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    diedel reacted to 3dworks in select by criteria - suggestions, again   
    this has already requested again and again, but i can't find it anymore and it is on the top things making me climb wall up in FZ.
    when you are using the 'select by criteria' palette on a day by day basis, it's just a pain to select any geometry 'by materials' attribute. the small scrollable window does just show tiny thumbnail without any text, and - as an icing on the cake - the order is even different than in the main material panel. see screenshot.

    please fix and enhance this, it's almost unusable at this point, but so important if you mass edit complex scenes!
    hopefully next update?
    kind regards
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    diedel reacted to gasjar in FIX COMPONENTS!   
    Ditto... My old symbol libraries are dead in storage. Trying to convert them and update them a few years ago became overwhelmingly difficult and time consuming.  Everytime I try to get back to using components, crashes plague me. The symbols used to be one of the best implementations of this idea. Set up properly you could simply select one and switch it out with another without complicated interfaces, just a pop-down menu if the symbol libraries were loaded. You could also simply switch the library the symbols in a model referenced and holistically change the character of the model.The components interface is overly complicated and I don't find it as intuitive to use. Perhaps I just need to relearn and recreate 10 years worth of symbols prior to components being introduce, but it was easier to stop using the program for more than specific modelling needs than holistically designing with it.
    I still find it extremely powerful on the modelling front and with VRay, an immensely powerful renderer. After 25 or so years using it and teaching it, I continue to purchase the updates and swear by its strengths.
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    diedel reacted to AsOne in FIX COMPONENTS!   
    Please fix components with v9!  It is really a necessary feature and even the most basic components crash the program every time I try to use them.  I know this has been said many times over, but I will say it again.  I had a long hiatus of not using FormZ and now that I'm back in it I find this very frustrating.  
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    diedel reacted to DMclean in Boolean Ooops...   
    I sliced the pieces along their axes, deleted the extraneous bits and then they all added together nicely. I've had this sort of thing happen before, and there is usually a fairly simple workaround. I've noticed that booleans just don't like some of my objects, especially if I've been creating them by punching holes in them.
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    diedel reacted to jonmoore in Material Editor Woes   
    I feel for you Doug.
    I posted elsewhere that FormZ has to up it's game with it's texture handling in another thread. 4-16k maps are now the norm and not just in VFX but also in high end archviz too.
    Once V-Ray comes to FormZ they'll be a solution, as V-Ray handles large texture maps with ease and also works with UDIM's and Ptex (my prefered route rather than giant maps).
    If Thea was more robust rather than an early beta that would be an option too.
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    diedel reacted to DMclean in Material Editor Woes   
    I have a project which was imported from a VFX supplier with very large UV mapped textures lots of 2K, 4K, and even a few 8K. I'm just doing a bit of retexturing, so for the most part I am just working directly on their texture files and then reloading the image via Material Editor. I'm finding response times in Material Editor so sluggish that it is almost useless.
    One material is a relatively simple RGB Color with a bump map for texture. When I select one of the Tabs - Color, Reflection, Transparency, or Bump it takes over a minute for the tab to become active and refresh the preview box. Pretty much unworkable.
    If I select the color chip and bring up the color picker and choose a new color it takes over a minute and a half for the new picked color to be reflected in the main window WorkingGL. Then , that color doesn't seem to "take" and clicking anywhere else on the screen causes a new color to be selected in the color picker. Which means I have to wait a minute and a half before I can do anything else.
    A bit frustrating to say the least.
    Any thoughts?
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    diedel reacted to Gary in Material Editor Woes   
    Hello Support,
    Will this also address issues relating to slowness with the color picker (which I am also experiencing)? Or is more troubleshooting required to identify the problem?
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    diedel got a reaction from David Lemelin in layout don't stick to custom pref file   
    Is this the millionth bug?
    It's not possible to create a custom pref file which layout app will held in mind. After every restart of the app prefs are reset to defaults.
    Permissions of folders are as they should be. Mac OS is set to german language. FZ is set to english. Standard user account.
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    diedel reacted to setz in Feature wish list - please add you own requests...   
    Section Tool ability to use a segment (cuts perp to active Plane) rather than limited to face-polygon as a cutting plane definition.  Ability to disable "edit" behavior for direct, quick and efficient functioning of this tool - click on segment or face, click on target object, done - no dialogs.
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    diedel reacted to setz in Feature wish list - please add you own requests...   
    Edit Controls Tool
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    diedel reacted to Jaakko in Feature wish list - please add you own requests...   
    I'd like to have an easy way to save altered view to a same name. Many times I have to tweak a view a little bit but I wan't to keep same name for it. 
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    diedel reacted to Alan Cooper in Feature wish list - please add you own requests...   
    Dimension value to also be available in a palette or somewhere clearly on-screen for those frequent situations where you would need to zoom in to read them.
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    diedel reacted to DennisA in Feature wish list - please add you own requests...   
    A way to globally change a common material across user components. Fmz6 asked. Fmz7 & 8 components are not in symbol package & each fmz project within folder needs to be opened & changed individually.
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    diedel reacted to Clarissa in Feature wish list - please add you own requests...   
    I would like the old feature of importing lighting or views from another file directly in the lighting or view palettes. It saves time of opening another file and waiting for Z8 to paste over. 
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    diedel reacted to Andrew West in Feature wish list - please add you own requests...   
    I really miss the ability to assign a texture map material a distinct wireframe color.  By default now the wireframe is always "material average" and for all my texture mapped geometry I have to go in to each object and assign it a wireframe color individually.  Very awkward.  For what its worth some of us still work quite extensively in wireframe mode and this would keep things much more organized.
    One thing that would make a huge difference in Form.z is the ability to assign a material a displacement map rather than just a bump map.  Most  modeling programs have had this for quite some time.
    If I select an object/face/ point/ etc and  click on a tool then decide to switch to another tool the selection goes away.  I then have to reselect the geometry and then click on the correct tool.  This worked much better in 6.7. 
    I would love the ability to stop a render in the middle of it when I see a mistake.  On simple models this works fine but on complicated ones it seems that form.z uses all of the system resources and hitting Command period or escape has no affect.  The only solution that I have ever found is to make sure you save your project prior to hitting the render button.  Then if there is a mistake you start the task manager and force quit the program.  The other option is to constantly hit Command period in the hopes that you catch the system between scan lines. 
    Please bring back the ability to put openings in walls/geometry in wireframe mode.  Resorting to the boolean dif tool is slow and awkward.
    Please bring back the old functionality of the trim with line tool rather than the new slice tool.  It was much more versatile.
    improve the ability to import Revit models.   And all other imports for that matter.  Right now I have to bring them into Max, simplify them and break them up to get them into Form.z.   I have found lately that everyone designs in 3D these days and they all think they are doing me a favor by providing a model.  Form.z is very intolerant of bad geometry.  Rightfully so.  However, some of my projects have no 2D drawings and the only thing they give me is the model to work with.  If this is the case it usually doubles my work load to take each piece of a model isolate it and rebuild it.  I have always just accepted that this was unavoidable but I have also found that when Form.z can not properly open and render an outside model other programs can.  So I do know that it is possible.
    And lastly,  Please Please Please find a different rendering engine. 
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    diedel reacted to 3dworks in Feature wish list - please add you own requests...   
    * select by criteria using active element(s)
    populate checkboxes of the select by criteria dialog with the attributes of the current selection as far as possible. or better add a context menu 'select similar'...
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    diedel reacted to DanM in Feature wish list - please add you own requests...   
    1- Construction history of some sort
    2- Inport/Export - Parasolid 
    3- Shell tool
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    diedel reacted to 3dworks in Feature wish list - please add you own requests...   
    when a new FZ version is about to be released, it's an exciting time and at the same time makes me think why certain requests never make it into the new version.that's why i would like to open a thread with this topic and let revive those old requests. let's post some of the never fulfilled wishes of us old and new FZ users, hoping that FZ developers find a way to implement them ;-)
    * import options (especially DWG): autocenter and presets
    i'd start right away with an old request for an import dialog which can handle the fact that many CAD files (as such we use mostly DWG here) have large origin offsets (because they are using custom internal studio setups). with each new client we have it is a time consuming trial and error procedure to import the scene at the right scale and with the correct offset. we have to use a process which includes separated x and y negative coordinate copying from the coordinate window into the import 'move' coordinate boxes. takes time and is error prone. a solution to this would be to implement an 'autocenter drawing' button (with an option to keep z coordinates as they are), and additionally a preset function to store the scame and move factors for consistency when reimporting the DWG's.
    * facetting options based on number of circle subdivisions.
    i am still badly missing this, since the whole facetted/smooth modeling paradigm in FZ6  was changed to 'display resolution schemes' with FZ7. in FZ6 you could build entire facetted models based on the number of facets per circle, which is still quite relevant if you build models for the gaming industry, for example. i remember you promised to bring back those V6 options when further developing V7 but i never did see any improvement on this one. i can live with custom schemes setups but this is definitely a missing option which needs me to go back to version 6 sometimes.
    to be continued... pleas feel free to add your own requests to this list...
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    diedel reacted to flakie12 in Feature wish list - please add you own requests...   
    I would like better printing results from layout, and a way of creating a PDF of an entire document directly in layout. I have had mixed results from my MAC using  print as PDF and 3d party PC software.
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    diedel reacted to Martin Malinski in 8.5 cost?   
    Basically my understanding is that if you purchased or upgraded to 8.0 within the last four months 8.5 is free.
    I upgraded in November, so I will have to pay. If its any more than about $80 I will likely not bother to upgrade to yet another 'full' beta product.
    I'm not happy with 8.5 being touted as an upgrade....it should be an update release.
    Of course the stock forum response....'We do not discuss product pricing'' applies to this thread.
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    diedel reacted to Alan Cooper in 8.5 cost?   
    I have now purchased another year of Family Plan on the basis that I want the continued fixes to existing tools, which will be implemented from now on only in 8.5 as well as continued support. The training session and some new features may be useful, but have not been the priority in my purchase decision as I have not found Layout useful yet. What I want is flawless operation to the core product and the User Interface and some little details which would make regular use easier and quicker, like, for example, not needing to zoom in to read a selected dimension in the model or to read the result of one which is being produced. The things which make every day modelling more efficient are more important than competing for latest sexy feature in the industry.
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    diedel reacted to AHTOH in 8.5 cost?   
    I purchased family plan in order to cut some costs before FZ 8 was released. I was really pissed off when I realized that upgrade costs same $250 as Family Plan cost. 
    Also 8.5 is mostly a fix to Layout in compare to major updates. Which I agree with Duncan303. Only a few minor tools are added (Scatter, Voronoi e. t. c.) So there will be kinda cheat from Autodessys if they would decide to charge us for that  amount of major release.
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    diedel reacted to Duncan303 in 8.5 cost?   
    Agree, I thought that this would just be an update especially since a lot of the improvements are in Layout and were supposed to work when version 8 came out in the first place!
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    diedel reacted to john in 8.5 cost?   
    I thought that whintin the same version number it would be possible to upgraded free. Version 6 / 7 / 8 and 8.5???