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  1. Leed

    Where's the info on 9?

    I thought delivery was this week sometime. Is this right?
  2. HI All. I still have not had any responce on this. it is nearly a month now and I can not do this in Z. I have sent an email to support but have not heard anything back. My job is starting next week and I need to be able to do this. Can anybody shed some light here? Thakjs in advance
  3. I will keep bumping this untill I get an answer. I sent a support email also on this but have not heard anything yet. Is this a know issue? Ta Lee
  4. Leed

    Dark Ui

    Yes done this Joe. seemed to have a good selection of flexability but just looked ...... well worse....
  5. just an update. I have managed to get a test in from Z. But I had to export from Sketchup first a kmz file then import this into Z on re export it showed up. Not quite where it should be but that is another problem. Just wondering why my mesh, which was fine from sketchup looks like a dogs dinner from Z I would like to model this basicly in Z but might have to resort to sketchup if I can not resolve. Thanks Lee
  6. any ideas or sugestions why FormZ model .kmz file is not working? Thanks in advance
  7. Leed

    Dark Ui

    Thanks Joe but when you start messing with these it all gets in a bit of a mess. you do not have a coherant dark scheme like C4d or Maya or Modo. thought it would be an option as you seem to be able to change everything so thought there might be a dark scheme out there somewhere. Cheers Lee
  8. Leed

    Dark Ui

    Just wondering where the icons for Z are kept. Are you able to adjust the icons at all? I remember you could have a clasic version look with clasic icons as well in a previous version. Lee
  9. just tryed a sketchup export (old file) and worked fine no problems
  10. Leed

    Dark Ui

    Hi Has anybody developed a Dark Ui look to their Form Z? I am so used to a dark UI now just can not get Z to look that way. Thanks Lee
  11. Hi I am also having issues with seeing the model in Google Earth. I have done some serches and looked at the method in the manual. Ihave looked at the count of poly's and points etc. ( I can not see a simple box) see attached. You mentioned "we sent you an email with exact instructions on how to get what you want." Is it possible to gt this instruction sent to me? I am on Mac latest OS and Z8.5. Thanks in advance Lee