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  1. Andrea. Robot vintage.mov
  2. Hi, I made some tests and I play with materials grime and the maxwell grass settings; there are the results: Andrea
  3. Here is the last version: Andrea
  4. Final render: Andrea
  5. I'm playing with blender, too; in this test I add to my model some subtles edges deformations and a little random rotation to the coppi roof tiles. This is (i think) is a next stept to reality emulation. Andrea.
  6. AndyD


    Thanks Allan for your nice words but I saw better render in maxwell gallery; I never stop learning... Andrea
  7. AndyD


    Hi, made with formZ and Maxwell: Andrea.
  8. AndyD


    Yes, Allan I use Photoshop for overlay copyright and mix the final image with wireframe. Andrea
  9. AndyD


    Hi, I made this with formZ 8.6.4 and Maxwell 4:
  10. AndyD


    Thanks Allan, Here are others divertissements:
  11. My last work made with formZ 8.6 and Maxwell 4: Andrea
  12. Hi, Decals are in this Workspace:
  13. AndyD


  14. AndyD


    Hi at all, Here is my last design project, plutonium lamp bomb, ispired at first atomic bomb: Andrea
  15. AndyD

    Clessidra chair

    Hi, this is competition chair made with formZ 8.5.6 and render with maxwell 3.2: Andrea
  16. AndyD

    License Maxwell 3 trouble

    Here is the messages