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  1. Andrew West

    Working with Maxwell

    One problem after another. Form.z is supposed to be usable while Maxwell renders out a scene. Not in my case. I need to stop the render to do anything in my model. Did a quick test render in Form.z on three objects with two being transparent. Renderzone completed it in 6 seconds. Maxwell has been working on it for 10 minutes and it is 15% complete. Sorry Pylon. FAIL!
  2. Andrew West

    Working with Maxwell

    I also find that my Maxwell Fire window is blank. Also when I drop a maxwell material with a texture map onto an object the object goes grey.
  3. Andrew West

    Working with Maxwell

    I can load a maxwell material from their library into my materials palate. But then what? I can not change it through form.z. I need to access their material manager which I can not seem to find in my program.
  4. Andrew West

    Undo stops working

    I have had this happen to me from time to time over the last few years. No pattern to it at all. Standard default settings for undo and no auto save. Just have to restart the program. Windows 64 bit.
  5. Andrew West

    vray for FZ - any updates?

    Pretty easy to see a pattern here: Autodesk is a huge company that has the most pull. They own Revit, Maya, 3DS Max and a lot of other software. Millions of user licenses Sketchup is owned by Google. No need to explain that. Tens of millions of users. Rhino is a little bit of a conundrum. Not sure of their size. Autodessys: not sure of their size either but I would imagine under 40 employees. I would be interested to know the number of active user licenses there are issued for Form.z versions 6 and newer. That would help determine the demand for third party software solutions to our problem. Chime in any time
  6. Andrew West

    vray for FZ - any updates?

    Accuracy, speed and budget have always been critical to our entire business. Unfortunately they work against each other. My clients have often demanded the utmost photorealistic renderings for the least amount of money. The recession made that even worse and it might be years before I can charge what I did in 2006. When budget allows I try to add as much detail and as many lighting tricks as possible to help make a stunning image that won't tie up my computer for days. Simply put Lightworks just doesn't cut it on either the quality or the time. Don't even get me started on the subject of radiosity. I have had more problems with it than anything else over the years. Maxwell as we all know has great quality but again at the huge expense of time. Something that has been repeated again and again in these forums. When I recently evaluated the expense of introducing Maxwell in my office the software was negligible to the cost of setting up and maintaining a render farm so that we could supply our clients with images in any sort of timely manner. For those of you who know other rendering engines it is laughable how easily you can add simple things like glossiness or displacement materials with minimal impact on time. The list options in Vray alone are mind boggling. Form.z has done an amazing job of becoming the most flexible and stable modeling tool over the years. The new build has cut the modeling time in half. But the bottleneck is and always will be Lightworks. I don't see that changing any time soon. As I see it if Form.z wants to ever compete with the big boys they need to do one of two things. Either get Maxwell to significantly increase their speed or get another render engine that competes with any of the above mentioned. There is a reason that I have stuck with this company for 24 years now. But it has been frustrating.
  7. Andrew West

    vray for FZ - any updates?

    I hadn't been on the Corona forum for some time. Simply amazing. I just get disturbed seeing the strength of the other render engines out there and their constant improvements. Try as I may I have squeezed every ounce out of lightworks engine and it just doesn't compare. Very upsetting to be stuck with it for so many years. if we had a "good" render engine integrated into the best modeller around, FormZ & Bonzai3d would take over. In the mean time it is back to photoshop for lots of post production.
  8. Andrew West

    Speed test in Form.z 8

    I was interested to see if there had been any performance increase in rendering speed in Form.z 8 as they suggested. I rendered out several of my scenes in 6.7.3 and then in 8 in order to average out the results. It turns out that 8 is about 5% faster. Anyone else test this out?
  9. Andrew West

    Speed test in Form.z 8

    I should probably add more information here before making comparisons. All renders were within memory limits, included AO and FG with a few glossy materials thrown in for good measure. No double transparency or funky settings. Just clean models. Windows 64 bit with a 3.2 GHZ quad core processor and 16 gigs ram.
  10. Andrew West

    Render Farm setup

    I am tired of waiting for my renders to output and thinking about setting up my own render farm. I have been eyeing the systems from Boxx but every time I start customizing my system the price starts to get up there pretty high. I could buy 6 HP computers with decent i7 processors for the price of one Boxx render node. I would like to poll those of you that have tackled this problem to see what you have invested in and how you set it up. And of course the cost vs speed comparison. In addition I am usually just outputting my images through Form.z but thinking of going to Maxwell for quality reasons so that should be taken into account. So the questions are as follows: Number of cores vs. processor speed vs cost? i7 vs. Xeon processors? Number of machines to buy? Home build or off the shelf? If off the shelf what brand? (not Apple!) Do you use a dedicated ethernet switch? Is it possible to do this for under $5000? Have you run into power supply issues on one circuit? Do you run into cooling issues? Thanks for the help.