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    ivsim reacted to AHTOH in Steel Fabrication Drawings   
    Hi Ivsim.
    Than you might understand that joke with my nick on forum.
    I know exactly where Bulgaria is. Even went there with a car for vacation once. And fell in love with your country and people. 
    Good to see bugarian here at FormZ forum. If there is any help needed — you are welcome.
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    ivsim got a reaction from AHTOH in Steel Fabrication Drawings   
    Thank you, AHTOH!
    Respect for your contributions to this forum!
    p.s.: It is Bulgaria , just down under over the Black sea.
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    ivsim reacted to Tech in Some workflow (workaround) inquiries or how do you do it in FormZ   
    Hi Ivsim,
    Welcome to the forum!
    1.  Generally you should organize your objects by Layers.  You can also create Layer Groups, which you could name Floor 1, Floor 2, etc -- and just put the associated layers inside that group.  Then you can easily adjust the visibility at the Group level.
    NOTE that if your Floor groups should have similar layers, create them for Floor 1 first, then right click on Floor 1, choose Duplicate -- and rename it as desired.  (This will ONLY duplicate the Layers -- and not the objects on it -- which can be Duplicated (or Copy, Deselect, Paste) independently.
    2.  You can also Ghost the Layer Group.  Then right click on any Object Snap, choose Snap Options, and check the Snap to Ghosted option.  (You can also control Object Snapping at the Layer, or Layer Group level.)
    3.  Yes, you can create and load Autocad .PAT files to create your own custom hatch patterns.  Just follow the tutorials for Autocad for how to do this, and Load them in the Hatch Palette (using the folder icon at the bottom).
    And if you haven't studied the formZ Migration Guide, you should check that out here:
    Does that help?