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  1. Support Case opened and a first suggestion brought some progress. Scaling the image output by 50% in the Maxwell Render Options palette makes the simle box render in 45 s (4 min with CPU). The result is a rendering with 800 px in width, of quite lttle use. At 75% scaling Maxwell freezes again. Another hint by the support was to turn off multilights bit thatw as already the case. My impression is that GPU render is still in its experimental phase. Will switch back to CPU for time being. If support comes up with new suggestions, I will report here.
  2. Having the Nvidia GPU utilization monitor open, I can clearly observe that Maxwell stresses the GPU too much, the meter goes to the top rapidly. The graphics card even denies service for a fraction of a second. Is 4GB not enough GPU memory?
  3. All my drivers are the latest ones. Also, I installed the additional Nvidia software suggested by Maxwell in the documentation. Console returns: [18/August/2017 16:32:54] >> Info: checking license type 'formz'... ===================== New session opened at 18/August/2017 16:32:54 ===== MAXWELL RENDER (M~R). Engine version © 2004-2015. Licensed to Next Limit Technologies C:\Program Files\Next Limit\Maxwell Render 4\maxwell.exe -mxs:C:\Dirk\test noview Maxwell\test noview 1.mxs -mxi:C:\Dirk\test noview Maxwell\test noview 1.mxi -o:C:\Dirk\test noview Maxwell\test noview 1.png -licensetype:formz -root:C:\Program Files\Next Limit\Maxwell Render 4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Private data // -------------------------------------------------------------------------- SYSTEM INFO Num processors: ( logical: 8, physical: 8 ) Maxwell Root folder :C:\Program Files\Next Limit\Maxwell Render 4\ This machine Host ID: // Private data // -------------------------------------------------------------------------- GPU INFO Graphics Card 0 Name: Quadro M2000 Microarchitecture: Maxwell Device Memory: 4096 MBytes CUDA Compute Capability: 52 CUDA Driver Version: 8.0 CUDA Runtime Version: 8.0 Below Normal Priority Enabled -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Found 5 procedural extensions in C:\Program Files\Next Limit\Maxwell Render 4\extensions-x64-v140 MaxwellHair MaxwellParticles MaxwellVolumetric MGrassH MGrassP Found 6 geometry loader extensions in C:\Program Files\Next Limit\Maxwell Render 4\extensions-x64-v140 AssetReference MaxwellMesher MaxwellSea MWObjectAlembic RFMeshes RWMeshes Found 4 geometry modifier extensions in C:\Program Files\Next Limit\Maxwell Render 4\extensions-x64-v140 MaxwellCloner MaxwellGrass MaxwellScatter SubdivisionModifier Found 12 texture extensions in C:\Program Files\Next Limit\Maxwell Render 4\extensions-x64-v140 Brick Checker Circle Gradient3 Gradient Grid Marble Noise Voronoi MultiPointGradient TiledTexture WireframeTexture Found 9 material modifier extensions in C:\Program Files\Next Limit\Maxwell Render 4\extensions-x64-v140 AGS Opaque Transparent Metal Translucent Car Paint Hair TableBrdf Xrite AxF Material Found 2 camera lens extensions in C:\Program Files\Next Limit\Maxwell Render 4\extensions-x64-v140 Lat-Long Stereo Fish Stereo -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [18/August/2017 16:32:54] Reading MXS:C:\Dirk\test noview Maxwell\test noview 1.mxs [18/August/2017 16:32:54] MXS file read successfully [18/August/2017 16:32:54] fromCommandLineArgumentsToScene CPU ID set randomly: 9328 CPU ID used: 11938 [18/August/2017 16:32:54] Checking scene dependencies.. [18/August/2017 16:32:54] Checking Data [18/August/2017 16:32:54] Preprocessing scene... DEBUG: - Cuda render engine enabled. [18/August/2017 16:32:54] Preprocessing data. [18/August/2017 16:32:54] Memory used before preprocessing: 1151 Mb DEBUG: - Preprocessing scene modifiers. [18/August/2017 16:32:54] Loading geometry extensions. DEBUG: - Preprocessing MXS references. DEBUG: - Pretessellating meshes with displacement. DEBUG: - Checking spot/IES lights. DEBUG: - Initializing data. DEBUG: - Preprocessing geometry. DEBUG: - Preprocessing materials. DEBUG: - Preprocessing additional parameters. [18/August/2017 16:32:54] Memory used after preprocessing: 1153 Mb DEBUG: - Initializing render engine. DEBUG: - Cuda render engine enabled. DEBUG: - Interactive mode enabled. WARNING: - Reflection/Refraction passes are still not supported in the GPU engine and will be disabled for rendering. DEBUG: - Initializing multilight data. [18/August/2017 16:32:55] Starting voxelization. Scene Info: Image output: C:\Dirk\test noview Maxwell\test noview 1.png MXI output: C:\Dirk\test noview Maxwell\test noview 1.mxi Geometry: - Num Objects: 2 - Num Meshes: 2 - Num Triangles: 14 - Num Vertexes: 12 - Num Normals: 7 - Num Materials: 2 Camera: Current View Render settings: - Engine version : - Using RSC engine - Desired rendering time : 10000 - Desired sampling level : 12.000000 - Using 8 threads - Multilight type: Disabled - Save lights in separate files:No - Motion blur: disabled - Displacement: enabled - Dispersion: disabled - Denoiser: disabled - Illumination layers: . . direct layer: true . . indirect layer: true . . direct caustic reflection layer: true . . direct caustic refraction layer: true . . indirect caustic reflection layer: true . . indirect caustic refraction layer: true [18/August/2017 16:32:55] Start Voxelization [18/August/2017 16:32:55] End Voxelization [18/August/2017 16:32:55] Voxelization done. [18/August/2017 16:32:55] Memory used after voxelization: 1242 Mb [18/August/2017 16:32:55] Start Rendering
  4. CPU works fine. I noticed that with GPU, Maxwell does not even create MXS/MXI files. I suspect that the graphics card is somehow stressed when Maxwell is invoked. Maybe some adjustments in the Nvidia driver will help? Will PM as of the "simple cube file". Thanks, Dirk.
  5. Thanks, Pylon. I am on version now and am still getting the same result.
  6. Hi Pylon, got me new machines for work.. Here is my current configuration: Maxwell for formZ (Win 64) | form·Z® v 8.0.2 (Build 9413) | Windows 8 v 6.2 Build 9200 Intel® Core i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz My Graphics component is a Nvidia Quadro M2000 (bought this to speed up rendering by GPU). Maxwell Fire works fine with the GPU option within FormZ. But, when I open Maxwell render, the application freezes almost immediately. No preview, timer is counting, some 166 hours left for a simple cube. The only way out is killing Maxwell and FormZ in the task manager. I have allowed FomZ and Maxwell to use the GPU within Nvidia´s settings software. No other adjustments were done here, all settings as preset. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Dirk.
  7. Suedpol

    New version issues

    Hi Pylon, here is my configuration: Maxwell for formZ (Win 64) | form·Z® v 8.0.2 (Build 9413) | Windows 7 v 6.1 Build 7601 Service Pack 1 Intel® Core i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz I was able to rescue the file by opening it in Formz Free and ignoring the clue "file was produced outside FormZ ...". The geometry is here again, the materials are all set back. Did some more testing and found out that files are corrupted as soon as grass component is used. FormZ does not seem to understand that feature, it freezes within the reading process. Will send the troublecausing file as you suggested. Best, Dirk.
  8. Suedpol

    New version issues

    And. The maxwell material eitor does not open from within the FormZ materials pallette.
  9. Suedpol

    New version issues

    Okay, have created two new files, one with a grass feature, one without. The "grass file" does not reopen after saving. How can I deactivate the grass plugin and rescue my file? I would like to work on...$$$
  10. Suedpol

    New version issues

    Installed the new Plugin 4.1 last Friday with my FormZ 8.0.2 and tried some fetaures with my current project. Today, I can not open the FormZ file that I worked on! Can someone please explain asap? I have to add that I have an object in the the file that makes use of the grass feature. Maybe, that is what causes the problem?
  11. Suedpol

    Script to RESUME rendering a MXS file?

    Sorry, it is not what I need. That script also restarts rendering the mxs once the script was paused. That script works as one work flow only. It is good for producing a row of renderings with each mxs being upgraded a bit, then the next. Upgrading runs in portions over all files. I would wish for a script tthat does what I can do manually with one mxs. Pause and resume. Let´s say I have three mxs that I need rendered over night. I start a script in the evening and when I come back the next day, maybe two are through, one is unfinished. But, I need to work on my machine and have to pause the last render job. Stopping the running script does no allow me to reengage into the last unfinished job. It starts from the beginning when I reinvoke the sricpt.
  12. Hi Experts, having successfully rendered some initiated scenes with a modified default script over night I now wonder if there is a script available that lets me RESUME a Maxwell render job. The script always starts the render job from the beginning. Thanks in advance, Suedpol.
  13. Suedpol

    "Demo mode enabled"

    Issue fixed, thanks.
  14. Suedpol

    "Demo mode enabled"

    Same issue here. Any instructions for the installation of the new build? Just run the .exe over the existing installation? Thanks, Suedpol.
  15. Ha! Got it. Indeed, the new selection methods in V7 are worth a read. Problem was that I could not select a cutting face properly in wireframe mode. With the tab-opereted sub-selector, it works just fine now. Thanks, Tech!