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  1. Andrew West

    Texture mapping

    I too have been extremely frustrated with the texture mapping process since 7 was introduced. The thing that I am most disappointed with is the automatic texture mapping when an object is created. The program assumes a certain type of map and it gets it wrong for me about 90% of the time. As a result I then have to go and clear the texture map type and assign a new one (like cubic) using the Map tool. It would be great if I could just set the program to make all my maps cubic by default since that is what I use 90% of the time. The second issue that is killing the mapping process is the fact that the Copy Attributes tool has become useless. For me this tool was the single biggest time saver introduced in many years. Again, I think it is related to the program automatically assuming a map type. When I finally get an object to be mapped correctly I then try to copy that map to some new geometry. It works about 20% of the time and the rest of the time I usually have to go back and clear the mapping using the Map tool again. Even then it works sporadically at best. Using these tools on imported geometry further increases the unreliability of the mapping and the time involved. It was all so simple and easy in 6.7 and I really hope they can come up with a solution in future releases. So to start here are my suggestions: Combine the Map Texture and Edit Texture tools into one tool. Allow users to define the mapping default type in the Preferences. ie default is Cubic Have the program automatically look at the Image Map of your texture and set the proportions of the map to that size. When copying the texture attributes of one object to another have the program set the map origin to the new geometry center. Trying to find the texture map origins is a waste of time. Lastly, now that we have V-ray it would be nice if the texture maps of V-ray materials showed up correctly in Shaded Mode. Sometimes I see them and sometimes I just get blank geometry and I have to guess on the map size and placement. Please feel free to chime in with other suggestions.
  2. Andrew West

    using vray render interactive

    Please stay away from interactive render until they have it fixed. I have had issues with it for months and it is not worth the trouble. They will get it sorted out in time (hopefully).
  3. Andrew West

    Lighting design render

    I forgot to mention that you should also disable shadow casting and shadow receiving for the materials you want to glow.
  4. Andrew West

    Lighting design render

    Reflection-Constant. Then you can create a light source at your object that has a glow to it. I think there was a tutorial on this about 25 years ago.
  5. Peter I assume that you have used the object doctor on it. I would also try the unmesh tool first and then I would try slicing the object into parts and then trying to reduce the mesh. If that works you could then stitch it back together. Just an idea. In my studio I keep around an old copy of 3ds Max 2012 and that program can usually reduce meshes that Form.z chokes on.
  6. Andrew West

    Suggestions to Model Art Nouveau Tile

    Depending on the resolution of the photos you are working on I would isolate certain details and then convert them to black and white relief images. Then I would use the displacement tools (preferably using the V-ray tools if you have them) to create geometry. Of course this would depend on how close the viewer would be to the geometry in the final image. If you are very close then I would probably use the Nurbs tools by tracing a few splines over the image and then just creating and extending nurbs.
  7. Andrew West

    Lighting design render

    Do you have Maxwell or V-ray? That would be easy. However, if you are just using Renderzone it would be best to fake it the same way I did 20 years ago. Use a line light and then make the bulb geometry glow in its material setting and turn off its shadow casting and receiving.
  8. Andrew West

    Interior rendering settings for Vray

    I agree with you on how Thea approached the camera settings and I would also add that the one thing I miss most about Maxwell was the Multilight function. The ability to change light settings with sliders AFTER the render was complete. You could adjust anything including the emitters and create a day scene and then night in seconds. I have no idea how hard it would be to incorporate either of these into V-ray but I am sure they have looked into it in the past. Or they should have. Fortunately V-ray is so amazingly fast that I can create multiple lighting set ups and still get results in a fraction of the time it would take Maxwell.
  9. Andrew West

    Interior rendering settings for Vray

    A while back I was doing a GotoMeeting with David and we discussed the dome light issue. When the light did not show up as expected on my model he turned my film sensitivity (iso) up to about 25000. He said that the only thing that mattered on the camera setting was the EV value which he slid way to the right. Not sure I agree with that as I usually try to keep settings in realistic values.
  10. Not sure this is the solution you are looking for but it is possible to use the depth of field (zdepth) channel in Photoshop to introduce the fog on its own layer. I have found that one of the great strengths of V-ray is the ability to have all effects on separate layers. Especially when it comes to reflections or DOF.
  11. Andrew West

    Example Images

    One more from the archives of last month. I used a V-ray sun light for the shadows, a dome light for atmosphere, mesh lights to illuminate the interior and a few cone lights on the exterior. It is worth noting that no matter how many cone and mesh lights I introduced I saw no decrease in performance on the render. A weird but welcome discovery. Now I can keep introducing lots of light sources without fear of waiting until I grow old to see the final render.
  12. Andrew West

    Mesh lights not working

    It is worth noting that if you are used to using emitters to light your scene in Maxwell you need to rethink your philosophy for V-ray. I have found it much quicker to use meshes, spheres and cone lights and then only use the emitter to make something glow appropriately in V-ray. This is still a work in progress.
  13. Andrew West

    Glass nnd Alfa channel

    Increase the maximum number of recursive rays. V-ray settings- Raytrace- Max Trace Depth- set it to 7 or more. This will slow your render but affect the alpha as you need.
  14. Andrew West


    I too have avoided components for years now and hope that they fix it some time soon. In the mean time I have to ask the stupid question of whether you created the cars or if you bought them and imported them. If I had to throw out a wild guess it would be that you have some corrupted geometry in one of them that only manifests itself more when exploded. The process of elimination is a long and tedious one and I have been thrust into this situation more times than I care to mention. I import a lot of models these days.
  15. Andrew West

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    I am curious as to how everyone else is doing with the new release. My experience on my Win 7, 1080 gtx has been pretty bad consistently now. It is always around the material palette and material parameters. Loading a texture map is usually a 5 second delay and adjusting parameters can take 5 to 8 seconds per adjustment. Tech verified this yesterday through a go-to-meeting on my machine but I am wondering if others are also seeing this. Another anomaly that has me baffled is as follows: Open a model and render it, then close the model- now open another model and work on it a bit then render- for a few seconds the original render shows up before the new render starts- try adjusting the view and sometimes you will see an old render slightly behind the new render window- move the model window a bit to one side and you might suddenly get 50 or so model windows behind the current one- move your window again and they disappear- now close the model after saving and you might see a couple of old renders show up for a few seconds. It has been hard for me to even describe this behavior but it has been going on for at least a year now and I am clueless as to what it might be. Yes, my video driver is current and my card is not the issue since it does this on three of my machines, all different. Any insight would be helpful to me as well as Tech. Thanks
  16. I got it to work just fine by converting your shelf unit to a faceted model. If you see what happens to the front face of your shelf you can see that there is some serious triangulation happening on conversion. Not sure why Form.z can't adapt to use the smooth model but that is just they way it goes sometimes. Some programs are more forgiving with their geometry, and others not so much.
  17. Andrew West

    Lights - Type: Line not really a line???

    To create a line light you first create a Line and then select it. Go to your light palette and hit the plus sign. Change the type of light to Line and then adjust the parameters. If you just create a line light without the line you get the result that you have there. You can not make an emissive material in Renderzone. You can fake it but it is a waste of time and you will never be as happy as with Maxwell or V-ray. Hope this helped.
  18. Andrew West

    Texture always tiles

    Not sure what you mean by stop tiling. If you want a texture map to appear just once on an object and not repeat you just click on the Color Map Options tab in the Material Parameters and under "repetitions" you deselect Infinite and just select 1 time. Infinite is always on by default. Is that what you were referring to? AW
  19. Andrew West

    Edit Texture Map-tool

    I agree with Snow on this one. You need to Join your objects together so that the program thinks it is one object. Then you can texture map it globally as one. I do this all the time. Once it is mapped I then separate the object back to its pieces and move the maps around so that I don't get repeating tiles. Beware the Copy Attributes tool. I have had lots of issues with it since the program redesign after 6.7.
  20. Andrew West

    FBX export - no layers

    I often use OBJ or 3DS to go from Form.z to 3DSMax. I have never tried to go from Z to Sketchup but I would be interested to know why you would want to do that. Most of us go the other direction.
  21. Andrew West

    Texture mapping askew

    Without seeing the model or knowing how it was created and mapped it is hard to comment. However, I have found that OBJ imports tend to hold onto the UVW mapping better than 3DS. (Except when they don't.) I would assume that the figures are UVW mapped so my first order of business would be to download a program that reads and creates these types of maps and then play with the different export import options. Keep in mind that scaling or modifying the model in Form.z will usually destroy the original mapping. Post a model and lets see what the forum can do with it. For what its worth I have long wished that someone would write a script to allow UVW mapping from within the program. Not a high priority of mine but I know that many people would love it. For now I still go back to Max and Z-Brush for mapping UVW into Form.z.
  22. Andrew West

    Vray material in shaded mode

    It does make it quite challenging to properly texture map an object if we don't have the proper preview in Shaded Mode. Essentially what needs to happen is when you load a V-ray material the Shaded material channel needs to cross reference the texture map stored in the V-ray material diffuse channel. Probably easier said than done. Once this gets worked out our work flow should improve a lot.
  23. Andrew West

    8.6 bugs

    10017 was extremely buggy. You need to update to the latest build (10027). It is a lot more stable and eliminated the issues you are talking about. This is still a WIP in my opinion but much much better.
  24. Andrew West

    please fix the object doctor!

    I am with Des on the workflow. Some of my clients send me massive files with numerous old plans and elevations attached. I immediately send it back to them and tell them it is not in my contract to fix all their drawings and clean up their garbage. After that they learn to send me clean files without dimensions and other useless info. To add one more tool to this I also find that some of their drawings are 3D with lines extending thousands of feet into space. Select the entire plan or elevation and use the Derive-Project tool to flatten it all onto one plane.
  25. Andrew West


    Has anyone figured out how to make convincing architectural glass in V-ray yet? I am really struggling with it. The materials shipped with V-ray are not cutting it for me and would love it if someone could share their material or settings. All the tutorials out there are for other programs and our interface does not match theirs.