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  1. darwin06

    FZ and Keyshot

    I love keyshot! Great, fast results on a Mac with ease but without the use of a high-end GPU (Mac problems). However I use it in a slightly more awkward way by exporting the FMZ to either DWG/OBJ/FBX and import into Rhino. I clean up the geometry in Rhino and then use the Keyshot plugin which allows me to make changes on the fly in Rhino and update my model in Keyshot without reimporting/erasing my current Keyshot settings. A Keyshot plug-in for formZ would be a welcomed addition.
  2. Hugo, I guess I did over-simplify and not give enough credit to the formZ toolset. I’m just trying to emphasize that although the range of functions of formZ is appreciated, it’s not worth (time and frustration) trying to stretch the software beyond its capabilities. Layout is good, not great. So to make technical or styalized drawings I’ll take them to something that I personally consider to be great for that type of work. Of course this applies to many 3D design programs, not just formZ. +1 for the rock solid export functions.
  3. darwin06

    formZ 9

    I do understand the allure of these software wish lists, but I also find them somewhat unnessary. Saying “software X does this, and software Y does this, can software Z do the same?” Is like asking a chef at one restaurant to prepare your meal the way another place does it. If one software works well in certain aspects, use that software. Use a bunch of software! I know formZ’s strong points and it’s limitations so I use something else where formZ falls short. The ONLY issue with this is finding a common file extension that works well in both programs. So I’m going to break my previously stated rule and just say that I hope formZ can solve all the import/export problems. I’ve had random problems with DWG, STEP, OBJ, FBX in the past so generally I export all 4 and see which one works best with my destination software. It’s not the most glamorous workflow but its something...
  4. My workaround for Layout: 1. Import views from the project with the layout frame at appropriate scale 2. Print to PDF and open in illustrator Quick and simple with very few repercussions. After enough frustration between dimensions and text in Layout, this is the best solution for me. FormZ can do a lot of things pretty well, but trying to make it be the end-all solution to a workflow is counter-intuitive. Software should be treated as tools in the design process. You can’t build a house using only hammer.
  5. darwin06

    Future of Formz

    I agree with Pipo 100%. The formZ UI is a total eyesore compared to the likes of Rhino, C4D, or CS6. Super clean, streamline, and easy on the eyes. The 3D icons are too much for a program that prides itself on simplicity. Not to mention the giant cluster of palettes in the palette dock. I hope they take some notes from the previously mentioned programs in terms of UI. Lock things in place but you can change the sizes of the parts of the window. If you want more palettes, grab them from the Palettes menu. There's absolutely no need to drag palettes to and from the Palette Dock. Tech had mentioned a "list palette" palette in another post which I think is a HUGE step in the right direction. I'd say that plus the Tool Options is all you need on the right side of the application window.
  6. Too many things to customize = too many ways things can break. This is why I really never steer away from the default formZ workspace setup. I will shrink the modeling tool icons and make them one column instead of two... and I'll close out of palettes I never use (line width, line weight, scenes, selection sets, objects...yup... objects too), but that's as far as I go with formZ customization. Putting the Action palette at the bottom of your display and removing it from the Tool Dock is playing with fire.
  7. darwin06

    FZ on Mac Book Air?

    Personally, I wouldn't use a MacBook Air for this kind of professional use. They were never meant for this kind of heavy lifting... they were marketed (and excelled) as a great "student computer" for internet browsing, research, writing papers, etc. Also, the MBA has not been updated in years, and given the specs of the MBP and MacBook, the Air will inevitably land on Apple's chopping block. Also, you mention the size and weight of the MBA as a point of interest, but the new MBP and the MacBooks are both thinner than the MacBook Air.
  8. I, too, would like to see some more flexibility and reliability with the stair tool. Often I use the tool as a kind of template or basic representation (as tech notes earlier), then convert to a plain object and add some details (like rounding the edges). Works well for me. But what I think tech is trying to say that incorporating every building code into the stair tool (or other tools, for that matter) is going to be nearly impossible. Sure, that might be the US code, but what about the other 195 countries in the world? Adding building code parameters that seems more like BIM thing to me, anyways...
  9. darwin06

    formZ 9

    tl;dr for the above post: Python is a welcomed addition to formZ as it is a widely used scripting language. But do not worry, version 2.7 is still very relevant AND you can convert it to Python 3 for later use, if necessary. I hope I'm close...
  10. darwin06

    V6 in an V8+ world? Insight request

    I understand the practicality of wanting continued use of the hardware key (it's obviously very easy to move your formZ license from one computer to another), but from a tech and business standpoint it doesn't make much sense to request it for modern-day software. The hardware itself costs money, I'm sure it costs money to use the WIBU security system, plus they can end up lost or broken which costs more money... and would be incredibly inconvenient when it comes to crunch time. Also, USB-A is slowly being phased out much like optical drives over the past few years so relying on old technology doesn't seem very productive in this industry.
  11. darwin06

    Import DWG linework and create solid

    I had some luck joining individual segments one at a time or by shift-picking them so I had more control over what becomes a surface without getting any bad geometry.
  12. The Layout module is nice when you make quick changes in the model and it is immediately reflected in the Layout Frame. But, sadly, the cumbersome (and frustrating) line editing tools keeps me from using formZ/Layout for my 2D needs.
  13. darwin06

    editing lines

    Rod-- per the ADS system requirements you need 10.9.2 or higher for version 8.5. I believe this is due to an Apple graphics driver update. Also, updating your computer from Mountain Lion to El Cap / Sierra should not affect your adobe installations (and it definitely won't force you into using Adobe CC "the cloud" because this a a separate product that a subscription based). I just updated from Mountain Lion 10.8 to macOS Sierra with CS3 installed and had no issues. If you did have a problem, simply reinstalling your adobe programs would probably fix it.