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  1. Recombatant


    Hi Chris, Looks great! Thanks! Here's a picture of my last try. -Craig
  2. Recombatant


    Hi, Let's see if I can make sense. Ha! In the attached photo from left to right... the numbers are the resolution (number of facets) of the source circle that I used to make that object and the knurl. 100 was way too fine for the knurl, but great for the smooth parts. So ALL the smooth parts are 100 facets. 40 was cool, but the knurl is just too big. 50 worked very well, but there's a spiral 'look' on the real world knurl I'm attempting to duplicate on this model. So I tried doing a 'Twist' on it, which is very close to what I'm after, just not perfect. If I can't get it any better than that, I'll live with it, I guess. But I don't think it's the best it could be. I'd try to 'Shear' it and see if that would make the knurl a diamond shape, but 'Sheer' deform is only available in Animation Workspace and it's not a good way to model things, seems like. Seems imprecise to me. I may not understand how to do it correctly. I just wish I could Sheer the object and investigate if that would work. I can try to do this whole thing using a diamond shape for the initial knurl. That would make the knurl seem to have a spiral look. In fact, I did try that. It got difficult to manage the stitching. I'm going to try that again right now. Later -Craig
  3. Recombatant


    Here's the test print painted with simulated anodized paint. I may readjust the knurl to be larger, but this is working perfectly.
  4. Recombatant


    Here's another image. A photo of two different knurls 3D printed. I made the first one, the black one, too rough. The grey one is going to be good with some tweaking.
  5. Recombatant


    Hi, Here's a jpeg of my knurled handle. I added a Twist to it to get a diamond shaped knurl.
  6. Recombatant


    Hey Chris, Thanks again for the help. I've got a very nice knurl on this handle, because you gave me a very nice 'handle' on knurling in FZ. Have a great weekend! -Craig
  7. Recombatant


    Hey Chris, Thanks very, very much for showing me all that. Very appreciated! Woop! -Craig
  8. Recombatant


    Ha! When I searched, it5 changed 'nurling' to 'knurling'. -Craig
  9. Recombatant


    Hi Chris, Oh! Good! Thank you. Got any tips on how to do it in FZ? Sincerely, -Craig
  10. Recombatant


    Thanks Andrew, Good info. I'll try this multi copy. I've been using FormZ daily for many years and I've never gotten close to a full understanding. This 'burling' is something that I've wondered about. Now I need to make something for 3D printing with burling, so I have to work it out. This is very helpful info. Thanks! -Craig
  11. Recombatant


    Has anyone any ideas on how to do 'burling' such as on a handgun grip to a shape in FZ? I want to add this kind of surface to a pole handle grip, such as in the attached photo. I wonder what's the best way to do this? Thanks! -Craig
  12. Recombatant

    STEP file import

    Hi, Just a quick question. Where did .STEP file import go? It's not in my list of filetypes when importing anymore? Thanks, Craig