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  1. thanks for writing me back ! ,

    I completely dumped my SE 9.0 and down loaded it again and that solved the problem . My current issue with 9.0 is not being able to customize the interface spacing . Size of the workspace and  tool options on the right can't be adjusted before with earlier versions . Can you help me with this ? .

    Another issue is before ,when editing a value in  tool options I only needed to just click and the entire number was selected , now I need to drag the number to high lite . I have used forms for 0ver 30 years as a sculptor and metal fabricator , so I know it intimately but I'm sure I do not know every thing .   

    I typed in the forums search box about anyone else having issues with  9.0 with zero results so thank you for answering .with sincere thank , ken draizen


    Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 1.56.52 PM.png

    1. ¢hris £und

      ¢hris £und

      in the bottom right corner of that palette, you can adjust it's height.  I have noticed that it does creep down over time though.  Haven't quite figured out what tools cause it though.  If your palette is too large, and you cannot reach that corner, you can try to pull it out of the dock, then resize it before putting it back in.

      Not sure what to say about the edit fields, as mine do select the whole text upon entering.  I am using a Mac and haven't tried all tools.   Is it all tools, or specific tools?   And, just to make sure, you are talking about the options palette also on the right, not the input palette on top?   The palette on top, one field is already selected, the others, you tab/shif-tab to enter.

      There are numerous issues with 9.0  though they seem to be kind of widespread at the moment.  One of the bigger issues right now appears that people are losing the ability to use hotkeys.   Something that did happen to me during the Beta test period, but hasn't happened recently to me.

      You have been using longer than I have, about 26 years, and there are whole areas for me that are dark.  Have to admit too, that I was better at 6.x than current.  It did take until 8.5 before I found it was complete enough to make the switch.