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  1. FZnoob

    Sub D shape and map

    Hello? Still waiting on some clarification.
  2. FZnoob

    Texture map entire object at once

    Is this what you are trying to do? Here is a 10" cube with mapping set to "cubic" and "best match per face"
  3. FZnoob

    how to draw carpet

    If you don't have acces to the proper software, then your best bet would be to do a hi res rendering of the room without the bed, and a proxy for the carpet. Then a rendering of the bed by itself. Make a layered file of the 2 images, and photoshop in the carpet. Wouldn't be all that difficult.
  4. FZnoob

    8.5 View menu

    There were tons more crash logs I didn't bother to send because they didn't seem to be of any real benefit to either of us. Like I said, the problem comes and goes. I can create a file, follow the exact same process, it can be just fine or not. It can just crash doing something as simple as moving a control point, or it will let me do a reasonably complex model with no issues. So if no one else is experiencing this behaviour, then it must be my computer. As I have alreasdy stated, I don't have issues with any software on my machine except FZ. Nothing more I can say.
  5. FZnoob

    8.5 View menu

    I just downloaded the 8.5 beta and noticed the "view" menu seems to be missing a few things. See screenshot. Have these been moved somewhere else?
  6. FZnoob

    8.5 View menu

    I am not talking about the bridge tool issue. I am talking about crashes when using the modeling tools. I have sent you numerous crash reports, and exchanged emails with Paul. The only suggestions I got were the standard "reset the preferences". Which I tried (on more than 1 ocassion). This did not solve the problem. As I said, I thought that the OS update had cured it, but that was not the case. I just reset the 8.5 prefs and it did fix the "view menu" issue I started this thread with. So at least that is something positive.
  7. FZnoob

    8.5 View menu

    I will try your suggestions later today when I get time. BTW: The subd tool crashes as back. Apparently my celebration was short lived. When I first updated to Yosemite a couple days ago it seemed much more stable, and I was cautiously optimistic. However yesterday, after installing 8.5, the issues returned. This is beyond frustrating. I am really trying to give this program a fair shake. There ARE things I do like about it. To be completey honest, I have had more issues with FZ during the past couple of years than I have with any of the other softwares I use on a day to day basis. That is not a knock on FZ. It is just a fact.
  8. I agree with many of the points above. Especially the "floating pallets" point. I find that bothersome to no end.
  9. FZnoob

    8.5 View menu

    Its 9521
  10. FZnoob

    bridge tool crash

    I was playing around with the subd tools on a simple structure. When I try to bridge the 2 selected faces, it causes an immediate crash. Any idea why? I have already tried resetting the prefs. Didn't make any difference.
  11. FZnoob

    bridge tool crash

    just emailed you the file. I am sure it will work ok for you. As I mentioned several times before, the subd tools are unstable on my machine. I have no idea why. Plenty of RAM. Good video card.
  12. FZnoob

    Augment app

    Thanks for responding. I will have to check on that. Like I said they specifically mentioned collada .dae. I will try the obj format and let you know. It is a pretty slick little app if you haven't checked it out
  13. FZnoob

    Augment app

    Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with "Augment"? The "reality" app I am having problems getting my dae file to come in with the mapping. I used the instructions for "Sketchup" as FormZ is not included in their app list, but the instructions are to export as "dae" so it should work. When I exported the dae file from FZ, I had "textures" selected, and it created the maps as expected. I put them all in a folder along with the dae file and made a zip file as instructed by the Augment tutorial. However they are not showing up on the model in Augment. I tried both jpg and tga but neither one worked. Thoughts?
  14. Something that might be worth mentioning. If you have FZ set up such as I do, it does not create a new document upon launch. When I go to the "help" menu, the "update" does not appear. However as soon as I create a new document it does. See screenshot for clarification.
  15. FZnoob

    FZ8 & stability using sub-d tools

    I will see about the updates. All those are delivered through the app store now and our IT has that blocked. I will have to put in a ticket on it and see how it goes. Thx
  16. So I am finally getting around to exploring the sub-d tool set. I am a long time polygon modeler going all the way back to 1998. I have used Strata, 3DSMax ,and Cinema 4D. So I am glad to see sub-d modeling offered in FZ Today I was exploring the tools and following along with some of the tuts. FZ crashed no fewer than 7 times in maybe a 3 hour timespan. I wasn't doing anything other than just basic sub d stuff. On 1 occasion it did not crash but stopped responding so I had to force quit. I think I sent 3-4 of the crash logs, but I didn't bother sending them all. Is anyone else experiencing this level of instability? I am on a year old iMac with 8g of ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX 1024 MB card, running OSX 10.9.4 and FZ8.0.1 build 9355 I am not experiencing problems with any other software including FZ7. Advice appreciated.
  17. FZnoob

    FZ8 & stability using sub-d tools

    I agree about saving, and when I am working I do this. But when just playing around with the various tools I might have neglected to do so. That was my only point. Anyway, just sent you the first crash log of the day. Time stamp was 8:57 Did you get it? The file is attached. Just a simple cube where I was playing around with the sub d tools. At the top of the neck when I right clicked to "add sequence" it crashed.
  18. FZnoob

    FZ8 & stability using sub-d tools

    That is strange in that I am sure I clicked "send" on at least 3 of the crash logs. Anyway, I am going to try again this morning and see what happens. If this happens again I will make sure to document each crash log. As I said in my original post, I was simply trying out the different sub d tools on a cube. Perhaps I was not saving it often enough as I went along, so maybe that had something to do with it. Not sure about that. I will report back on my findings.
  19. FZnoob

    display question

    Ok thank you. I forgot to mention that it renders ok, so I knew it have to have something to do with the display only.
  20. FZnoob

    display question

    I have drawn a simple v line shape. On the left it is seen in “shaded work” display and “perspective” view. On the right it is also in the “shaded work” display but in the “front” view. Can you tell me what is causing the grey line to appear across the bottom in perspective view?
  21. FZnoob

    Malicious Website Blocked

    I don't think this is an isolated case. I had the same sort of thing happen to me on another very reputable site that I have used for years.
  22. I am also having issues registering FZ8. I tried your above suggestion of switching the serial numbers but it did not work for me. I then did the "alt key / register" and it generated a code I am sending you via email
  23. FZnoob

    Wire mesh or perforated surface modeling

    I usually use the polka dot method to model pegboard. More or less the same thing. If you really want to control the accuracy, method 2 from Dennis is a good way to go.