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    vva reacted to santa in Why isn't formz more popular?   
    Agreed. If anything, I would personally prefer to see a simpler rock solid form.Z. I feel that adding more and more complexity is the wrong way to go. Remember "less is more"!
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    vva reacted to Des in Exciting times   
    With the onset of Fz9, it's variations and all the newness it brings, it is also nice to wake up to the new slick web-site too.
    After a time of stagnation, it makes me happy to see the new drive which I hope brings success.
    Well done AutoDesSys 👏
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    vva got a reaction from -andrew- in How do I get a bigger grid?   
    you have to reduce the over all grid size and zoom in to see the grid 

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    vva got a reaction from -andrew- in How do I get a bigger grid?   
    here is the file:
    Grid 40mm.fmz.zip
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    vva reacted to Alan Cooper in Why isn't formz more popular?   
    Sorry but I have to disagree with John Alexander for our own purposes, which is good in a way, it shows how broad a spectrum FormZ covers. I am not that interested in photorealism. I am attracted to FormZ by fast modelling capacity and being able to output manufacturing data from it. Only an average quality realism is required for our purposes. If it is too realistic, it accentuates any little discrepency which would need more faffing around to put right. Speed of modelling, adjustment of sizes and csv output data, all at an affordable price is what sells it to me as a bespoke furniture maker. Maybe FormZ could split into two directions or have a base level and a manufacturing pack and a rendering pack, which it does to some extent, as I don't buy the V-Ray, Lightworks is sufficient.
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    vva reacted to AHDD Designer in V9.0.0.1 (Build A0D4) - Detailed UI Design - Tweak Icons   
    Unfortunately I'm still a bit unhappy about the redesign of the V9 user interface.
    This refers mainly to the use of color and the 3d-effects in certain elements of the user interface.
    Other icons are simply «unreadable» or difficult to interpret.
    Of course this is all a matter of taste…
    But the absolutely fantastic part is that even under V9 it is possible to customize the icons to your own taste.
    I wish very much that this will remain so after the future updates! Thanks!
    You can see an example below:

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    vva reacted to Hugo in smart model architectural plug-in   
    Although I am a professional Architect I am not interested in the way those solutions work, it's just a database! You are not modelling anymore, but searching in a huge database with names and codes. And never find the object you want as an architect. Editing the object is still time consuming... Of course for some objects, like a water tap it's handy... 
    FormZ has the possibility to be the best 3D modeller, simple to use, and therefore fast. The simpler you can build a 3D model, the better it works to get a unique design. Not a copy of a database! 
    The information management in Form Z should be as simple as the 3D modeller, than we can print out our own spreadsheets...
    3D model is one part of the BIM workflow, communicating with other professionals is the other part. For this we need exchange options.
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    vva got a reaction from Chris lund in Curve by formula   
    Thank you for investigating this!
    in the meantime I found an Exel doc with a good graph that I used as underlay and made the curve as nurbs.
    so I got this:

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    vva reacted to AndyD in Recent work make with Z 8.6 and maxwell 4   
    It was a competition:

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    vva reacted to Des in Recent work make with Z 8.6 and maxwell 4   
    cool 👏
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    vva reacted to David Lemelin in formZ 9   
    Is this application still a living thing? In the years since Upgrading to FZ 8.x I have had three revisions to MODO, two revisions to Rhino and Blender has launched a free 3D application that emphasizes how far 3D tech and hardware have come.
    There were 2 posts in 2018 about v9 and the few from 2019 sound like calls in the wilderness. Ever since unveiling their support for V-Ray, it's seemed like all further development went into suspended animation. A better rendering solution was a MUST... but there are still lots of things to improve and frankly, considering MODO, Rhino and Blender all have stellar renderers built into the package... the price point on FromZ (which needs an outside renderer to compete) is not making a whole lot of sense.
    I dunno ADS, feels like you're losing interest or conceding that time has simply passed FormZ by.
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    vva reacted to setz in Suggestions for Improving the Drafting Module   
    7.  Improved memory capacity for drawings with lots of imported images.  Addition of transparency for images.
    8.  Option to automatically import both a scaled vector Hidden Line drawing and an internally generated Full Shaded image, cropped and aligned with the Hidden Line in one step.  Ability to edit generated images in external image software and have the image update upon save, as is now possible in the Modeler with Texture Maps In Materials.
    I'm including a simple sample sheet which shows how I typically set up drawings.  Here is a link to the V6 file:  https://we.tl/t-eNLZQwxCPQ

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    vva got a reaction from -andrew- in Simple modeling... stuck on basics!   
    In FormZ, this takes about 15 seconds, in this way:
    1) Create wall
    2) Drag vertical guide in 2" from left > use "Offset a Segment" !
    3) Drag vertical guide in 2" from right > use "Offset a Segment" !
    4) Drag horizontal guide up from bottom 3' > use "Offset a Segment" !
    you don't need > 5) Create rectangle on surface,  at 16" x 9", at intersection of left & bottom guides

    you don't need > 6) Select rectangle and scale proportionally from top right corner to right guide
    7) Push 1" with the "Transform Tool"
    good luck
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    vva got a reaction from Des in Derive Face from outline   
    the easiest way to solve this is to use "Derive > Projection" to ground plain.
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    vva reacted to Tech in forum update complete   
    We just completed an update of the forum with new software and a new host. All of the problems of the last few months should be resolved and you should notice the its more responsive and looks better too! If you experience any issues with the new forum, please click "contact us" at the bottom of the page and send us a note. Sorry but posts from the last 24 hours may have been lost in the transition, please re-post.
    Thanks for your patience, we think it was worth the wait.
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    vva reacted to R2D2 in Is Thea for FormZ dead ?   
    I guess its time to wrap this up, I contacted Thea half a year ago to find out what is going on.
    My proposal was to issue an official statement here and call it a day.
    This never happened, neither from Thea`s nor ADS`s side, which leaves me in the dust if this was terminated by Thea or outcome of the Vray/FZ venture and terminated by ADS.
    Part from their answer was:
    …„It is true that the plugin has been removed from our e-shop but w e continue the support and maintenance of the integration. 
    There are changes and enhancements to this integration that would let us evaluate better how to proceed in the future regarding its availability.
    …please note that you can still use both the plugin and the Studio, as the bundle you had bought contained both of them.
    Thank you for your patience and understanding.“…
    Bottom line I would be interested if anybody is still using Thea with FZ.
    Also if anybody is interested in using my license please let me know and we can try to work something out if a transfer is allowed.
    Finally I think we users who bought this (basically DOA) product deserve a statement from ADS and/or Thea here.
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    vva got a reaction from Bartjuan in .sat conversion   
    here it is...
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    vva got a reaction from Bartjuan in .sat conversion   
    this is the File SAT (acis 19)
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    vva reacted to Andrew West in Texture mapping   
    I too have been extremely frustrated with the texture mapping process since 7 was introduced.  The thing that I am most disappointed with is the automatic texture mapping when an object is created.  The program assumes a certain type of map and it gets it wrong for me about 90% of the time.    As a result I then have to go and clear the texture map type and assign a new one (like cubic) using the Map tool.  It would be great if I could just set the program to make all my maps cubic by default since that is what I use 90% of the time.   The second issue that is killing the mapping process is the fact that the Copy Attributes tool has become useless.  For me this tool  was the single biggest time saver introduced in many years.   Again, I think it is related to the program automatically assuming a map type.  When I finally get an object to be mapped correctly I then try to copy that map to some new geometry.  It works about 20% of the time and the rest of the time I usually have to go back and clear the mapping using the Map tool again.  Even then it works sporadically at best.  Using these tools on imported geometry further increases the unreliability of the mapping and the time involved.  It was all so simple and easy in 6.7 and I really hope they can come up with a solution in future releases. 
    So to start here are my suggestions:
    Combine the Map Texture and Edit Texture tools into one tool.
    Allow users to define the mapping default type in the Preferences.  ie default is Cubic
    Have the program automatically look at the Image Map of your texture and set the proportions of the map to that size.  
    When copying the texture attributes of one object to another have the program set the map origin to the new geometry center.  Trying to find the texture map origins is a waste of time.
    Lastly, now that we have V-ray it would be nice if the texture maps of V-ray materials showed up correctly in Shaded Mode.  Sometimes I see them and sometimes I just get blank geometry and I have to guess on the map size and placement.
    Please feel free to chime in with other suggestions. 
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    vva reacted to AHDD Designer in form•Z 8.6 Update Released   
    Hello Tech
    Hello Support
    Hello Formz
      That a new «general update» comes out at the end of this month (as mentioned just above) is finally good news.   I beg you urgent to finally get started now and tiden up the so confused situation:   1) Mini-Updates, which are not precisely defined on your download site – and still have a big impact. 2) A user interface, whose faultiness is nothing to compare on the market. And last but not least 3) A communication policy, that really tugs at the patience of many of us users.   Please, please: Finally clear up, there on the 3518 Riverside Drive..!   Best greetings from Switzerland, old Europe – Cheers!
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    vva reacted to Hugo in FZ future   
    Since Paul Helm passed away, communication is poor.
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    vva reacted to snow in Tool Simplification / Consistency   
    I would like to make the suggestion that some tools are removed/simplified/blended/given consistency.
    There are a few tools that could use this treatment, but I recently took some time to look at the Extrusion, Reshape, Extend, and Thicken tools when applied to surfaces; all these tools essentially do the same thing, but with a few inconsistencies.
    Let's say you have 30 separate square surfaces.  If you want to thicken/extrude/reshape/extend 20 of them, one would pre-pick these surfaces select a tool, then click on the screen to do them all at once.  The interesting thing here is that the RESHAPE tool and the EXTEND tool will unpick the surfaces while EXTRUSION and THICKEN will not.  Naturally, it took me 3 tries to figure this out after trying to use Reshape and Extend before using Extrusion.
    It's also interesting that each of the Tool Options are slightly different, so it's not like you can just remove 2 of the tools and let the other tools do their jobs, there has to be some sort of simplification here.  
    Perhaps you can add all these abilities to one tool?  Let Reshape be given a fixed distance with In, Out, and Center, as well as dynamic, the ability to pre-pick, and also work on smooth objects?  I think that covers all ground for what this tool could do.

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    vva reacted to Shibui Design in 8.6 bugs   
    I fear you are correct. It seems there's not much energy or $$ going into our favorite 3D modeler and that's a shame. My sense is the user base is also shrinking. Hope I'm wrong.
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    vva reacted to AC1000 in 8.6 bugs   
    bbuxton unfortunately you are right. Sketchup and Rhino are the programs that people are using. 
    FormZ has a few great tools, best in industry definitely. Push n Pull tool on solids, offset tools with insert option, autogrid with lock option, fast drag n drop method with materials, robust extended tool and ability to copy paste topologies.
    I love Rhino but in Rhino you have to use three or four commands to achieve the same than in FormZ. And the handling of materials is clumsy in Rhino.
    Sketchup is a different story. Modelling method is annoying, but it is very fast and OpenGL mode is nice with bright colours, crisp shadows and clean lines. And you can export crips views to Illustrator. Now I have to export FZ models to SU if I need nice concept graphics or "toon" rendering.
    Now Rhino is my main modelling program because you can link both FZ (step or dwg) and SU (native) files into it as blocks. And the main model will update constantly. The disadvantage is the poor material management in Rhino.
    FormZ could easily do all the things mentioned above, but now there is too many bugs, bad export import plugins, UI problems and so on.
    Lets hope FormZ 9 has new clean code, nice UI and robust import export plugins.
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    vva reacted to JorgeLourenco in Bug with STEP files   
    I believe Autodesys relies on a third party translator for STEP, SAT and a few other formats. The PC version of the STEP import/Export module is fairly robust and vastly superior to the Mac version. I had to install VM Fusion and install a PC version of FormZ just so I could export as STEP reliably. I also notice other problems on the Mac version that I don't with the PC, namely with Subdivision modeling; on the Mac I am unable to get a contextual menu for sub-d tools but I can in Windows.
    I appreciate that Autodesys supports the Mac, I wish more 3D CAD tools did as well. However this STEP issue is almost a deal breaker since not many people I work with use FormZ I need STEP to send them files and render well in Keyshot (which is another story—and no, OBJ doesn't work well either).
    We need better translators on the Mac version of FormZ.