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  1. Takeharu_Yabe

    zooming in

    2) It might be 'crumb of bread' in dwg. There might be very small object at very far from main contents. Try to move the main contents to new document by copy and paste. regards, Takeharu Yabe
  2. Takeharu_Yabe

    Need to cut big mesh in two

    old version of formz v6.x should be ok to use split tool with vectorline in this case. do you have it?
  3. Takeharu_Yabe

    Need to cut big mesh in two

    It is Trim / Split tool with vectorline.
  4. Takeharu_Yabe

    Need to cut big mesh in two

    maybe it should be better to use split by vectorline.
  5. Takeharu_Yabe

    from point cloud to terrain?

    You can use open source software instead of z plugin. MeshLab and Meshmixer help you to get mesh from point cloud. [Meshlab] Import mesh Compute normals for point sets Surface Reconstruction : Ball Pivoting Cleaning and Repairing Export as Mesh exported mesh to Meshmixer [Meshmixer] Inspector help you fix some problems on mesh. regards, Takeharu Yabe
  6. Takeharu_Yabe

    Point Index?

    My script shows point index of an object. maybe help? regards, Takeharu Yabe Point_Index.zip
  7. Takeharu_Yabe

    Handle underlay via API

    Well ,Personally, I would like AutoDesSys to keep going maintenance for FSL since I have been made hundreds of scripts so far. In the meanwhile, I also welcome Python Scripting in formZ. I use 'PyMel' in Maya. (*Pythonic version of Maya embed language) Anyway I am happy to help beta test of Python scripting in the future version of formZ. regards,
  8. Hi Z tech, This is my tiny palette (script). It allows me to reload underlay images by 1 click, and toggle on/off in formZ v6.6.2. But it does not work on v8.5.6. Please advice me to make it work fine on v8.5. palt_my_underlay_palette.zip Underlay_Settings.zip This one also does not work in v8.5 It allows me match scale of underlay images to actual size in project using length of drawn single line . Also it can be used for moving underlay images by drawn arrow (3 points vetorline). palt_my_underlay_palette.zip Underlay_Settings.zip
  9. Takeharu_Yabe

    text position and rotation not being retained with 8.5.5

    Hi Ztech, Any update on this? I have just updated formZ from v6.6.2 to v8.5.6 . Position and size of texts are going wrong when I am importing dwg and dxf in v.8.5.6 . Fortunately I have v6, but it would be bothered for some new user, they do not have old versions. and then they would leave formZ ... so it's critcal I think. regards, Takeharu Yabe
  10. Takeharu_Yabe

    formZ 9

    Wow! this is cool! I can use Python in formZ finally!