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    Santoskes reacted to ingoerik in change text, how ?   
    Just another simple thing (FormZ 8.02 here): i imported a dwg file and selected all the text to change it to a different more readable font, but there seems to be no way to do it. Nothing in the text change palette and nothing in the attributes. Any ideas ?
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    Santoskes reacted to Paulji in Reference Plane - UNDERLAY - Set Custom Placement   
    The default 0,0,0 origin for underlays on reference planes is located at the center of the inserted underlay image.

    Default Location of Underlay at Center of Page
    It would be very useful to be able to custom place the Origin of the underlay to the Reference Plane's 0,0,0 Origin so that subsequent "revised" images have a known reference point. This is important so that future revised images can be stacked in the same known location. Examples are revisions to floor plans, lighting plans, furniture plans, stacking of floor plans on multiple stories and site plan revisions. 

    Example: Floor Plan with Bottom Corner at Reference Origin
    [Note: The above image was done using the Billboard tool.  The downside of the Billboard tool it doesn't allow you to adjust transparency of the image like the Reference Plane Underlay or Autocad's Transparency command]
    The only way to do this currently is through the Reference Plane Parameters dialog box > Underlay > Custom Placement > Origin edit boxes for X, Y, Z.   I believe I've discovered a bug.  
    I find it impossible to located the corner of a floor plan by entering values corresponding to the reverse values found in the Input Palette X, Y, Z edit boxes.

    Example: Error Placing Underlay Bottom Floor Plan Corner -  minus 14'-10 5/32" becomes minus 14'-10 5/32" + 29'-5 11/16" along X-axis.
    1.  Add a toggle "Click point to move to reference plane origin"  (Less wordy perhaps) in other words, allow user to click a point on the underlay to move underlay to the reference plane's origin.
    2.  Permit the Underlay image to be selectable and movable similar to the Billboard Tool.
    3.  Add a transparency slider to the Billboard tool similar to the Reference Plane Parameter slider.
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    Santoskes reacted to Paulji in Snappable 0,0,0 Orign   
    Temporary reference planes have a distinctive snappable origin that one can snap to.  Suggest that the World Cartesian reference plane has a snappable Origin as well.  
    It's true that if you set the Grid Snap ON you can snap to that point but if Grid Snap is OFF it would be nice.
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    Santoskes reacted to Paulji in Keyboard shortcut dialog   
    Suggest a search box to find commands in the Keyboard shortcut dialog.
    Was looking for a shortcut to switch from 3D input to Plane input. Also a shortcut to activate the X-axis input edit box on the Input Palette and did not find it.
    Are there shortcuts for these? If not I'd suggest they be added. I find shortcuts much more productive than clicking in boxes.
    Also, there are some key shortcuts available for accessing options in the Tool Options palette. I'd like to see more
    shortcuts available perhaps even customizable ones.
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    Santoskes reacted to setz in Rhino Import   
    I get a lot of Rhino files that have objects with faces that have mixed normals.  An object will have some faces pointing inwards and some facing outwards. Can the importer be modified to fix these objects or can the Object Doctor have an additional feature to repair these types of issues?
    Currently I am taking one object at a time, deriving all of its faces into separate objects and then restitching back together.  In files with hundreds of objects this is very time consuming.
    On a side note, when I select many objects to do these restitching operations simultaneously I often get a "System was unable to complete the Boolean operation" msg.  The same objects stitched separately boole fine.  Perhaps the stitching algorithm could skip problem (coincident geometry etc) objects and continue stitching the valid faces.  Bad faces could then be found and fixed manually more easily.
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    Santoskes reacted to Paulji in Keyboard shortcut dialog   
    Suggest a search box to find commands.
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    Santoskes reacted to AHTOH in Support for non Latin characters in 2017   
    is definitely needs to be added.
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    Santoskes reacted to Paulji in 3D and 3D Delta Axis and the Input Palette   
    One draws on the active reference plane.  This can be a temporary reference plane, a custom reference plane or a World Cartesian reference plane.  When a temporary reference plane is displayed by moving the cursor over an object’s face, one can lock the reference plane (shortcut F5) or create a custom reference plane by right clicking and selecting “ Save As Custom Reference Plane” from the context menu.  
    When the 3D or 3D Delta modes are active, the visible axis of any temporary or custom reference plane cannot be used to input values in the Input Palette  X, Y, Z-edit boxes.  (Except in those special cases where the temporary or custom reference plane is co-planar with the previously active World Cartesian reference plane.)
    Doing so will not give the accurate X,Y,Z values as the 3D or 3D Delta coordinates reference the orientation and direction of the axis of the previously active XY-Plane, YZ-Plane, or ZX-Plane.
    In the attached example, the custom reference axis is shown as solid color lines with arrow terminators. The dashed color lines show lines created when X, Y, Z values were input. These follow the World Cartesian reference plane axis.
    My suggestion is that whenever the 3D or 3D Delta modes are active, the temporary or custom reference plane axis should be shown in a grey color and NOT show as X (red), Y (green), and Z (blue) colored arrows.  In addition, the previously active World Cartesian reference plane axis should be prominantly shown.

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    Santoskes reacted to AHTOH in Layout suggestion   
    I believe that good and simple improvement to Layout would be an ability to draw and measure in real scale values. Say I do the house plan and work in scale 1:50. I start to draw a line and input 1 meter while Layout automatically inputs according scaled value of 20 mm. It could be either happen within content frame or as an option
    As a cherry on a pie would be a back compatibility to Modeling environment so we could use our tech drawings to make models within the native format.
    I believe it would solve ALL the issues with a Layout and Make it great again ©. Even in compare previous excellent Drafting module.
    I hope it would be heard.
    Best regards,
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    Santoskes reacted to Paulji in FormZ Manual - hyperlink to videos   
    The Manual is not as uptodate as some of the videos. For example the Draw Guides in the manual don't mention automatic guides and temporary guides that are shown in the Guide Snap video. It would be helpful to add associated hyperlinks to videos in the manual.
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    Santoskes reacted to AsOne in Others locked in Layer Palette not working for groups   
    'Others locked' or 'Others not locked' in Layer Palette is not working for groups.  For individual layers it works fine.  For groups it locks or unlocks all layers at once.  
    'Invert Locked' seems to do nothing at all, individual layers or groups. 
    Same applies to similar requests in Visibility and Snapable columns.
    MacOS Yosemite  FormZ 8.5.6 Build 9897
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    Santoskes reacted to Gary in New Years Wish   
    Hello Support,
    While it has been hoped for and wished for before, perhaps this will be the year it comes true...
    1. image size as part of a view (old version functionality we lost along the way)
    2. allow access to light groups in SDK so Maxwell and other plug-ins can utilize them (hoping for light group lights to translate to single Maxwell light in Maxwell Multi-light)
    3. option for "reveal objects" to reveal to last state, not reveal all (old version functionality we lost along the way)
    4. improved display speed of components
    5. Z components to translate to Maxwell reference objects
    Wishing a happy new year to all,
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    Santoskes reacted to AsOne in Improved control handles in result buffer mode   
    I would love to see the control handles larger in size (all of them).  I would also to see the one my mouse floats over become a different color.  This would make picking the handles a lot easier.
      I use the result buffer control handles quite frequently.  I also frequently go to pick a handle and don't quite get it.  Then I need to go to the reshape tool.  
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    Santoskes reacted to Suedpol in FormZ Pro (Version 8) - Section Tool not in Wireframe Mode?   
    Dear FormZetters,
    coming from Version 6.7.3 and maneuvering through Version 8,
    I found out that the Boolean section tool does not work in wireframe mode.
    It works fine in shaded mode, though.
    Is there a hidden option that I failed to activate or is it supposed to work like that?
    Thanks in advance for any hints,
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    Santoskes reacted to AHTOH in It took 4 minutes to get this model to Layout   
    Hello is it normal? It is just a simple 2D plan!
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    Santoskes reacted to Justin Montoya in UI - Workspaces Palette, Ultimate Workspace Option   
    By default, the Workspace Palette is a waste of screen real estate and valuable palette dock real estate.  It's rarely used in day to day work here.  While it's functionality could be argued, I do not think it is necessary to give it such a prominent default position.  Sure it's easy to turn off, but if everyone is doing that, maybe it shouldn't be there to begin with?
    Personally, I would just eliminate the Workspace palette all together and use the Workspace menu at the top to access those.  Or even just have it turned off by default?
    Furthermore, I think it would be great to have an option with all of the workspaces combined into one Ultimate, power user workspace.  Most of us using FormZ for a long time do not need to hide functions, and the side toolbar has plenty of height available for more default tools to be shown (on a 1920x1200 screen).  This side toolbar could just be better divided to show which tools applied to their 'workspace', Drafting, Animation, etc.  Because right now their is other dead space below the sidebar that is difficult to make use of.  
    Overall, there is a lot of wasted space in this UI design that should be easily fixed.
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    Santoskes reacted to setz in Extend Tool - Result Buffer Option   
    It would be great to have an option for the Extend Tool, or better yet, a new Tool "Live Extend" that would allow for a result buffer enabling the distance for the extend to be entered, previewed and edited.  I use the Reshape tool this way and would love for the Extend to have this functionality as well.
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    Santoskes reacted to setz in Dwg Export on Hidden Line - Scale   
    If I render a Hidden Line and Export Image as dwg and then import back into FZ, the position (relative to origin) and scale are not retained regardless of which import scale is chosen.  Can align and scale be made to match between original and import files for ortho views?
    first image is original 3D File, wireframe, grid is 2' squares
    second image is wireframe of 2D dwg import (units set to "from file"), grid is 2' squares

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    Santoskes reacted to RunTime in FormZ plug not working   
    All worked well on OSX 10.9.5, FormZ 8.5.4, Maxwell plug and Maxwell
    When I updated yesterday to FormZ 8.5.6 and Maxwell plug and also to the latest Maxwell i got problems.
    The Maxwell render fine any old mxs file but when running FormZ I get the tools and Fire window, but no lights. Choosing Maxwell from the meny gives 'Maxwell is not licensed...' Fire complains: 'There are no light sources in the scene...'
    I have re-register Maxwell and it says 'Activation successful...'
    Any idea of what to try to get the workflow up again?
    Thanks/ Bo
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    Santoskes reacted to AsOne in Step by Step Reveal   
    Please add step by step reveal of objects isolated.  We can isolate multiple steps, but cannot reverse this action.  It would be very very helpful.  
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    Santoskes reacted to setz in Bridge Tool   
    Can this very useful tool and the other Sub-D Tools be made to work with non Sub-D objects and Sub-D objects which are in the swapped state?
    Also, because these tools are named "Subdivision _____" when the spacebar tool menu is invoked all the subdivision tools are displayed.  I noticed that "B" does bring up the Bridge Tool, but "O" doesn't bring up the Offset Face or the Offset Edge Tools etc, etc.
    -well actually, "B" sometime brings up Bridge, sometimes not.  I haven't figured out the way I got it to show up.
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    Santoskes reacted to DJAB in Texture / Tiling Problem in V4   
    Hi Guys,
    See attached screen shots, when you look closely at the tiled floor, which is a maxwell material from the website, you can see something weird is happening where it appears to be broken or misaligned somehow. (The floor is just a flat plane).
    Im a total novice when I comes to rendering, any ideas whats going on?
    Maxwell 4 / Formz 8.5 pro / Mac

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    Santoskes reacted to setz in Delete Topology   
    Delete Topology does not function as it used to.  Please return it's previous functionality.
    For example, I have this object. There is a non-planar rectangle split by an (orange) segment.  I want to delete the segment and reinsert it (red) so that I can use Extend to Face on the (blue) arrow to the blue triangle to make the face planar.  The problem is that when I Delete Topology on the orange segment, the two triangular faces are deleted.  I know I can use Object Doctor to close the hole but it closes it with the segment back in it's original position.  I can also delete the faces and draw the blue triangle, but that involves selecting more tools and snaps and is a lot more steps.  I want to have the segment deleted creating a non-planar rectangle which I can then split as required.
    Please return the original functionality to this very useful tool.

    Delete Topology.fmz.zip
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    Santoskes reacted to Alan Cooper in Workspace   
    I've just improved the standard workspace for use on my 17" windows laptop, with ready access to my favourite palettes.
    Maybe this layout will also be a helpful suggestion for others, at least until palette headings are less space - consuming.
    This is my starting template which has a cube to start first click from at 0,0,0
    I like the grey background which is not too bright, yet black, white and all primary colors display well on it.

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    Santoskes reacted to jsiggia in Axis display length   
    Is it/could it be possible to change the length of the axis. Changing the size of the grid has no effect on these.