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  1. Surfnturf

    V9 update

    That's works for me I can resize in inspector I'm on MacOS
  2. Surfnturf

    PLN (or alternatively IFC) to FormZ

    Hi Anders, You have to transate in other format from archicad It dépends if you need the 3d description or only the 2d If you need some help tell me I use archicad 20 Thierry
  3. Surfnturf

    Node language

    ............. There are silences that speak volumes... ............ go ahead !
  4. Surfnturf

    Node language

    Hi Team of Z ! Do you have in mind to create an own FormZ node language in close future ? I'm an architect and I like FormZ for my pre research and it would be interesting for me to make different simulations Like Rhino has Grasshopper and Revit has Dynamo...and FormZ ....? Thank you and good work for the next Version ! Surfnturf
  5. Surfnturf

    Export to Rhino

    Yes I agree, I wish the same thing !!!
  6. Surfnturf

    Enhanced Boolean TOOLS

    That a very good proposal...very good