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  1. ShaddamIV

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    I can't buy it right now because it does not support HIGH DPI or 4k UHD monitor. Either everything is microscopic or it is scaled by Windows 10 making everything blurry. And there are ton's of display problems when running in 4k with scaling. The cursor is mostly invisible on my screen. PS : I have a 55" 4K UHD monitor and you should all do the same, they cost 500$, but they make working on a computer so much more comfortable for the eyes.
  2. ShaddamIV

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    I want a full UV editor with LSCM Unwrapping and being able to select UV seams.
  3. ShaddamIV

    Where is the UV Editor with UV Unwrap?

    Maybe Autodesys could simply copy the code of the open source modelling software Wings3D that does it perfectly.
  4. ShaddamIV

    Where is the UV Editor with UV Unwrap?

    A simple cushion cannot be properly textured in FormZ because of the lack of UV Unwrap functionality. PS : This was made with Cheetah3D
  5. ShaddamIV

    Where is the UV Editor with UV Unwrap?

    No It does not work for me. I already have Shade, Strata CX Pro and the latest Cheetah3d and they both s..k at anything other than polygon subdivisions. I am looking for a single modeler solution so I don't have to move constantly from one software to the other. FormZ reminds me of Electric Image Universe Modeler (discontinued). A software that I loved back then before UV unwrapping became mainstream. So if you eventually add a "Select UV Seams" with a proper "Unwrap UV" for polygons/subdiv feature then call me back. If you do it I will buy your product, until then your product is useless to me (not entirely). From what I have read on other websites, this is the feature that prevents FormZ to be taken seriously in the 3D animation/Gaming industry like it used to be. PS: a subscription to your products without the need to have the full license first : a la "3D Studio Max" would be more attractive to amateurs like me. Anyway, thank you for your time and I will fallow FormZ development closely because it could definitely be the "perfect" 3D modeler.
  6. I may be interested in Form-Z, I have been since "Buried In Time". It's cool because Form-Z export directly to EIAS3D "Electric Image Animation System". So I have been looking the web and documentation to see if Form-Z would be right for me. Form-Z is fantastic, but something is bothering me : How do you texture complex subdivision models like humans, animals, plants etc? Where do you unwrap and burn the UV's? There is only Cubic/Spherical/Cylindrical/Planar