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  1. josh

    Where's the info on 9?

    wondering where the update is I payed for...🧐
  2. Hi, do I need the Maxwell Studio, or is that really working with the plugin only, as you said? THX, Josh
  3. Wow, thanks a lot! Now I have some things to check out Today I tried with Thea.. I am not very convinced so far, unstable and not that user-friendly I'd wish. I will try Maxwell tomorrow.. And please don't share the rendering, it's a project I am developing for almost 2years, bundling 12years of experience, and it's planned to be published. There will be 14 interior renderings, so when my problems are solved I will post the redults first here For now only the support team knows the inside.. ;-))
  4. Hey guys! I am trying to get renderings of my best project ever out of FormZ, but there are lots of problems with bad geometry (imported from 3dwarehouse..) and the endless possibilities of render-options, finalgather-options and so on. What I need: 1. where can I get realistic and full-3d trees, cars and people from (with good geometry!)? Not that jpg-cutout-stuff. Doesn't matter if its not free, but I don't want to pay 50$ each tree (which then looses its materials or so ), as I need a lot of different ones... 2. I need a user-friendly rendermachine. I would like to have all possibilities in one window and not search around for cryptic problems in the whole program. I only know Maxwell and Thea. Anyone with experience, if things there work as one expects? Sorry to the Autodesys-staff, I really appreciate your support, but rendering with formZs onboard-tools for me is hell. Rendering-interface here, final gather stuff there, some checkboxes in layer-options and not one ready-to-render set for certain light-atmospheres. I need something more like in archicad, push the button and it renders with all nice things AO, FG and so on - as one expects. THANKS And here is a rendering of the exterior - only problems with interiors...