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  1. Winzip of file without the IBL Source EmitterCrashFileFMZ.zip
  2. Hi Winzip wont output lower than 6.8mb Have tried to attach but probably exceeds the file sizer on here.......I can have attached without th 9mb IBL source as this crashed without in a new model too. Thanks Scott
  3. Hi My System info Spec is - Maxwell for formZ (Win 64) | form·Z® v 8.5.0 (Build 9647) | Windows 8 v 6.2 Build 9200 Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2690 v3 @ 2.60GHz - I have tried attaching a 80k FMZ file containing the emitters i am using as a basic model and it wont let me ? "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" Formz Forum Site not allowed to attach fmz models eh ?? Regards Scott
  4. Hi Guys Really odd one......2 seats of Form-z 8.5 on 2 separate brand New Strongbox PC's FormZ V8.5 all installed - Both use Maxwell Render Plugin Have had both same result on trying to preview the emitter button - Just freezes machines and full crash , prompt to close program etc but no option to send crash report either ? I have tried creating new emitter from fresh AND copying and pasting an existing working emitter from another model. Both exact same Crash result - Only crashes when you press the Preview button in Maxwell tab in Display Options menu. Any ideas welcome..... Thanks Scottie
  5. Nice One - Thanks for quick response Will get onto upgrade 8.5 V soon Cheers
  6. Any News on the above Guys - I have been having similar problems on a 4k setup - pretty much as Pointer has illustrated. ( Well Done on highlighting in the PDF by the way ) Will this be ironed out in 8.5 release ?
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    Welcome to our New Forum!

    Hello Pointer - Well done FormZ ;-)#
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    Wireframe displaying in white in some models ?? Fmz7

    Email just sent Regards Scott
  9. Hi Everyone... Had an odd one recently .....a few of us using Fmz7 and have had white wireframes displaying some of the objects in some of the models. Not all objects ? .....we though it might of been a copied object display setting but seems not ? Any ideas ? We have tried many different tests such as changing all the settings in Wireframe options , turn back faces on or off etc , show colour on off etc....also changing the project appearance settings ....but still head scratching Any help would be appreciated ........I know I know its probably just a tick this box scenario but - we are feeling a little puzzled Cheers Scott