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  1. Thanks for the input. I found a link that shows what the actual command should be in terminal to disable Gatekeeper: http://www.fitzweekly.com/2016/06/disable-gatekeeper-in-macos-sierra.html After doing so, FormZ 8.0.1 still would not launch. I am now going to re-enable Gatekeeper and get the update.
  2. Last login: Fri Oct 7 07:38:35 on console Carls-iMac:~ carltoti$ "sudo spctl --master-disable" -bash: sudo spctl --master-disable: command not found Carls-iMac:~ carltoti$ "sudo spctl--master-disable" -bash: sudo spctl--master-disable: command not found I typed the command in, wasn't sure if there was a space between spctl and the double hyphens following it, so I typed it in both ways, and it doesn't seem to work. Did I do something wrong? The reason I'm doing this is to see if 8.0.1 will launch after doing so, before I download 8.5....flawed logic on my part?
  3. If I launch Terminal and type in the Gatekeeper disable command for an existing installation of FormZ 8.1, would that enable me to launch it? I wish to God I hadn't broken my cardinal rule of installing a new Mac OS before checking on the repercussions. Wouldn't it be great if Apple would contact developers and ask them how their products would be affected before releasing something like Sierra. As it stands, I can't launch FormZ