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    Bartjuan got a reaction from Des in New material naming   
    to the OP
    instead of dragging the library material to the new material dialog.
    Drag the library material "Brick8" to an empty spot in the material list
    See if that works better

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    Bartjuan reacted to Recombatant in 'Burling'   
    Hi Chris,
    Looks great! Thanks! Here's a picture of my last try.

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    Bartjuan reacted to Shibui Design in the instant alternative to hidden line   
    Similarly, you can place all your layers in a layer group and then be sure to select "Material" in the "Override Attributes" option. Use the white material to assign to the layer group. This method allows you to maintain the original materials while still having the option to make fake hidden line images. 

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    Bartjuan reacted to Andre Conlledo in Android?   
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    Bartjuan reacted to -andrew- in Sharp edges/creases in sub-d models?   
    Hey again... thanks, I'll try it. Where exactly is this tool? I can't seem to find it... 

    Funny - Strata was my first "real" 3D software, purchased way back in 1993 or so... motivated by Myst! That said, I haven't kept up, and it seems they've made it much more confusing than it needs to be (and eliminated the packaging capabilites).

    Is there no way in FZ to edit a poly model by points/vertices, lines, edge loops, faces, etc.  ?
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    Bartjuan reacted to ShaddamIV in Top Ten FormZ 9 list   
    I can't buy it right now because it does not support HIGH DPI or 4k UHD monitor.
    Either everything is microscopic or it is scaled by Windows 10 making everything blurry.
    And there are ton's of display problems when running in 4k with scaling. The cursor is mostly invisible on my screen.
    PS : I have a 55" 4K UHD monitor and you should all do the same, they cost 500$, but they make working on a computer so much more comfortable for the eyes.
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    Bartjuan reacted to ShaddamIV in Top Ten FormZ 9 list   
    I want a full UV editor with LSCM Unwrapping and being able to select UV seams.
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    Bartjuan reacted to Hugo in Top Ten FormZ 9 list   
    o yes, I forgot, support for 4k resolution for the UI.
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    Bartjuan reacted to ¢hris £und in Top Ten FormZ 9 list   
    My top 10 is one item that fills them all...
    1 Version 9 is released
    2 Version 9 is released
    3 Version 9 is released
    4 Version 9 is released
    5 Version 9 is released
    6 Version 9 is released
    7 Version 9 is released
    8 Version 9 is released
    9 Version 9 is released
    10 Version 9 is released
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    Bartjuan got a reaction from archigraphica in Monitor Scaling on High resolution displays   
    Should formZ Palettes scale when moving between screen on multi-monitor setups.
    I have a HP Zbook with a 4K screen, I have two additional monitors connected through a dock.
    for most apps, windows that are dragged from the primary display to the other displays scale automatically.
    FormZ Palettes do not Scale. is there a setting I am missing or is this expected behavior?
    FormZ Pro (10163)
    Windows 10
    Nvidia Quadro p1000
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    Bartjuan reacted to FZnoob in forum Sign In link   
    I thought I was being shadow banned....
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    Bartjuan reacted to vva in .sat conversion   
    here it is...
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    Bartjuan reacted to vva in .sat conversion   
    this is the File SAT (acis 19)
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    Bartjuan got a reaction from setz in Objects Palette   
    Argggh, I hate the multiple items getting highlighted when collapsing a group- WTF?!!!
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    Bartjuan got a reaction from Des in 3d model now built   
    Nice work!
    "Don't you love it when a plan comes together?"
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    Bartjuan got a reaction from Robertquade in Export to OBJ - Selected objects only - Materials   
    I am exporting some models for use in a Unity VR project.
    OBJ seems to be more reliable than FBX at this point.
    One thing I notice is that when exporting with "picked objects only" and "textures" checked, FZ exports ALL of the files textures, not just those of the geometry selected.
    In a file with a lot of geometry this really takes a long time. 
    Could we see an update where the material list is filtered before writing the .MAT file?
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    Bartjuan reacted to Des in Please sort out the component system   
    I agree that the components need to be sorted, I've weighed in on this for some time now..
    But in the mean time until it is sorted, I follow some rules I've developed as I still use components a lot. I get no problems now.
    1. I always create my components in a separate file and use "import component" into my project. The origin is important.
    2. Right click the component in the component manager and select "always update".
    3. In the separate component file I always name the layer the same as the component so it sits in it's own layer in the main model and I know what's what.
    4. If you don't want the component to alway face the camera, make sure to choose 'fixed" in the tool options parameters.
    I got caught out a couple of times where, say for example I use a bollard component which looks the same from any direction but I forgot to turn on fixed rotation. They turn to the camera and really slow down the model. I think it should be set to "Fixed Rotation" by default.
    5. Make sure your file paths are not changed after inserting components, that goes for everything like materials and textures.
    Most of this probably goes without saying, it's mostly for newer users of components, but if you follow these rules they should behave.
    Another tip is:
    Create a "placement component", say a low resolution circle and call it something you remember.
    If you get the warning that any other component is different etc. Use the "Replace components" tool on the component to change to the circle component.
    Delete the problem component, re-import the component from it's file and replace the circle component with that. Your warnings will now stop.
    Ok, I think I broke the record for saying "component" the most times in one post   
    Hope this helps,
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    Bartjuan reacted to AsOne in V-Ray is here!   
    Thanks to AutoDesSys and Chaos Group for getting it done!  I just downloaded V-Ray and I am up an rendering.  License server worked just fine.  

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    Bartjuan got a reaction from snow in fix duplicate textures when exporting   
    Also, it would be great if FZ could see that if a given file name already exists in the destination folder, overwrite/skip it, don't create a filename_2. This wreaks havoc on Obj and Mat files. and bloats the project folder.
    One of these days we are going to see a lovely home with the formz Logo painted on the side cuz that damn thing showed up in a stray rendering.
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    Bartjuan reacted to snow in FBX Importing incorrectly   
    Seconded to Bart's post with the added note that the Flip Z and Swap Y-Z is not really a "problem", this just depends in which program the file was created.  C4D, for example, has the Y axis as the "up and down" axis.  Some others do the same, but I can't remember off the top of my head. 
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    Bartjuan reacted to Jaakko in Vray for Form Z Webinar (14th Nov 2017)   
    V-Ray is already put to work in my projects too. I'm not looking back to renderzone, which served me well for many years though.
    What I need is fast, reliable and well integrated renderer for showing constructions and design ideas. No need for hyper realism in daily basis but
    it's a good to keep that possibility in your back pocket.  

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    Bartjuan reacted to Justin Montoya in Please sort out the component system   
    I think the general consensus is do not use Components until they are fixed back to what Symbols used to be.  Otherwise, you are going to have issues.
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    Bartjuan reacted to setz in Export to OBJ - Selected objects only - Materials   
    +1. The workaround I use is to copy / paste into a new file and then purge the materials but it takes extra time.
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    Bartjuan reacted to Alan Cooper in Materials from materials library   
    Hi Bartjuan,
    Thanks for your discovery: 'I have found that if I drag and drop a material form the predefined library to an EMPTY SPOT on the material palatte it will add it to the palatte with the correct name.'
    That's really great. I agree what you additionally suggest would be useful, but at least the former can be done, thanks so much for posting.
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    Bartjuan got a reaction from Alan Cooper in Materials from materials library   
    +1 It bothers me to no end that if I want to use a material form the preset libraries it seems like the process would be to select an unused material (Material 4) go to the library, double click on the desired material (say Brick 07).  Material 4 gets all the properties of Brick 07 but keeps the name Material 4.
    I have found that if I drag and drop a material form the predefined library to an EMPTY SPOT on the material palatte it will add it to the palatte with the correct name.
    You should be able to drag a material from the predefined library on to an object and have it add the material to the object AND the material palatte.