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    crazyask reacted to pylon in Instances in the plugin?   
    Hi Des,

    There is an issue with the formZ SDK which is holding up implementation of components-to-instances [ADS-issue #4]. I will check with ADS and see if any progress has been made on that issue.
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    crazyask reacted to Tech in Performance Test Thread -- How fast is your computer?   
    (If you want your results added to this post, please post your information in the following format!)
    Performance Test Results:
    09:06      Xeon     2.4 GHz  E5-2665 8 Cores                    Win 7
    11:28      XEON   3.46ghz 12-Core Mac Pro                      OS 10.9.5     v7
    11:51      i7          3.4ghz     3770                                        Win 7    
    12:23      i7          4 GHz quad core  2014 iMac                  OS 10.10.1
    13:35      Xeon     3.5 Ghz   2013 MacPro 6 Core              OSX 10.9.5           v7      
    15:35      Xeon     3.3ghz W3680 Dellintosh                       OSX 10.9.5    
    16:22      i7          3.5ghz     late 2013 iMac                        OS X 10.10.1
    16:46      i7          3.3ghz     Xeon 1230v3                           OS X 10.9.5
    17:25      i7          2.8 Ghz , MacBook Pro  mid 2014          OSX 10.10.1
    17:46      i7          3.1ghz     late 2012 iMac                        OS X 10.8.5
    20:37      i7          2.3 GHz quad core  2012 Mac Mini        OS 10.9.5
    23:16      i7          2.8ghz     930 cpu                                   Windows 8.1
    24:30     XEON   2,66 Ghz Quad-Core MacPro 2009        OS X 10.9.5
    25:49      i7          2.6 GHz   2012 Mac Mini                        OS 10.9.4
    26:15      i7         2.5GHz quad core 2011 Macbook Pro    OSX 10.9.4  FZ7
    74:32                  2.4Ghz MacBook Pro 15" late 2008        OS X 10.10.1
    77:23      Xeon    3.2ghz     2x 4x  early 2008 Mac Pro       OS X10.10.1
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    crazyask reacted to Tech in Performance Test Thread -- How fast is your computer?   
    By popular demand, here is a file that can be used to gauge the relative performance of different computers:
    Download the archive above, unzip it, open your formZ Application folder, and run the formZ Imager application.
    Click the Add button at the lower left corner of the Imager Set, select the .FMZ file, and add the Interior View.
    Change the Rendering Type to RenderZone, and click Generate.  When the rendering finishes, double click on the Complete Status, and the render time will be displayed.  Post this time, along with the OS, processor, and speed of the processor.  We will tabulate the results in the following post.
    EDIT 1 -- Please post your statistics just as we have below so we can copy and paste from your postings into the Results thread...
    ​EDIT 2 -- We will assume that you are testing with formZ v8 (which is somewhat faster than older versions) unless you specify otherwise…
                    (A v7 file was added to the download folder.)
    EDIT 3 -- Please only post your results in this thread.  If you have any comments, please post them here:
    EDIT 4 -- Comments posted to this thread will be deleted.  Please post to the thread immediately above if you want a response.
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    crazyask reacted to DennisA in Fmz projects into Mobile   
    Any idea how to trash a formZ Mobile Viewer Folder (323.3MB) ? There is no delete or rt click prompt. When drag to trash it just copies it. I am doing from computer.
    Am I right assuming folders with project, texture maps are to be added Mobile Viewer Documents in iTunes?
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    crazyask reacted to Tech in Fmz projects into Mobile   
    You are likely exceeding the memory capacity of the device with the 240 GB model file. Unfortunately memory on iOS devices is not virtually unlimited like is with OS X. When an app uses too much memory, iOS just terminates the app without warning (thank you very little). The memory on the device that affects the ability to load the model is the RAM as opposed to the storage (flash) on the device (this distinction can be confusing and RAM is often not featured in device specs). Current iOS devices that we support have 1, 2, or 4 GB of RAM. iOS devices do not have dedicated graphics memory so the RAM must hold the video display, the operating system, the Viewer app itself in addition to the loaded model and the OpenGL ES resources needed to display the model.
    The 12.9" iPad Pro is the only device with 4 GB of RAM (but it also has the largest display so it needs the extra RAM). What device are you using?
    We invested a lot of effort in tuning memory efficiency in the viewer app and we continue to look for ways to conserve RAM and graphics resources to allow of the display of larger models. You can also reduce your file size by purging unused materials, unneeded layers, ghosted objects, reducing texture sizes and reducing the display resolution of smooth objects.
    If you could send your model to support, we might be able to identify why it is exceeding the device capacity.
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    crazyask reacted to DennisA in Fmz projects into Mobile   
    Tried to get existing project into mobile viewer using both iCloud & iTunes (see screen captures "For Formz"). Both did not show up as a choice in app. I uploaded a folder containing fmz project & textures... user components were in project (they were embedded). Did I do something wrong?
    I also noticed on iCloud drive file extension was not shown. Are there any size restrictions?