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  1. Thank you for your response. Much appreciated. This time my attempts at registration yielded a different result. The following message appears: The number of computers running with this serial number has exceeded the number of licenses. FYI: I have both Windows (7) and Mac (Yosemite) versions of form-Z with RenderZone plug-in. I do not want to include a screen shot here because it will reveal my serial numbers and registration code.
  2. I am re-installing form-Z 8 + RenderZone on my Windows 7 system after downgrading from Windows 8.1 due to Windows 8.1 being extremely unstable. I'm not able to register the software - neither form-Z nor the RenderZone plug-in. I type in my serial number (which automatically deletes the first 2 zeros after I leave that entry field). Then I type in my 24 digit installation code into the registration code entry fields. When I click on 'Register' the following message appears: 'The application serial number is not valid.' I've re-entered the information several times resulting in the same response. I also made sure my numbers were for version 8 and not version 7. I would appreciate anyone who can provide assistance with this. Thank you in advance.