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  1. tkastudio

    installation problem

    I did install it as an administrator, but the Licencing doesn't seem to be the issue, I had it a while back on Mac because of testing beta things got confused, this time its the FZ extension that doesn't seem to work, it shows properly in the extension manager but thats it.
  2. tkastudio

    installation problem

    unfortunately this didn't help, I know on OSX there sometimes is an issue with permissions but I know very little about windows.
  3. tkastudio

    installation problem

    I got a new laptop this time a PC with windows home 20H2, everything updated. Both FZ and VRay & license server installed as per instructions. I checked extension manager and its there but there is no palettes available.
  4. tkastudio

    form•Z v9.0.0.3 now available

    I find the interface organization developments extremely helpful, but have some questions: 1. Is there a way to control layout of the tools in the "tool dock", couldn't find it in the manual. 2. Is there a way to have a palette dock being a stand alone dockable window - most of us work on 2 screens nowadays and I find useful to have palettes on the 2nd screen, it would help organizing them, just a thought.
  5. tkastudio

    texture scaling

    Justin, many thanks for quick reply, actually, I didn't ask the right question. I am aware of that, what I was looking for is ability to globally edit texture size, lets say I use the same material for different things which need to be on different layers (layers representing different elements of architecture: exterior, interior etc which is how things are grouped as they come from cad drafting, in my case Vectorworks). So far I have been able to sort of globally edit textures by joining the objects and then assigning and defining texture in one edit. The tricky thing is that joining objects or surfaces is not changing layer assignment (which is great), however, joining is not a editable group - its not easy to take out or add elements to a group, as a result when updating a model it takes a lot of work (selecting, deselecting etc) to maintain the ability to edit textures.
  6. tkastudio

    texture scaling

    its bee a while since I used FZ/Vray, getting back to it and cannot figure out how to scale texture in Vray. I am trying to make a simple perforated metal type of thing. In rendtrworks its controlled via % in actual texture setting (polka dot or alpha map), but it has no effect on Vray, I cannot find texture map size controls. Can anyone point me to it?