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  1. Jaako, this is a really cool design!

    To be honest, I'm just a little bit distracted by the default visible Dome Light background.  I think a plain black or white background would look really nice here.  Or perhaps even another custom HDRI background other than the dome light?  I could easily see rendering it inside a high quality HDRI dome where it sits in a real photo.  Like one of these shopping mall HDRIs - https://www.dreamstime.com/photos-images/mall-hdri.html

  2. Using Windows 10... and I see the same memory usage of 7 to 8GB RAM.  I have to be honest, I never noticed this before, as I have 64GB RAM and it always seems to be sufficient these days.  

    That being said, I just did a test and Rhino and 3dsmax both only use about 1/10 as much RAM with the same VRAY and Twinmotion plugins installed. 700-800mb.  So it definitely looks like we may have a memory problem.  

    Did you report it to Support?

  3. Hello,

    I've seen this as well after changing computers.  It's easy to cause when you have textures saved in many different places, and from just copying and pasting from other files, it happens.  The best solution I have found is to consolidate your maps in a single folder that lives next to your FMZ files for that project.  I create a 'maps' folder there that I fill as I create a new project, but all the stuff I copy and paste into the project like 3D people, furniture, etc, ends up with map links in other folders.  To fix this, I use the File > Save A Copy As... feature.  I tell it to save in the maps folder with the Options to Save Image Files, usually Referenced Files Only.  This creates an appended Copy file with all the maps consolidated in one place for the project.  Now if you ever open the FMZ file on another computer, the first place FormZ looks is the folders next to the FMZ file, so it should find them automatically, every time.

    If you still have your old computer, try taking an existing project and doing a Save a Copy As... with the Image files in a folder next to your FMZ project files.  Then send it over to your new computer, and let me know if that doesn't work out for you.





  4. I'll echo the Palette and UI concerns...  But to be fair,  it has gotten better from v7 to v8 and now v9.  Is it as good as we would all like?  Nope.  But it has improved, none the less.  Maybe a full universal app is coming with FormZ 10?  This would help all platforms of users get the same experience.  I'm optimistic.

    I'm also a multi monitor user with 3 - 24" 1920x1200 monitors.  I've been using this setup for many years and I feel it offers me the best multi tasking experience, and it's very efficient for me when working quickly through projects.  I think this is why, like many of you others, I have trouble with the palettes system on multi screens.  It just wasn't designed to do that.  My palettes never stay where I put them unless they are on the main screen, and even then, it's somewhat unpredictable.  The new Inspector palette is by far the worst culprit for me and I very much miss the old v8 of that.  I'd love to spread FormZ out to part of my right side monitor, but every time I do, my FormZ preferences gets corrupted.  So I just keep everything FormZ on my main middle screen with the exception of the VRay Frame Buffer (VFB), which floats around depending on my project.  This works well for me and hasn't been unstable so I keep the workspaces "Save between sessions" unchecked.

    Markus-  just a heads up, if you leave your Material Parameters palette open all the time, you may have issues.  It's not designed to stay open all the time, and sometimes when you do an action like deleting a material from the material list, then the material parameters palette will freeze, forcing a FormZ restart to keep working.  It also slows down FormZ because it is trying to constantly update every time you click on something.  The same with the Inspector palette, so best to keep that closed or minimized.  Just sharing some first hand experience here.  Keep it closed and you may find FormZ working better...


    On 4/19/2022 at 11:11 AM, David Lemelin said:

    Kinda sad that every technical issue devolves into Mac vs PC tribal war.

    Grow up and realize that everyone has their preferences for a reason. I have a custom-built Threadripper PC which cost me 6.5 thousand a couple of years ago... I'm selling it as soon as I can find someone who wants the headache of dealing with a botched windows interface. It's not the hardware, it's the OS. It's garbage. If I wanted to spend my days tinkering with obscure obsolete control panels, overclocking, and buggy software updates I'd have become an IT tech. I'm a designer, the machine needs to get the hell out of my way and let me create.

    As for FromZ... guys, I love your product, but I've been testing other waters and ADS needs to sink some real R&D $$$ into catching up. There's lots of good ideas, but I think you need a fresh infusion of liquidity and programing. 


    I wish you the best. At this point I'm just hoping to get FZ to boot so I can salvage my legacy work of the last 6 years.


    I also have a custom built Threadripper PC that I built myself and it works perfectly with Windows 10, FormZ, VRay, Rhino, 3DSMax, Adobe Suite, etc...  If you have tried Overclocking it, you probably shouldn't as that's not going to gain you much in the way of real world performance.  Leave that to the silly gamers who want a few more FPS.  Running the stock recommended CPU settings have be ultra stable for me even with hours of animations running.  If you are struggling with an OS issue, there's usually a simple solution, Windows is much more customizable than MacOS, where you can find many tools to do what you need, often even good free open source tools.  Without knowing more about your trouble, it's difficult to say what you are having trouble with, but it sounds like you may need to start with the default settings and then adjust from there.  Overclocking will only lead to headaches unless you are an experienced Techy who enjoys the chase and troubleshooting that comes with it.

    Also, I see no tribal war here, and if you think our simple suggestions are acts of war, then you are sheltered from what war really looks like.  We are all here because we love FormZ and want to see it succeed. 

    If you're not here for the love of FormZ, then why are you here?  

  6. I'm away from my computer this week, but you should be able to create the same detailed and layered materials as available in the other VRay asset editor.  Not max style, with nodes though. But the same VRay for Rhino or SketchUp offers.  I find the new built in editor easier than the standalone editor we had before.


  7. Hey Chris!

    Thanks for your valuable insight.  I thought between Python, C, and Ruby there would be some easier conversion available.  

    Maybe one day the world can find a universal computer language.  But when we can't even agree on a unit of measurement, what hope do we really have of uniting, even under science?   

    Hope you are well.  Cheers!

  8. On 3/3/2022 at 11:04 AM, snow said:

    This is an exceptionally poor take.  

    formZ just has a problem keeping up with the technologies that Apple implements in their hardware.  THAT is the issue.  there are likely hundreds of professional software that runs on macOS without a problem.  Everything from spreadsheets, to photo manipulation, to movie editing, to 3D modeling, rendering, and compositing.  Houdini, Nuke, Unreal, Octane, Premier, After Effects, Maya, Cinema 4D, Photoshop (entirety of the Creative Suite), and even the Microsoft Office suite are arguably more professional than formZ and run just fine on M1.

    Blaming Apple for formZ not working properly is like blaming Tesla for not playing for favorite mix that's stored on a cassette.  

    So sure, keep jamming away on your favorite cassette, no one will stop you.  but the sound quality over the years has diminished.  The choice is yours....

    This is exceptional ignorance.  

    We aren't talking about video, graphics, or office applications!  We're talking about 3D design software, and much of the 3D software world, like FormZ, AutoCAD, and Rhino, operate with and are built on the ACIS Modeler, a 3D modeling kernel developed by Spatial - https://www.spatial.com/products/3d-acis-modeling

    This means that true native compatibility is out of formZ's hands.  They have to wait until the ACIS code is updated by Spatial to be natively compatible with ARM chips like the Apple M1.  

    Even Rhino, a 3D software with many more resources than our beloved FormZ is also slow and buggy on the Apple chips - https://discourse.mcneel.com/t/rhino-very-slow-on-m1-mac/129432/24

    Apple's Rosetta emulation simply isn't working well at handling the 3D ACIS translation at the moment.  To use your analogy, the Apple provided Cassette adapter is buggy and unreliable. 

    Nobody is trying to sell you anything.  We are simply stating the facts and offering real, currently available solutions.  If you don't like the solutions offered, you should educate yourself on the real reason for the the problem.  

  9. You should report bugs to support@formz.com

    They are the developers for the VRay plug in, not Chaos.  That is why nobody answers you over there.

    Reporting on these forums does not put the problem on the support ticket tracking system as emailing does. Please email your issues to support.

    I understand the frustration of getting work around answers on these forums.  We often share these just to help people to keep working on their project in the short term while the developers can figure out a fix.

    The real solutions must come from the developers at support.  They are quite busy and fixes do eventually come in the future releases, but unless you report them to support@formz.com, there will be no tracking of the issues.

  10. 🙄

    FZ 9.2 works great here on Windows. 

    Instead of blaming FormZ, you should realize that this change was caused by Apple and their unwillingness to be compatible and easily integrate with other software.  They have created the closed ecosystem causing these issues, not AutoDesSys.  

    If you love FormZ, as so many of us do, and you need to keep doing professional work on new hardware, you can simply buy a PC instead of a new Apple.  The choice is yours.

  11. Using 3dsmax as a translation step here too. 

    SKP, MAX, 3DS, OBJ files, come into FormZ better if first translated in 3dsmax.  I've been using both OBJ and FBX for output, depending on the file. For example,  OBJ seems to be really clean and efficient for getting 3D rigged Render people MAX files into FormZ.  The only problem is that shaded mode materials have a transparency that needs to be turned off after imported into FormZ.

    SKP files have also been causing unusual FormZ issues lately when directly imported, but if you open it in 3dsmax first and then export it as a FBX, it seems to be much better, and the file size is dramatically smaller.  I think this process is removing some of the junky SketchUp modeling 'slag' that causes FormZ to hiccup.

  12. I agree!

    I wish FormZ had a third party developer site where we could pay developers for special features and add-ons.  I think this could help to broaden FormZ's appeal to new users in addition to generating a more robust software offering that wouldn't burden the primary developers. 

    Other popular 3D applications have third party add-ons available for purchase, like SketchUp and Rhino, so it's possible the same developers could even adapt some of the most popular add-ons to FormZ with less work than developing them from scratch. 

    How do we make this happen?

  13. Using Twinmotion as the final compositor for a project seems to be popular for other users.  I'm not there yet, as we really NEED the Datasmith Direct Link function for this to really work well.  Exporting from FormZ works, but when we are able to continue working on the project in FormZ and have it automatically sync in Twinmotion with a single click, then Twinmotion will become much more viable. 

    The newest release (2022.1) can even use Direct Link files from multiple applications (Datasmith Multi-sync)!  Now things are getting interesting.  You can start to really use each programs strengths, and avoid their weaknesses by using a different application for the best purpose, but still combine it all in Twinmotion for rendering and animation.  If you have struggled with 'outside' geometry in FormZ, then you know how huge this could be for those projects that need those imported 3d models for the final scene.

  14. Hi John,

    I too would love to know the answer to the missing Shaded materials translation, as it shows up regularly for me too.  There's a lot of variables here, so Tech should really chime in to let us know the correct way to do this (there are support requests for this very issue).  Until then, I have found varying success which I'll try to share below.


    So your FBX file comes in with VRay texture translations that don't show Shaded?  You tried importing it with the VRay plugin disabled?   Can you share the FBX file so I can test it?


    Do you have Keep Textures enabled on your file that you Import the FBX into?  Try that first,  save, restart your computer, Re Open.  I have had that bring back missing Shaded translations where V-Ray was working as it should.   Yes?



    Next, the other work around I have been able to come up with is to manually update all the Shaded links.  I know, I know.. It's not fun when you have dozens or even hundreds of maps, but I've done it over and over again as I seem to regularly come up with missing Shaded links, despite having the correct V-Ray textures showing up.  There must be some way of 'FORCING' Shaded to update itself based on the links in our VRay.  In the old days, if we had a stuck RenderZone map that didn't update, all you had to do was adjust the Reflection numbers and it would automatically update again.  Not sure it'll work here, but it's worth a shot?


  15. Howdy...

    So you already created your other materials to swap right?  Select a new one you want to swap.

    Now if you select a face, you can then right click and use the Select All with Same Materials function.  Now use the Paint Bucket (shortcut B helps!) tool and click again. 

    You should have just replaced a texture with another on all the faces and objects you previously applied the other texture.

    Does this do what you wanted?