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  1. desarc

    Rendering sketch - Bugs

    Thanks again Des, I hope FormZ will find a solution soon to the problem. Still no response from formZ support. GC
  2. desarc

    Rendering sketch - Bugs

    Thanks Des, but you have to select the "isometric view", only in this mode does not work!
  3. desarc

    Rendering sketch - Bugs

    goodbye FormZ
  4. desarc

    Rendering sketch - Bugs

    "Formz support" did not respond to the bug reporting email.
  5. desarc

    Rendering sketch - Bugs

    no answer has come...
  6. desarc

    Rendering sketch - Bugs

    I sent the alert to formZ technical support (email: support@formz.com) but I did not get any response. Maybe FormZ is dead?
  7. Display error isometric axonometry in rendering sketch: shadows are displayed "far and loose" from objects. Please help me! Thanks Architetto Giulio Castellani (iMac pro, formZ (build 10027)
  8. desarc

    rendering sketch

    Good evening, I had already reported a long time ago, a display error in rendering sketch in isometric axonometry: shadows are displayed "far and loose" from objects. In the attached images, the same object (cube). Thanks Giulio
  9. desarc

    form•Z Update Released

    Is Videocom the only Distributor selling the upgrade of formZ in Italy? They are very bad.