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  1. No longer using this software. Boxed edition of FZ 6.6 with a free upgrade to 7.x. Happy to post this on eBay for an auction, or arrange via email: romanp@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. RomanP

    FormZ to Construction Drawings - again

    I think there is a simple and elegant path for this. I've used FormZ and Sketchup to do the majority of the design work before creating real architectural sets. Let's be clear... FormZ never will be and never should be a dedicated drawing program real drawing sets. Here is a flow that I have used successfully. I have done 3,4,5 manually, but it could be automated by Z: 1. Build your model 2. Set up section planes w/ depth-clips 3. Associate each section plane with a file export to DWG, VW, etc. 4. Click "Update Sections" 5. Watch as all your reference files get updated. 6. Modify accordingly in your drawing program. The point here is to leverage the section tool as an automatic base drawing creation tool. Sure, copy and paste are nice but they don't solve the overall flow problem.