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  1. FZnoob

    Please sort out the component system

    So as I have previously stated I NEVER use components. However, I was recently asked to revise a rendering for someone on vacation. As soon as I opened the file I saw it was full of components. Problems began almost immediately. I selected a group of components and attempted to move them. The program crashed. When I reopened the file something strange happened, and they became transparent even in shaded work mode. Furthermore, when I attempted to copy the group to a new document, I could not. I could delete them but not copy them. Then if I try to render it I get an error message. Fortunately I was able to go back to a previous version and get the component from there.
  2. FZnoob

    please fix the object doctor!

    I tried it and while it didn't "crash" it did lock up the program. Which in the end is basically the same thing.
  3. Sounds like you are going to need more than just "mapping" to do what you are describing. You will need to create some geometry to give the "tuck" effect where the button is attached. Why don't you give it a go? Find yourself a good reference photo and study it. Start with a rectangle more or less the size shape you want. Subdivide it and start manipulating the geometry. Here is a quick example I did a while back for someone. I am guessing it took me 10 maybe 15 minutes.
  4. FZnoob

    8.6 updates

    I installed 8.6 today and it immediately started crashing. Fortunately I kept 8.5.7 and was able to get back up and running. I don't have time to deal with it today. If I get a chance tomorrow I will try it again.
  5. FZnoob

    Subdivision Contextual Menu is missing

    It's working for me as well on 8.5.7 Mac 10.12.6 However.........the entire "show controls" menu will from time to time stop working. Either I can't get the controls to show, or I can't them to go away. Closing and re-opening the file fixes it, but it's extremely annoying (especially when I am working with a new user).
  6. Not working for me either.
  7. FZnoob

    Modeling tools not showing

    It seems as if the answer I got for every interface problem I ever had has been "reset the preferences". If that fails "do a clean install". With that said, I am running 8.5.7 and I don't have any issues as you describe.
  8. FZnoob

    Mac vs PC for formZ

    I also have a 27" iMac, and for the most part I don't have any issues with FZ (at least none I can blame on the computer) Maybe I have been lucky, but every Mac I have ever owned has given me on the average of 8-10 years of service.
  9. Hi everyone, Here is the 3rd and final part of the tutorial. Chair tutorial pt3.pdf
  10. Give it a shot. If you get stuck let me know and I will see if I can get you over the hump.
  11. This is part 1 of the tutorial in which I show my method to model the base of the chair using sub-division modeling. It's fairly straight forward and shouldn't take but a few minutes to complete. I will be posting part 2 as soon as I get time to complete it. Chair tutorial pt1.pdf
  12. FZnoob

    Chain wire fence wire how to

    I did this with a loose path to simulate the sort of distressed wire in your reference image, where it sort of droops a bit. Then I used a granite shader and fiddled with the colors to look like rust.
  13. Followup: I STILL have not received anything in the way of a followup from Chaos regarding my issue with the download link being stripped from their email.
  14. The activation email I got had the download link stripped out (presumably by our firewall). I contacted Chaos about this issue directly on 11/17/17. At this point, all I received was an auto generated message saying "Generally, you can expect to hear back from us within a couple of days".
  15. FZnoob

    Workspace problems

    "Always remember that all software programs are a work in progress." Yes to some degree that is true. However I can say without hesitation that during the 6 or so years I have used FZ, I have had more issues with it than all my other software combined.
  16. FZnoob

    Component problems

    I pretty much avoid them all together.
  17. FZnoob

    Feature request: Select clones

    I just did a test where I took an object and "copied" it 9 times and saved the file. Then I did the same thing but copied them as "clones". I was surprised to file the file size of both to be the exact same. I would have thought the "cloned" file would be smaller.
  18. FZnoob

    Feature request: Select clones

    Must I be the first one to say "Send in the clones"? *****For those of you old enough to remember Judy Collins.****
  19. The whole "decal mapping" thing is so antiquated. C4D has it right.
  20. FZnoob

    FZ manual search

    I am using OSX 10.12.6 and Firefox 55.0.2 and it works fine for me.
  21. FZnoob

    I cannot Undo

    No, not always.
  22. FZnoob

    I cannot Undo

    I can confirm for a fact it has happened to me on reasonably simple shapes, and smaller files.
  23. FZnoob

    I cannot Undo

    I have the same issue from time to time. I have experimented with different levels of "undo" and I can't see that had any effect on it. Restarting the program fixes it. On another note, sometimes my right click "show controls" experiences the same sort of thing in that it stops working as well. Again, restarting it seems to always correct the problem.
  24. FZnoob

    3D scanners and FZ

    Anyone have any experience in this area? I am referring to direct experience with a particular brand/model?