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    MathewSnign reacted to DJAB in Texture / Tiling Problem in V4   
    Hi Guys,
    See attached screen shots, when you look closely at the tiled floor, which is a maxwell material from the website, you can see something weird is happening where it appears to be broken or misaligned somehow. (The floor is just a flat plane).
    Im a total novice when I comes to rendering, any ideas whats going on?
    Maxwell 4 / Formz 8.5 pro / Mac

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    MathewSnign reacted to Bo Atkinson in Tool Usage Videos   
    Please consider one or two minute Tech Support Youtube vids to "show what you are doing"...  Show us single tool actions in depth, for advanced tools.  Rather than showcase videos on multiple tools and product flair. Granted that show case videos are important for promotion itself.  I ask for user jump start vids which are different.
    A short vid working with Planes tool advancements would be a good start.
    My 2 cents, i'm trying to catch up in formZ and higher OS versions.
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    MathewSnign reacted to ¢hris £und in accept other Unit System as input:   
    that is, I pretty much work in English, however it often enough comes up where I get metric measurements from clients.
    It would be real nice to just put in something like 10m  and have Z auto covert it to 32.80839895 ft for me.
    Presumably, this would be helpful for people working the other way as well.
    if Z can discern ' from "   is should also be able to do mm, m  km etc...  without having to switch project settings.