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  1. onuc

    Form.Z file for maxwell

    Hi Des, cool! thanks a lot, thats very helpful! Cuno
  2. Hello everybody, I am a furniture designer from Switzerland, I design in Form.Z and render with Maxwel. I am looking for a Form.Z file which is optimally set up to make a perfect rendering of a piece of furniture. Would someone be willing to provide me with the ,perfect file,? I am happy to pay for it. That would be great!!! Cuno info@frommherz.ch
  3. onuc

    adjust IBL parameters

    ok, thanks a lot for your tips!
  4. onuc

    adjust IBL parameters

    Hi, thanks for your answer. This I already saw, but do I have also the possibility to change the parameters in my geometry like I have with other light sources? The problem is, when I highlight the IBL, I still can't see the light source in my drawing. thanks and have a nice day, onuc
  5. Hi does anybody know, how I can adjust the IBL parameters (rotation and scale) by geometry in the file. with other lights it works without problems, but IBL I don’t see any geometry in the file. (I uploaded a HDRI) If I make the light visible in the Lights palette, I'm still not able to see something in the file. Thanks for any help! onuc