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    Parametric doors and windows repost

    I currently resize doors by moving a selection of points or segments while in wire-frame display. It works with minimal effort for most situations, but some more complicated designs can pose a challenge. You make a good suggestion which would be useful.
  2. Thanks Justin, I will experiment when I get some time.
  3. What's wrong with the resolution I see on my monitor for images I use with the billboard tool and also images I use to create a new material creating very fuzzy woodgrain patterns from originals which I thought were pretty good? Please see attached sample of original image and the result I see in FormZ after using it with billboard tool. I have not altered the size the billboard used to drop it into the model. I afterwards sliced using polygon tool which is cool but that is not part of this question. I'm a metric user on Windows 7. FormZ 8.5.7 Sorry this was not supposed to be under 'suggestions' my mistake.
  4. Des, you are my hero, So my texture photos were ok after all, brilliant. Why did I suffer so long?! This is a big step up now for my future presentations. I suggest it's time for FormZ to step up the default setting to 512 pixels in 8.5.8.
  5. I would like to protect some groups so they can be selected and moved but not changed or resized, even while 'unlock groups' is active, so work can be performed on other groups and the further locked groups are available for reference and are still selectable and movable.
  6. Alan Cooper

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    I concur on these requests. Some more concerning dimensioning in FormZ: Improve dimensions at creation by adding feedback in the input palette; offer more straight-forward and immediate color over-ride for dimensions; allow toggle for over-ride for dimensions to not be hidden by a clipping plane. And: Much nicer text input. Current text note options are very lacking. We need access to full text properties options, and further annotation tools would be very welcome indeed. This could also be an alternative for leaderline in some cases, but I am not suggesting abandoning the existing leaderline which is able to display dimensional info. And: Options to display hidden lines in shaded work and shaded full.
  7. Alan Cooper

    I cannot Undo

    I find this happens just occasionally. What are your settings? Mine as attached.
  8. Alan Cooper

    Guide snapping

    Thanks Tech. Ok, I understand now, it is designed to work only perpendicular to the starting vertex of the vector line. I had been wrongly looking for other inferencing at an earlier stage, trying to inference off vertexes and mid-points of other segments of the vector line and also parts of another object; but these actually require placing a guide snap, when snapping parallel to rather than directly onto another snap-able position. I'm just spending a little time today trying to clean up modelling habits to become more efficient, this area was a bit grey to me.
  9. Alan Cooper

    Guide snapping

    This is a pretty basic technique I know but it seems to have eluded me. Not sure when I last had it working. I seem to have the equivalent of inference snapping missing. No grey perpendicular guide snap conditions. What could be turned off to stop me getting these? I have tried different background colours, so no conflict there. I don't normally use grid snap, but have also tried with it on in case that was it. I get the magenta guides ok after previously snapping to something which didn't align with the grid. http://www.formz.com/Video/formZ/formz7_ENU/videos_html/Guide_Snapping.html
  10. Unless I have missed a big important feature, I wish I could always snap to the orthogonal extremes of these shapes without need for construction lines. Ideally these positions would be keypoints which can be made visible in display options like existing keypoints. Ideally we could also set the number of increments for a circle or smooth circular object. I would like circular derived 3d objects and parts of objects to also maintain these keypoints for snapping to until the circular or elipitical nature of the shape is lost. With elipse this would ideally be with a choice for equal angle increment or equal interval of segment length. At the moment, if a circle produced starting from centre, if care is taken to construct the circle in an orthogonal direction, lets say for example sideways, one side is snap-able with vertex snap, and the other with interval snap. Other Cad software has this and is useful very frequently. With Turbocad, which I used to use, after rotating, depending on the settings, also offered /offers the 2d and 3d object coordinate system for selected objects to either be maintained, or refreshed to align with world coordinates. I hope we see this improvement in version 9.
  11. Alan Cooper

    First step toward BIM

    It would be nice to right click on an object in a model to access a link to external object info (eg as we have for material textures), and for there to be a manager for all such linked objects. (This is in addition to any directly externally referenced Cad files.)
  12. Sometimes I like to pan or zoom or both when inspecting a model with clipping plane, and then the control to move the cutting plane can get out of reach. Could it be alternatively, once activated, be controlled in a slider in the clipping plane palette, or by mouse wheel and 3d connexions space navigator?
  13. Alan Cooper

    Clipping planes: off-screen slider

    I want to give this request a nudge. Access to editable position parameters would be helpful. When in for example plan view, a clipping plane oriented to the view can't be adjusted without leaving the view, except by using the 'play' and 'stop' control, which does not give sufficient control compared to access to numerical parameters or a suitably sensitive slider.
  14. When I print my layout file to pdf (I'm using size A4 and scale to media) I get fuzzy blurred text. It is also cutting off part of the right hand side of the page. I have tried various fonts, no improvement. I can get a reasonable result by exporting each individual sheet to png and printing a pdf document using pdf 995 or soda pdf from the results, but the vector drawings are less clear. I have a choice, clear text or clear line-work or best of all screen capture my screen and print those results to pdf but I should be able to print better than that. Any advice please? form·Z® Layout PrJob 005.pdf
  15. Alan Cooper

    Layout fuzzy text and part of page cut off.

    Hugo Does the perfect program even exist? I haven't tried VW. But I am a part time user and cannot justify anything with high price tag. FormZ modelling is a joy to use. But AD need to 'catch the little foxes which spoil the vines' to quote Solomon. Many, many of those foxes have been caught in the time I have been using FZ, 3 to 4 years but still a little way to go yet. I love the way FormZ works which is why I put up with the many more little foxes it used to have prior to v 8.5.
  16. Alan Cooper

    Layout fuzzy text and part of page cut off.

    Thank you Hugo. Sorry to hear you also have this problem. FZ is really good at what it is good at, modelling, but there are other issues at least some of us should not have to put up with. Of course FZ has been used for architecture by many long term users (like you just posted in another thread) for many years but these sorts of problems are what hold back many I think because little problems are time consuming to get around. We should be moving forward faster than this, if to keep pace with Sketchup etc (which I don't like for modelling compared to FZ) but am worried about whether my pet preference is sensible...hopefully a little more patience will prevail.
  17. Alan Cooper

    Layout fuzzy text and part of page cut off.

    Hi Tech, I am dimensioning in layout in this case and also using leader dimensions to add notes. Glad that this is not happening to everyone else, maybe it is specific to this screen resolution: 17inch Dell Precision M6700 laptop 1920 x 1080 as recommended. Windows 7 pro. I can get clear text by selecting the vector print option, but then I lose part of the dimension lines and the hidden lines. See attached, both types of print output shown, zoomed to 300% I will also email you the fml file and 4 fmz files used for the fml file to reference from.
  18. Thanks Tech, I don't think this is mentioned in the manual but I've since noticed that it is shown about half way through Matt's 'Fast and flexible Layout in FormZ' I tried Layout a few times in the past which weren't so successful for me but very happy to say I am finding it useful now, thank you. There doesn't seem to be an option to duplicate sheet, could this be added please? Although duplicate, copy and paste are in the local menu, it does not seem possible to use these actions between sheets. However, I think I discovered a way: Select the frames you want to copy to another sheet, select the move tool with make copy active, click the position to start the copy from then switch to another sheet and the copy process can be continued into the new sheet. Cool. You can virtually duplicate a sheet or as much of it as you want to by this simple procedure. I don't think that is in the manual either. Duplicate sheet would be even quicker though when you want whole sheet duplicated.
  19. How do you access frame parameters for an existing frame (retrospectively). I also could not find a tool or keyboard shortcut for frame parameters. Frame paramaters (wrongly spelt) dialogue appears automatically immediately after creating the frame but that seems to be the last opportunity to change settings for the frame.
  20. I have an object which has undergone several processes, firstly created in FZ as a couple of revolved profiles, but with other parts unioned on or differenced away etc. It is somewhat imperfect having been through a number of operations and although I normally regularly use object doctor, unmesh, reduce-mesh on objects if required, if I do much more to this object it wants to turn into a surface object as it apparently contains holes. Is there a best practice to rescue an object like this so it won't inadvertently turn to surface? I tried 3d mesh on a copy of it, but which exacerbated problems. I'm keeping a copy as a backup but wondered if there is an easy repair. Did I used to get a warning message if an object was about to turn to surface? If I did and switched it off how do I switch it on again? 170716SolidObjectProblem.zip
  21. Alan Cooper

    Avoiding Solid object becoming Surface object

    Thanks Andrew. Marc at FZ support has also recommended triangulate, options: triangulate all faces to help to fix solid object problems. I expect in effect this is what exporting to 3DS may include.
  22. Alan Cooper

    formZ 9

    Hugo, were AD Support not able to help you specifically with your export problem? They normally find a way to achieve what you need and in my experience have been very responsive.
  23. Alan Cooper

    formZ 9

    Hugo, FZ pro 8.5.7 is mainly free from crashes and bugs. Is that what you are using? I still 'save as' regularly as a necessary habit, but loss of work is infrequent now as long as modelling is done sensibly. I agree that has not always been the case but I am glad I persevered through some of the difficult times mainly in V7 and 8 as FZ 8.5.7 is most certainly a powerful and capable design tool.
  24. Alan Cooper

    formZ 9

    I reckon it's because V9 is going to be so brilliant we will think it is V10 and well worth the wait But in all seriousness, I don't want a rush job. I only want to use solid software which won't have a multitude of bugs or be susceptible to crashing. Reliability is more important than new bells and whistles for a work tool because that is generally what saves the most time.
  25. Alan Cooper

    Collision detect

    Thanks Tech, great suggestion. I have never used that tool before, (only the object doctor) perhaps I should add it to my routine before generating data from info management. Maybe as a suggestion, it could be added as an option in the info management dialogue box to save an extra step?