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  1. Peder

    Import point clouds

    Recently getting involved in point clouds. I remember that there is (was?) a plugin -perhaps sold separately? Still on the website. Any info about the status of this?
  2. Peder

    License server setup

    Hello -I am trying to install the plugin but it seems the same installer is used for both the plugin and license server. We already have a license server installation for Max and Revit -so I am unsure if we need another license server. The one we already have installed is on the network (I attach a screenshot of it) Any suggestions?
  3. Peder

    3dConnexion problem

    Thank you -indeed that helped to an extent!
  4. Peder

    3dConnexion problem

    Hello. I am having some issues with the 3dconnexion spacemouse enterprise (latest drivers) and FZ 8.5.7 for windows 10 Enterprise. The issue is I want to change the spacemouse behaviour (advanced settings) to reverse the axis in the spacemouse. The problem is that the driver displays FormZ as the focused application but as soon as I click inside the 3d connexion window it changes app focus to "Desktop" or some other open application. This does not seem to happen when I do the same in other applications (meaning that the driver maintains "app foccus" when changing to the setting window. Any ideas?
  5. Peder


    Hello! I sometimes use the shift function for the Maxwell plugin. I also would like to be able to export for instance Piranesi images that match the Maxwell view. Please consider supporting shifted "architecture" style cameras. And sync those views with the views created through plugins.
  6. Peder

    Sweep texture mapping

    Yes -thank you!
  7. Hello. This is probably super simple but I am unable to understand what I am doing wrong. I have a sweep of a circular cross sections that I would like to map so that it is striped and that the stripes follow the sweep. I am unable to get this to work...
  8. Peder

    3d connexion issue

    I recently migrated computer to a new Win 10 machine. Now the 3d connexion driver doesnt seem to recognize FZ and I cant find any "global" setting -it seems these days the driver can only be set up on an app per app basis. Perhaps I am missing something? I would like to reverse some axis, disable tilt and use the FZ Rotate around camera navigation option. How?
  9. Peder

    formZ Still SLOW...

    I have noticed that some snapping options really slow down FZ -are you sure this is not causing your issue?
  10. Peder

    3d connexion issue

    Hmm got it to work but only thru clicking in the FZ interface than clicking on the setting I wanted to change then clicking back inside FZ -otherwise the setting would change to affect some other open app or explorer. It worked out eventually but I would still consider it a buggy situation.
  11. Peder

    My first 3d print!

    I had fun making this thing. Thanks FormZ my trusty old companion ;-) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1455233
  12. Hello! I have recently started experimenting with an Oculus Rift and Stereo panoramic rendering. It is quite impressive! However I have found a slight interface glitch in the plugin. The units of the field highlighted should be in cm rather than degrees. Preferably it would even convert whatever units is used in the project. Also it would be great (but not by any means essential) if the plugin would export the stereo pair as a one click export starting two renders one for the left and one for the right eye. Automagically appending _left and _right to the filenames... Thanks for the brilliant work! /Peder
  13. Peder

    360º Renders

    You can easily render a pano with a number of quadratic images rotated at 90 degrees to each other. There are a number of tools available to take these source images and output panoramas. Equirectangular images like the one Maxwell produces is just one. Keep the concepts of stitching or otherwise converting still imgages with tools like PTGUI apart from panoramic tour creation tools that can output flash or HTML5 format files to be viewed in a webbrowser VR headset or otherwise. I use Garden Gnome Pano2VR to create web based content. For VR there is a viewer called IRIS and another viewer built for Oculus Rift that can take equirectangular images for instance. /Peder
  14. I have noticed when importing Sketchup files that FZ interprets the transparency in the material from the RGB channel when in fact an alpha channel is present. I can easily open the transparency tab in the material -open the image and click the "use alpha" checkbox. I just wish that would be FZs default interpretation.
  15. Peder

    Alpha channel for transparency

    Well the purpose of using an image with an alpha channel present presumably is that you want to use transparency. I am merely suggesting that would be the default behaviour of FZ -if transparency is undesired going in and removing the image and alpha from the transparency channel is a simple matter. So I am not suggesting any new functionality of FZ merely that the default behaviour could be more helpful.
  16. Peder

    Alpha channel for transparency

    I sent a support email with some examples of what I mean.
  17. Peder

    A few thoughts

    1 Is there a reason for having a separate command for open and import? Couldnt FZ just know what to do? 2 Is there a reason for not using the object centroid when scaling in a orthagonal view. To my mind it would make more sense to keep the z depth centroid position of the object being scaled. As it is now I always have to "move the object back" after scaling. 3 Is there a reason you must right click "away" from the selected object in order to invoke the isolate command? 4 What is the purpose of the colour AND the red dot in the materials palette. Is there some functionality here that I am missing. I am forever thinking the highlite colour indicates the selected material.
  18. I am having trouble importing different file formats. For example Sketchup fails silently (doesnt open the file). I have managed to localize the issue in so far as if I am logged in to the computer as a normal user (the standard in our office) this happens. But when I log on to my machine as Admin I do not have the problem. Is there some file write location that FZ is using that is preventing full functionality on my system? I am in urgent need of getting this to work. Thanks. /Peder
  19. Peder

    File format import bug

    Or are most normal people logged in as admin for their day to day work ;-)
  20. Peder

    File format import bug

    I thought perhaps the roaming folder might be it since I changed the name -then it worked again. Then suddenly for no apparent reason it stopped again. Consistantly I can import files when running the app as admin. Are you or anyone reproducing this issue? Best regards, Peder
  21. Peder

    File format import bug

    Yes but like I said this is a PC I'm running it on. And btw the problem is back. I did try to reinstall the app so it is not a corrupt installation issue either.
  22. Peder

    File format import bug

    Unclear what made it work but thankfully it is now working as it should. Thanks! Please consider testing the app more while not running as admin. I believe many programs are suffering from this kind of problems. According to our IT dept. typically you do not have write permissions to the application folder. My suspicion is that FZ is attempting to write to that position The weird thing was that when I ran the app as admin (while logged in as a normal user) the import worked. And it continued to work when running the app again while not as admin and again after logging out and back in. So I am not sure what is causing the problem. We changed permissions to the application folder that is in C:\Program Files\formZ 8. Hope the report above helps you track this down.
  23. Peder

    File format import bug

    Could you provide me with a list of folders/files that FZ needs read/write permission to in order to function properly. Perhaps I can convince our IT dept. to unlock those for me.
  24. Peder

    File format import bug

    I should mention that I am on a PC.