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  1. John Watson

    Ready to use plants FormZ/VRay

    I agree about Vizpark. I also use them for Maxwell and they are great. But Martin and I have been trading emails and he has send me some models to try out for Formz/Vray - and I could not get them to work... I am hoping for something equal or better, but have not found them.
  2. John Watson

    Ready to use plants FormZ/VRay

    Anybody know any sources for plants for FormZ with VRay
  3. John Watson

    Maxwell Forum

    I work on a model and then want to make an MXS file from it. So in CREATE MXS Tool Options - Create MXS dialog, I am required to specify a "Reference Origin" using any of 4 options, Base of Selection, Center of Selection, As Placed in Project, Or Click Point. Once specified, I provide a file name and the MXS file is create. ALL IS GOOD. Now, I go to another drawing and I want to PLACE a MXS file and I specify the MXS name in the Tool Options - Place MXS dialog box and several parameters including Display (I choose Bounding Box), No Scaling, No Rotation - AND in the upper left hand corner of the screen I have Place MXS: Creates a Maxwell Reference Object - - Click: Define Origin Point. I can click a point in the drawing, or what I usually do is specify in the X Y Z input boxes (in the upper left hand corner of the screen) 0,0,0. This puts the new MXS file with an exact known point (the DEFINED REFERENCE POINT (from the PLACE command)) exactly at 0,0,0. I can then MOVE the MXS file to a any point. ALL IS GOOD. Now, in my case what I am doing is creating a 3d model of an apartment community on a 10 acres site. I have a known point on the site that I can always reference back to, and when I am working, I load the MXS files of one of the completed apartment buildings into the FORMZ site plan, moving the buildings to their proper location. I do this several times, including placing a leasing office more or less in the middle of the site. So far ALL IS GOOD. Now, I do a MAXWELL RENDER of the project from the exit door of the leasing office looking out across a lawn and I realize I want to move one of the apartment MXS files "to the right so that the REFERENCE ORIGIN is exactly on the CENTERLINE of Leasing Office door. I can PICK the MXS file using the topological level of OBJECT, but I have no SNAP "KEY POINT" to "grab", so I can't ever know precisely where that is or how to get it to line up. SO, when an MXS bounding box is selected, could you please provide a KEY POINT at the REFERENCE ORIGIN of that bounding box on the drawing screen so that I can grab it and move, rotate, ... as I need. Thank you.
  4. John Watson

    Maxwell Forum

    Would somebody - maxwell for formz - please provide a KEYPOINT within FORMZ picking options for the insert point of MXS files. This way, I can know where the insertion point is if I need to move the MXS file around as I am continuing to design my project. thanks John Watson
  5. Anybody found a good reliable source of plants for formz and maxwell? .mxs plants ok. Xfrog works, but the labor to rework most materials (actually implementing the alpha channel as a maxwell material) is very high. Most venders seem to support most other 3d platforms, but not formz. Perhaps it's buying the plants in another format and importing them. That would be ok, but without the reworking of each material. Thank you.