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    japedkat reacted to Hans in most recent files   
    Open recent files is not showing my most recent files, but always older ones.

    Can I fix that?
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    japedkat reacted to sjj in From Formz to a 2d CAD drawing.   
    Hi All,
    I use formz to concept and design Arcade machine cabinets i just wanted to know if anyone out there has a good workflow/pipeline for getting parts out of formz as a 2d format preferably at a 1:1 scale?
    As it stands I'm saving each part as a separate project and then exporting each part as a .dwg file which i then open in Adobe illustrator but i'm getting strange results. 
    Anyone have any tips?

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    japedkat reacted to pep in zooming in   
    after i imported Autocad DWG files into formz, i discovered two problems.1.my reference plane was some where else and the imported drawings where some where else.2) i could not zoom in into the drawings as far as possible to see things in the drawing.each time i try to zoom in it is either the drawings will get stuck or it will just disappear. anyone with useful info should please help.
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    japedkat reacted to krishna in create a vector preferences   
    I need work on wireframe on formz. In my office i use interface like this (uploaded image). i like to know how to make this kind of interface so i can make my own preference. Is there anyone who know this. Thanks in advance.

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    japedkat reacted to kac in getting up to speed in FZ   
    Most of my work in FZ so far has been editing imported files which can be really difficult. Recently I had a fun project for myself. I snagged an inexpensive metal detector kit for finding wires and pipes and made a case for it for my outdoor metal detector as a pin pointer. Modeling from scratch entirely in FZ is actually a lot of fun, the reshape tool worked nice and the clipping plane really helped with fitting parts.
    I printed the model out on my desktop SLA and plopped the parts in without any issues.
    Wanted to share this with you guys,

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    japedkat reacted to Spacer in Objects Palette Icons and meaningM on FZ 8.5.7   
    I am on FZ 8.5.7, and cannnot understand why the Objects Palette works the way it does. I lose a lot of time going back and forth between "Unlock groups" and locking them for quicker selection through the Objects Palette. Why? Because unless I toogle open a group and make invisible one object in it with Groups Locked, there is no way of knowing if all the objects in that group are invisible why? because the "Eye" IconatGroup level isn't- apparently sensitive to what's goinon in it's own group! It stays showing visible even though the objects in it are not!..
    I am pretty sure this was brought up long ago.
    Have I missed something?

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    japedkat reacted to RogerMal in import 2D AutoCad shapes   
    Can an imported 2D AutoCad (dwg) be turned into a face or whatever is required so it can be extruded? The shapes I have are closed polygons. They import fine but I can't seem to figure out how to use them
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    japedkat reacted to kac in Any way to create a bas relief?   
    I make various models and often convert them to bas reliefs for belt buckles and keychains etc. I usually export the models out and bring them through 3dCoat where I create a bas relief. This often makes really bloated models and tend to lose some tiny details and require much cleanup and refinement.
    Is there a way to create a bas relief within FZ? If not it would make an awesome plugin.
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    japedkat reacted to Imagix in Need to cut big mesh in two   
    It should be simple enough, i guess, but fz just hangs forever. I have got a feeling I have too little ram or something.
    If anyone can help with this, I'd be grateful. The texturing has to remain correct after the cutting.
    Drop me a line at apa@imagix.dk if you can help me out.

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    japedkat reacted to Gyro in Attach object to plane or grid   
    Hi All,
    I'm struggling to do what probably is a simple operation.
    Align or place a face of an object on to the XY plane.
    Since the attach tool is no longer I've tried the  Place On tool which is not giving the desired result, ending up with copies all over the show, with none aligning to the grid. This only seems to work with a single object with simple geometry.
    I have a multi planed object, part of am 8m tall sculpture for a gallery I'm building, I'm wanting to get the face of the yellow plane to lie on the grid.
    Creating a guide face and grouping to the yellow object and using the rotate tool does not get the object perfectly on the grid either.
    Thanks in advance

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    japedkat reacted to SJD in download link for V8.5   
    apologies if this is in the wrong place...
    I upgraded from v6 - v8 a while ago and then 8.5. I can find a link to download v8 but this will not open (I'm using OS Sierra)
    is there a link to v8.5 or do I need to download the trial version and then update with my code?
    I was still using v6 but have to change due to updated hardware
    thanks in advance
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    japedkat reacted to Hutchy1980 in Surface textures & embossing   
    Hi All,
    I have to create a lot of models that have textured surface pattern, is there a good method for creating embossed geometry on the surface of an object? Attached are some ceramic vases with the type of embossing i have to emulate, i tend to fake it with bump maps but more often that not these tend to look unrealistic and lack depth. I have also experimented with displacement maps but found this glitchy and tends to take an age to displace the geometry. 
    Any help\guidence would be much appreciated. 

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    japedkat reacted to 3dworks in bend to path, how?   
    i seem not to be able to bend this geometry to the path shown as in the screenshot. anyone? i also attach the FMZ file to try for yourself. the decorative mesh should adapt to fit the parapet structure shown as ghosted...
    all help is appreciated.

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    japedkat reacted to Bo Atkinson in Independent Scale ~ Based On Each Individual Centroid   
    Here was a very powerful geometric tool which has had two or more incarnations in early formZ versions, but today seems entirely forgotten or lost. Please see image for a graphic definition:

    I also provide two examples where forum members have requested the lost function, based on centroids. I have also requested it through email, long ago (and had given up, but now hope to revive the issue again). 
    It was previously mentioned on this forum, as:
    “Scale By Absolute Value / Keep Facetted”
    Tech promised to restore this in 2012.  Tech even mentioned Clones which are now gone… So sad, because Components are such an inferior type of geometry,
    Also mentioned here in another member’s post, but is Tech’s answer actually relevant to the function demonstrated in the attached image? 
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    japedkat reacted to rodlord in Displacement map tool   
    Just thought I would flag this up in case anybody else encounters the same situation while using the displacement tool.
    I am using 7.3.4 so this may have changed in later versions.
    I have used this tool many times in earlier versions and it has proved extremely useful to me particularly when the contour tool starts delivering terrain models with multiple lines of straight sharp ridges where there shouldn't be any.
    So I was rather thrown a few days ago when I needed to create a couple of ditches and a pond in a large flat area of grass.
    Simple I thought - a couple of fine black lines stroked along spline paths in AfterEffects and a feathered shape for the pond.
    The puzzle started when I found that this produced absolutely nothing on a flat rectangle.
    Must be something to do with the numbers I thought ... and proceeded to spend hours and hours trying as many different combinations of Max segment lengths, numbers of sub-divisions, smoothing level, min and max heights, threshold, etc.
    So I tried playing around with the image map - thickness of the lines, feather edge on the pond shape, blurring of the line edges, etc, etc ...
    At this juncture I sent a simple object in a FormZ model file with an example of the image map to FormZ support asking for help in cracking why I was getting nothing at all.
    I got no answer, but by sheer chance I decided to convert the .psd I had been using to greyscale .jpg.
    Eureka ! - I thought this was the answer and sent a quick note to support to update although I could have sworn photoshop RGB files had worked for me before.
    But of course the result I got at this first time I got something was never going to be absolutely right so I went back and regenerated the image with adjustments.
    So another day went by as I banged my head against a brick wall.
    To cut a VERY long story shorter by sheer chance and under extreme frustration I selected CYLINDRICAL mapping ... and then FLAT mapping again ... and hey presto this voodoo worked like magic !
    So from here on I regularly had to repeat this bit of voodoo whenever the system decided to deliver nothing at all.
    Unfortunately in the end it was anyway incapable of producing the refinements I needed as it seemed to need increasing values of smoothing the thinner the ditch lines became ... and then ignored a whole quadrant of the map with an identical line thickness to the rest of it ... until the smoothing was again increased - making things very blunt and far too chunky.
    Even tried using the same numbers on a rectangle 4 times larger and reducing it down but that didn't work either.
    But the main message I have to offer is the voodoo mentioned above in case anyone encounters a similar situation themselves - maybe they can avoid the HUGE amount of wasted time.
    All the best,
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    japedkat reacted to Pobo in [Q] how do I move dimension arrows outside of leader lines?   
    Can someone help me on which setting determines whether arrow heads end up inside or outside of the leader lines?
    Clearly, here the 4mm dimension should have its arrow heads outside of the leader lines. I've found the 'Dimension Style' palette but I still cannot figure it out.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    japedkat reacted to Spacer in Loss of visibility of snap points?   
    I imported a SKP file that I am now cleaning up.
    I seem to have lost the snapping visibility. colored green and red points no longer show when I hover near an object to move it, for example.
    Snap Tools are active and seem to be toggeling correctly on and off.
    Anyone know how to get this visibility back?
    Thanks you!
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    japedkat reacted to andrew in Mac FZPro and Windows10 FZPro   
    I am really not wanting to start this post, because the Mac vs PC debate is very personal to alot of folks. Having said that, I am a FormZ user since 1995 and have always had great success on the MacPro platform, including the MacBookPros, until the past 3 or 4 years as Apple has abandoned the pro hardware platform.
    At least that's my perspective. You might not agree.
    I am seriously looking at switching over to a PC based hardware system for my business, and I'm very curious to hear what PC users of FormZ are experiencing these days with the software. I also use Maxwell and am interested in the possible performance increase that comes with the PC and CUDA support.
    I am hoping this doesn't turn into a shouting match, but perhaps those of us here who have made the switch to PC, run both platforms with FormZ or have some insight into stability, render-capabilities and complex modeling procedures might offer some professional thoughts.
    With v9 looming, I have no idea what we should expect from ADS, but I know they have the best support and software out there, imho.  I simply love to work in the software when every facet, tool and render is performing well.
    How is network rendering with the PC? Do any PC users use the Imager? How is it performing? Any thoughts would be appreciated, and please be respectful...we are all FormZ'ers first.  
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    japedkat reacted to xuhonhao in Default language not os language   
    My os language is Chinese,but default language is English,I don't know how to change it. anyone who konws it please help me,Thank you!
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    japedkat reacted to Alan Cooper in Lights in cabinet   
    Could anyone suggest please why I have reasonable reflected lights in my mirrors but the lights themselves are very dim?
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    japedkat reacted to Spacer in How to model a louver ?   
    I haven't been modellingin a few months - how can I model a pressed metal louver? I need a low facette opbect if possible, bu tI want the effect of a curved fold. the attachedSCwill show what I mean, if anyone has time to have a look:

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    japedkat reacted to Tech in formZ 7 "Hot Fix" for OS X 10.10 Yosemite   
    formZ v8.0 fully supports OS X 10.10 “Yosemite” but if you are still using form•Z 7, we are releasing a “hot fix” which should generally make this compatible with OS X 10.10.  Please follow these steps (or upgrade to the current version):
    • Be sure that you have form•Z 7.3.4. This fix will only work for form•Z 7.3.4. If you don't have it, you can download it here:  www.formz.com/update 
    • Download libFZRT.dylib.zip. If necessary extract the zip file. You should now have a single file named “libFZRT.dylib”. 
    • Locate your formZ 7.3.4 Application folder and locate the file “libFZRT.dylib”. 
    • Replace the file in your installation with the one that you downloaded. 
    • Launch form•Z 7.3.4! 
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    japedkat reacted to Anwar in Maximum Size of Underlay???   
    I have an underlay that is over 22,000 pixels wide, it is ariel imagery of a site for very large DEM file I have imported.  I need to underlay it on the imported surface so I can trace all the features.  However, formZ hangs and I eventually have to kill it when trying to open an underlay of this size.  What are the maximum dimensions for an underlay?
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    japedkat reacted to allanjl in trouble selecting faces   
    I thought there was a setting for controlling the following: You have a solid, faceted object with thousands of faces forming a shell. You want to apply a different material on the inside faces of the shell. You are in either shaded mode. You window select the faces you want (being careful not to have pick crossing selected), apply the color and find that the outside faces have been changed as well. 
    It was my understanding that as long as you were window-selecting faces in shaded mode, you would only select the faces that you could see; not the ones behind them. But this is not the case. I thought selecting all faces that are windowed in only occurred in wire frame mode.
    Could anyone tell me if there's a setting somewhere that can control this behavior?
    Thank you.
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    japedkat reacted to Anwar in formZ and DEMs   
    I was finally able to locate some DEM files for terrain data on a site I am interested in.  The site is approximately 22,000 feet x 17,000 feet.  When formZ imports this DEM without subsampling and triangulation, the imported data is at 10 foot x 10 foot resolution which creates a surface with 7,480,000 faces.  I tried splitting this surface into two regions with a line and formZ was unable to complete the operation in over 20 hours of CPU time.
    Trying again, with the subsampling import option and triangulation, the imported data is at 100 foot x 100 foot resolution which results in a surface with 74,800 faces.  Trying to split this surface into two regions with a straight line takes about 8 minutes of CPU time.
    The thing is that tools like ArcGIS can handle terrain data like this in a matter of seconds.  So why does formZ take so long?  What can be done to optimize this?  Is there a way to specify an intermediate subsampling scale, such as 50 foot x 50 foot grids?