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  1. Hallo, I have registration problems with formZ 8.6 (German language) on a Windows 10 plattform. I can not enter the correct serial number Z-00…. or E-00… After writing the 00, the zero signs are skipped, leaving a wrong serial number without zeroes. I had the same problem 2 years ago with formZ 8.5 but it was solved by the FormZ support. I have deleted in the meanwhile their solution from my mail programme, so I can not say anymore, how this was done. Written last week FormZ support, but got not a single answer since. Kind regards, Michael
  2. Hallo. I get problems registrating my new German release FormZ 8.5 license after de-installation of the previous FormZ version on my Windows 10 computer. I get the warning "Die Anzahl an für diese Seriennummer zugelassennen Computern hat die Anzahl der Lizenzen überschritten". I can furthermore not type in the correct serial number Z-00 etc or E-00etc. After typing in the zeros, they are skipped by the mask, so the serial looks like Z-etc or E-etc. without the two zeros. Thanks ahead