been a tragedy. For years I have tried to draw your attention to this with constructive contributions by E-Mail or here in the Form. Here are a few examples:
  2. AHDD Designer

    Why form•z is not popular any more:

    Oh, that would be really great. I would encourage you to go over there and offer your assistance. If I wasn't at home in Europe, I might even do that...
  3. AHDD Designer

    Form Z version 9.1.0 (Build A396)

    Yes exactly, I absolutely agree! For years I have been struck by the fact that the update processes at Form.Z are so unclear. Most of the time I only find out about an update by chance and moreover it is not clear to me which version and build# exactly is ready for download. I would also like to have a list of which bugs have been fixed and which bugs have not yet been fixed but are in the pipeline. This is also the way it is with other programmes...
  4. I also tried the option to export to Twinmotion. It worked well and it's a cool thing. However, for my workflow (for now) it is more of a gimmick that explores the possibilities of what is technically possible. I would be much more served by the release of a simple and stable version of Vray. It would be likewise useful for me to get a seamless connection to Keyshot. But still: I take this plugin as a sign of life for FormZ. If it is now possible to finally bring the UI up to the level of Blender, I can finally work happily again. Thank you and many greetings from sunny Switzerland!
  5. AHDD Designer

    V-Ray update

  6. AHDD Designer

    V-Ray update

    Any NEWS ?
  7. AHDD Designer

    V-Ray update

    Good news!
  8. Is it possible that you might occasionally ask Matthew Holewinski to create a tutorial? Something like he did here:
  9. AHDD Designer

    3D Connexion Space Mouse... controls?

    Try to add FormZ manually by choosing «Add Application» if you hav not done it already.
  10. AHDD Designer

    V-Ray for FZ update?

  11. AHDD Designer


    I am interested in the changes, improvements and corrections between my currently installed version 9.0.4 (Build A12A) and the latest downloadable version I would simply like to be able to make sure whether an installation is worth doing, or whether I'm getting new inconveniences.
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    Yes, please.
  13. AHDD Designer

    Texture mapping

    Since I do not want to start a new thread, I post my observation here: It may happen that for certain materials in the «Preview» of FormZ the orientation of the texture does not match the render result of Vray. A screenshot is attached for explanation.
  14. AHDD Designer

    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    Hey Tech It struck me that you guys keep defending yourselves and giving us (me) customers any mistakes! I feel the same way as the other forum members: Very often I have written very detailed bug reports and also uploaded the corresponding documents to a file server so that you can check them. Unfortunately without any answer. When I have made suggestions, you ask me for the «why» and when I explain it, you don't answer…
  15. AHDD Designer

    Reverting to 8.6?

    For my «real work» I have not yet switched to version 9, but still use version 8.6. There are just too many things that have not been cleaned up enough for me and the added value is not yet absolutely obvious to me.
  16. AHDD Designer

    Exciting times

    Keep on going like this 👍
  17. AHDD Designer

    Can't use v9.0.1 layout

    Aha! That is what really makes it! Sorry, but since version 9 now separates between «Layout» and «Draft» I didn't realize that I can/must switch. Nevertheless: The problem with the correct saving of the templates / preferences remains. It is now even intensified, because if I save a template with «Layout» in the foreground, then at the next program start only «Draft» is active again.
  18. AHDD Designer

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Great Idea! I would support this. Or maybe Ashlar/Graphite ? I would support this.
  19. AHDD Designer

    Can't use v9.0.1 layout

    For unknown reasons, the tool «Content Frame» remains inactive / gray. This whole group cannot be selected and therefore I cannot place any content. Also, not all presets are saved accurately in the preferences document. For example, I want to have the vertical separator lines in the palettes, but after each restart they are gone again. MacOS 10.14.6 / FormZ 9.0.1 (Build A107)
  20. AHDD Designer

    form•Z v9.0.1 - UI Typo Inaccuracies

    My left hand is on the 3Dconnection Space Mouse, my right hand is on the «normal» Mouse. It happens very often that I want to transform an object with the coordinate 0,0,0 (for example rotate or scale) or that I have to move an object from any location to 0 very quickly. To achieve this I have to take the hand off the mouse and reset the 3 values with pressing 2 x «Tab» and 3 x 0. In version 6 it was a little bit easier: The 3 coordinates were not in 3 different fields, but there was only a text line separated by commas. If you wanted to define the absolute coordinate 0, it was enough to replace the whole line with a single 0.
  21. Please correct the inaccuracies in the typographic display in form-Z v9. In the attachment of this post are 2 screenshots with explanations. MacOS Mojave.
  22. AHDD Designer

    form•Z v9.0.1 - UI Typo Inaccuracies

    I wonder if this is the right channel to give feedback of this kind? Tech? Autodessys? No response...?
  23. AHDD Designer

    form•Z v9.0.1 now available

    Why not simply publish the link to the download page here, respectively with your Post, Tech ?
  24. AHDD Designer

    VRay Next for FormZ?

    Any news on the release date of V-Ray Next...?
  25. AHDD Designer

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Of course it is not! I work with it every day as well. But: «form•Z 8.6 Update Released» is a little bit from yesterday…