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    attach tool

    Hi Tech, Thanks for your reply. It's in the archive February 2014. It was my second post on the subject in which I explained and illustrated in detail what the Attach Tool does and what the Place On Tool can't do. Posted on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 10:32 am: Both quotes are taken from your reply: "Thanks for your notes on the Attach tool. We will see if this can be restored -- since it does offer some functionality that Place On does not have." "Again, thanks for your notes on the Attach tool. We will see if this can be restored for the future. "
  2. Bob van Holten

    attach tool

    Hi Tech, The other year and the year before that you promised me to look into 3x- 6.x "Attach Tool" suddenly missing in 7 and still absent in 8. I can't work without it. I need this basic tool for my sculptures (see attachment). It's twenty years after my first FormZ on floppy disks gave me the opportunity to make such pieces. The current Place On tool you suggested to use instead is no replacement whatsoever. It doesn't come even close. Although I bought 7, and are willing to buy 8, for my serious work I still depend on 6. That is till the operating system kills it and you're upgrades rendered me out of business. Still wonder why not every senior FormZ user encounters this obvious gab in the toolbox. If you actually not planning to reintroduce the Attach Tool anytime soon please give me a link to software that gets the job done, so I can migrate.
  3. Bob van Holten

    Attach Tool

    Hi Tech, For some obscure reason FZ 7 was the first upgrade that misses the Attach Tool. I explained to you that it's an essential tool for basic and complex modeling. You agreed and promised me to reintroduce it in the next version of FZ. Obviously it’s still missing, even in FZ pro. The question is: Why? Best regards, Bob