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    Form.Z file for maxwell

    Hi Des, cool! thanks a lot, thats very helpful! Cuno
  2. Hello everybody, I am a furniture designer from Switzerland, I design in Form.Z and render with Maxwel. I am looking for a Form.Z file which is optimally set up to make a perfect rendering of a piece of furniture. Would someone be willing to provide me with the ,perfect file,? I am happy to pay for it. That would be great!!! Cuno info@frommherz.ch
  3. onuc

    adjust IBL parameters

    ok, thanks a lot for your tips!
  4. Hi does anybody know, how I can adjust the IBL parameters (rotation and scale) by geometry in the file. with other lights it works without problems, but IBL I don’t see any geometry in the file. (I uploaded a HDRI) If I make the light visible in the Lights palette, I'm still not able to see something in the file. Thanks for any help! onuc
  5. onuc

    adjust IBL parameters

    Hi, thanks for your answer. This I already saw, but do I have also the possibility to change the parameters in my geometry like I have with other light sources? The problem is, when I highlight the IBL, I still can't see the light source in my drawing. thanks and have a nice day, onuc