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  1. Banyai

    Spray point tool

    I work under Windows 10. It doesn´t work. It doesn´t load.
  2. Banyai

    Spray point tool

    Here the information concerning the spray objects tool in the Extensions menu.
  3. Banyai

    Spray point tool

    Why is no answer available to this grave problem from the side of FormZ? The lab paint objects tool is by far the most important improvement brought by the labs, but not implemented in FormZ 9.2.
  4. FMZ exports empty file to Twinmotion. Neweset version 9.2, 64 Bits, Windows 10.
  5. Banyai

    Twinmotion export problem

    I checked and it didn´t showed any object. It was merely a cube - but to no effect.
  6. Banyai

    Spray point tool

    Sharing the problem. The paint objects tool is permanently disabled in the extensions. Seems to be version 9.2 bug.
  7. Hallo, I have registration problems with formZ 8.6 (German language) on a Windows 10 plattform. I can not enter the correct serial number Z-00…. or E-00… After writing the 00, the zero signs are skipped, leaving a wrong serial number without zeroes. I had the same problem 2 years ago with formZ 8.5 but it was solved by the FormZ support. I have deleted in the meanwhile their solution from my mail programme, so I can not say anymore, how this was done. Written last week FormZ support, but got not a single answer since. Kind regards, Michael
  8. Hallo. I get problems registrating my new German release FormZ 8.5 license after de-installation of the previous FormZ version on my Windows 10 computer. I get the warning "Die Anzahl an für diese Seriennummer zugelassennen Computern hat die Anzahl der Lizenzen überschritten". I can furthermore not type in the correct serial number Z-00 etc or E-00etc. After typing in the zeros, they are skipped by the mask, so the serial looks like Z-etc or E-etc. without the two zeros. Thanks ahead