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  1. diedel

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    OK - this helps. Thank you
  2. Hi, is it possible to install ONE license on a Mac computer AND a Windows computer and use the software alternately (of course not at the same time) and behind different public IPs? What i learned some years ago with v7 or 8 is that you have to mail/call the support guys and ask them to switch the license manually from one MAC to another MAC address … Thanks for input! Best regards
  3. OK. I mailed support guys and they helped me out and i was able to register FormZ correctly. o.t.: Now FormZ (layout) is set as standard app to open win system related files… Something i have seen on MacOS already several years ago … Ohne Titel 2-1 (verschoben).tiff Ohne Titel 3-1 (verschoben).tiff
  4. OK, i just gave it a try and installed the recent version on a Win10pro machine… Doesn't work. Filling in the reg infos and it replied: … which means: "the number of computers authorized for this serial number has exceeded the number of licenses"
  5. Allan and Des, thank you for infos – i'll give it a try. I wonder why there are no related infos to find on formZ homepage or at least i didn't find it …
  6. Hi Des, do you think FormZ will run on 2nd pc when the 1st installation is not running? As I already mentioned i tried this a few years earlier and I have had quite a bit of trouble to get licensing back to my main pc (had to mail fz support asking them to swap/delete MAC adress). Diedel
  7. … how to deactivate this permanently? Thank you
  8. Is this the millionth bug? It's not possible to create a custom pref file which layout app will held in mind. After every restart of the app prefs are reset to defaults. Permissions of folders are as they should be. Mac OS is set to german language. FZ is set to english. Standard user account.
  9. Sorry can't follow you… may be i've been somewhat unclear: if i set the prefs of the layout program to use an individual pref file (see image 1) it won't remember this after the program is restarted (see image 2).
  10. Workspaces? What workspaces? There are no workspaces in the layout app (at least on my side).
  11. No, this is not working - at least for me. Original package v.8.5 (summer 2015) used to install on new CPU*, entering my license's serial number and registration codes: "…the number of permitted cpus exceeds the number of licenses…" or similar. So what to do if you e.g. buy a new cpu and try to migrate?? Dietrich *iMac27 late 2015, OS X 10.11.1
  12. diedel

    form·Z pro 8.5 released!

    ZIP folder sent to support via FTP
  13. diedel

    form·Z pro 8.5 released!

    Hi, does your pc match the ADS form·Z 8 System requirements? http://www.formz.com/products/formz/formzSystem.html
  14. diedel

    form·Z pro 8.5 released!

    Interesting procedure. My individual prefs are adjusted to no action on app start (aka no new project window). Following the info on the splash screen "unregistered copy…" i was taken in the wrong direction. It took me only 1 hour to yield a solution. I wiped out the older beta stuff and prefs and folders and copied the newer one once again. Feel free to inspect the file i'll send you (slow full shaded behaviour FZ8.5.zip), but my FZ ftp login is out of date… Won't send it by mail cause it's to big.
  15. diedel

    form·Z pro 8.5 released!

    Shaded full display is as like the other previous betas extreme lame - unusable. V 8.0.2 is way faster/snappier. Mac OS X 10.10.5, ATI Radeon HD 5770 1Gig vram
  16. diedel

    Auto Crash Report not invoked

    I can confirm that, too.
  17. diedel

    form·Z pro 8.5 released!

    Hi, FormZ "Pro" (Build 9647) remains unregistered / expired trial copy. Yet deleted the ADS folder in user lib but to no avail. Registration button stays dimmed. btw. the linked dmg "formZ_85_Pro_OSX.dmg" file enclosed in the mail for the family plan users shows after mounting "formZ 8" … ? For weighty reasons i renamed this folder to formZ 8.5 before copying to the app folder. Mac OS X 10.10.5
  18. That's not strange, that's just FormZ. Happens to me every now and then after fiddling around with components which were created on differently named layers than the one you paste on. After reopen the file you'll find those automatically created empty layers.
  19. diedel

    Component handling seems wonky

    For sure this is an "issue". If i remember correct this "issue" exists since v7 and is the reason which kept me staying away from using components more than occasionally and which also drives one into madness when opening old (pre v7/8) projects containing symbol libs.