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  1. Gustavo

    FormZ 9 wish list...

  2. Gustavo

    Problems when saving files

    Saving to a new file name works, but it´s not a good thing due of layout. But I´ve found the problem. It was a backup program interference. Btw, I´m on Windows. Thank you again.
  3. Gustavo

    FormZ 9 wish list...

    Keyboard shortcuts for the copy modes an for the topologic levels in pick tool (maybe it already exists and I don´t know it). The ability to create custom navigation keys and mouse buttons (also, maybe it already exists and I don´t know it). Better hatch control in layout, better sync with the 3d model. Also, the ability to turn off hatch snapping. Fixing image hatches. Moving dimensions´ text in layout. Making a "master" drawing in layout so one could draw all documentation just once and control what would appear in each sheet just hiding layers. Show layer groups in layout just like they are in the 3d model. Snapping layout frames. Also, making sheet borders snappable. The ability to create custom shaped frames, just like in FZ 6. Drawing automatic section lines in layout in the exact place where the clipping planes are. Colors and image textures in layout, linked to the 3d model. Double clicking to repeat the last rehsape tool action (just like sketchup) Locking dimensions when typing them. This is needed because if we move the mouse accidentally when typing, we have to type it again. Faster text/notes editions. It´s really annoying to have to click the apply button all the time when editing texts. Maybe the "esc" key, or some other one, could be a shortcut for the apply button. An all docked interface screen. I deslike those floating palletes everywhere. I always close or move them around accidentally. A good example is what adobe did with their products´ UI.
  4. Hello! I´m getting this error 148:13 quite frequently. It impedes me to save a file. It happens either with FZ 8,5 and FZ 7. What would it be? My workaround is to save a new file and restart the program. It works but it is really annoying because it happens very frequently. Thanks.
  5. Gustavo

    form•Z Update Released

    Thanks. But controlling hatch colors in layout (from a 3d source model) isn´t yet possible.
  6. Hello! I´m havng a hard time with hatches again. I´d like to create some custom hatches but image files don´t work well in FZ. Is there any way to create linear (vector) hatch patterns? Thanks.
  7. Gustavo

    How to control hatch colors in layout?

    Printscreens and files: files.zip
  8. Gustavo

    How to control hatch colors in layout?

    Sorry about my bad english. I forgot to say that this only happens when using clipping planes in 3d to create 2d frames in Layout. Controlling colors for 2d hatches drawn in layout is working as expected. Thanks again.
  9. Hello!! Is it possible to have different hatch colors in layout? So far, the only way I´ve found to assign another color other than black is when I create a specific layer in layout just for hatches, select this layer in layout, change its color properties and resave the model in 3d. If I forget to select the specific hatch layer that I´ve created in layout, all hatches change their color to something else when re-saving the source 3d model (it seems a bug to me). Also, even after doing that procedure, all hatches in the whole document always remain with the same color, that one which is assigned on the specific hatch layer I have created. Anyone has a solution for this? Or at least a workaround? Thanks.
  10. Try this workaround: Keep FormZ and Layout open at the same time. In Layout, create a separate layer for hatches. Select this layer in its palette (make sure the red dot is aside). Go back to FormZ, make some camera movement or make any changes to the 3d source file and save it. Go back again to Layout, open the selected hatch layer attributes, set this layer to "non snapable" and try a dimension. Hope it works for you.