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    vva got a reaction from ktejlgaard in a connection to the internet is required in order to register   
    when I had a similar issue I got this advice from Brandon (Tech Support):
    It's possible it may be a permissions issue.

    - Close form•Z
    - In the Finder, navigate to Applications.
    - Select the "formZ 9" folder.
    - Select get Get Info from the File menu (or right click and select Get Info).
    - In the info window, click the lock icon in the lower right to unlock the interface and type your password.
    - Make sure that the Ownership of the folder which is usually the top line of permissions has your user name (indicated with “Me”) and the permissions  are set to Read and Write.
    - Click on the gear at the bottom of the window and select "Apply To enclosed items” and select OK.
    - Restart form•Z and try to register. <<
    so try this and Good Luck
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    vva reacted to snow in Deleting a custom palette   
    Yes.  But the issue with giving up formZ is the speed in which I work and the ability to share my files with SolidWorks users.  VectorWorks and Rhino come close to formZ in terms or how geometry is modeled and sharing with SolidWorks (Rhino is arguably better because .3dm files can be opened directly into SolidWorks), but if you look at the forums of each respective software you will find droves users posting about bugs, suggestions and other grievances. 
    I think the more you use a certain piece of software then the more aware you are of it's shortcomings which makes the OTHER software look so refined and polished, only to find out years later you're again aware of all it's shortcomings.  wash, rinse, repeat. 
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    vva got a reaction from Mike_Concentric in Exporting from Affinity Designer to Form Z   
    until then have a try with "QCAD" (Open Source)
    it is cheap and reads SVG files and writes DXF or DWG files, and is a solid 2D CAD program.
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    vva reacted to setz in Stretching Walls   
    Wouldn't it be great to have an option added to the Extend Tool to allow faces to be interactively pulled with the distance field live for numerical input?
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    vva reacted to Andrew West in Being optimistic   
    Funny thing,  I started to write almost the exact same thing last night in regards to a recent post.  I know that people are frustrated at times when they feel that they are not being heard or that their suggestions are being ignored.  That is normal but I also feel that there are a few factors here worth mentioning.   First is that years ago when Paul was around we experienced a level of support that was quite frankly astonishing in our field.  I have used many programs over the years and even Max with its huge following was pathetic in their support.  I usually had to resort to the forum for any advice.  In other words we got spoiled.  Tech is still listening to your reports and advice but they probably do not have the manpower or budget to spend time responding to every single email.  From what I gather they are compiling these issues and trying their best to address them as quickly as possible and we need to exercise a bit more patience.  If you are waiting for a piece of software that is perfect in every way and precisely geared toward your style of work then I am afraid you are in for a world of constant  disappointment. Some of you have felt that the release of V9 was premature and I too felt that it could have used a bit more time to cook.  However, economics and reality might have had to take precedence over perfection.  Now it is out and I am trying my best to adapt to what I have in front of me with as little complaining as possible.  Every piece of software is a work in progress so lets do our best to make this one better.  They are working on it.  Patience is in short supply these days but it would do us all well to try to stay a bit more positive with our comments.   
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    vva reacted to Des in Being optimistic   
    I like to visit this forum very often to pick up tips, see what others are doing and if I can help other users in any way, it's like a daily habit. As an avid user for many years, I can't help but notice that there has been a lull in the amount of modelling tips, queries regarding to the actual 3d modelling and rendering. I realise that many users here have been around a long time, are seasoned users of FormZ and don't need the advice as much as before, but there is so much talent at our disposal here relating to varying disciplines.
    I think ADS need encouragement too and it'd be nice to see some good things now and again from the users (Antons FormZ models and Pipos WIPs for example), especially in the times we're in at the moment. I know some of you are trying to help ADS with bug submissions and suggestions but maybe try to deliver it in a more positive way? Some here are like spoiled kids crying because they have to do four clicks instead of one and expecting a magic red button that does all..
    And no, I'm not having a bad day today 😁
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    vva reacted to Justin Montoya in Suface solid (two sides)   
    I have to disagree here.  I use formZ Solids such as walls and other, often asymmetrical solid shapes with different materials applied to various sides, ALL THE TIME.  It works perfectly in Shaded Full and V-Ray rendering engines.  The idea of using 'Surfaces' is inefficient for much of the work we do, and is the reason why formZ is so fast, powerful, and efficient for many types of modeling such as Architecture, Furniture, and Exhibit design.  There's no shortage of Surface based 3D modelers out there, but it's the SOLIDS that make formZ so special to us.
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    vva reacted to Tech in formZ v9.0.3 Now available   
    form•Z v9.0.3 (#A123) highlights
    New stuff
    “Superimpose” is a new option in the Underlay options of the Reference Plane Parameters palette. When selected, the underlay is Superimposed in shaded views instead of depth sorted. This is most useful when combined with the transparency slider to see the undelay image through a shaded image.
    “Give Guide Snaps Priority” is a new option in the snap options Palette. When selected, Guide Snaps are given priority over object snaps (when both are enabled). If the cursor is close to both a guide and a snappable point/edge/face, the location will be snapped to the guide rather than the point/edge/face. When this option is disabled, the opposite rule is applied. This option is now on by default by popular request as it makes the guides more functional in shaded rendering modes. The option can be controlled with a key shortcut as well (Key Shortcuts manager).
    General improvements
    Export of hidden line images to pixel based formats (TIFF/PNG/JPG etc.) now works properly.
    Underlay images no longer disappear when switching from wireframe to shaded full and the back to wireframe on machines with certain graphics cards.
    Components with Flat/Cubic/Spherical texture map controls now render properly in RenderZone. 
    Using Reduce Mesh tool no longer crashes on certain objects.
    Files with mirrored components now show the components properly when saving and re-opening the file.
    Curve and Surface Formula tools now show all the formulas in the Interface.
    View navigation in the Decals and Classic Texture Map dialog now works properly. 
    The “Pick By” and “Assign” options in the Classic Texture Map dialog now work properly. 
    Door/Window component’s are now are placed at the proper depth.
    The Section tool now properly honors the Status of objects (Ghost or Delete).
    Windows specific 
    The Transform tool no longer crashes when entering a second value for the Scale option. 
    Printing or exporting to PDF no longer misses some elements.
    Printing or exporting to PDF now includes title blocks properly.
    Printing from draft space now works as expected.
    Image elements no longer have a border when printed or exported to pdf.
    The Layout content tools no longer become randomly dimmed.
    Layout frames now update properly when the model is changed.
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    vva reacted to setz in Display Resolutions   
    I have been using a set of predefined Display Resolutions which I built into my Template file.  They create a faceting which is more efficient (many fewer faces than the generic percentage slider) while also reducing the number of facets on smaller and larger curved faces simultaneously on the same object.  Being able to fine tune my objects' models display resolution allows me to retain nice smooth looking objects while keeping the onscreen polycount low.  The are also helpful for polygonal, facetted exports requiring efficient polycount management.  Use Wireframe Display to clearly see how the polys are applied to curved surfaces.
    Download the file, from the menu items choose File/Project Settings.../Facetting Schemes and click on the Load Schemes folder icon to add these to your current project.  The setting go from coarse, .05 to very fine .00001 and correspond to the Fraction of Bounding Box increment from the settings.  Each one is approximately twice the resolution as the previous one. 
    I hope you find these useful and convenient.

    Display Resolutions.fmz.zip
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    vva reacted to AsOne in Long awaited Draft Layout App.   
    V9 is a huge improvement in my opinion in terms of stability and much needed.  It is much more "under the hood" improvements than fancy new tools, which I think was necessary.  Sometimes one needs to stop adding features and create a really stable product.  Especially in regards to the UI and Components.  Both of which are pretty fundamental.  While I know the UI isn't exactly what everyone wants (hard to find everyone in agreement on the look & feel of a UI), it is a vast improvement over v7 and v8 so far.  
    Some improvements:  Improved and stable UI (almost!), Components (which were completely broken in v8), Reference files, Symmetry tools and workflow improvements like: the new Edit Options tool palette, reshape by dimension, light intensity sliders, etc.  I'm sure there are many more.
    I have had some issues in v9 so far, but once these are ironed out I think FormZ will be positioned very well to move forward with a stable working environment.  Then new tools and features can come.
    I too hope the scripting is the starting point for a Grasshopper like parametric interface (or something better).  Twinmotion and realtime rendering also seems essential in the future.
    I don't use Draft mode so I can't comment there.  I only use Layout for DWG export and it works well.  Could be some improvements, but in general it has streamlined my workflow.  Not sure that is it's intended purpose, but it works for batch DWG output.  
    In general FormZ's strength is it's speed and power in modeling in my opinion.  I would rather they work on improving modeling, further integration with rendering software options and on better and faster import/export to other programs than spend enormous resources trying to develop ways to draft, dimension, and note construction documents.  Plenty of other programs do that task well.  
    I felt like with v7 and v8 I had a hard time recommending the program because of all the little "quirks"...UI and Components mostly.  Now once a few items are ironed out v9 seems like a great recommendation!  At least for the architectural world.  The Speed of SketchUp + Power of Rhino in one package.
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    vva reacted to santa in Why isn't formz more popular?   
    Agreed. If anything, I would personally prefer to see a simpler rock solid form.Z. I feel that adding more and more complexity is the wrong way to go. Remember "less is more"!
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    vva reacted to Des in Exciting times   
    With the onset of Fz9, it's variations and all the newness it brings, it is also nice to wake up to the new slick web-site too.
    After a time of stagnation, it makes me happy to see the new drive which I hope brings success.
    Well done AutoDesSys 👏
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    vva got a reaction from -andrew- in How do I get a bigger grid?   
    you have to reduce the over all grid size and zoom in to see the grid 

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    vva got a reaction from -andrew- in How do I get a bigger grid?   
    here is the file:
    Grid 40mm.fmz.zip
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    vva reacted to Alan Cooper in Why isn't formz more popular?   
    Sorry but I have to disagree with John Alexander for our own purposes, which is good in a way, it shows how broad a spectrum FormZ covers. I am not that interested in photorealism. I am attracted to FormZ by fast modelling capacity and being able to output manufacturing data from it. Only an average quality realism is required for our purposes. If it is too realistic, it accentuates any little discrepency which would need more faffing around to put right. Speed of modelling, adjustment of sizes and csv output data, all at an affordable price is what sells it to me as a bespoke furniture maker. Maybe FormZ could split into two directions or have a base level and a manufacturing pack and a rendering pack, which it does to some extent, as I don't buy the V-Ray, Lightworks is sufficient.
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    vva reacted to AHDD Designer in V9.0.0.1 (Build A0D4) - Detailed UI Design - Tweak Icons   
    Unfortunately I'm still a bit unhappy about the redesign of the V9 user interface.
    This refers mainly to the use of color and the 3d-effects in certain elements of the user interface.
    Other icons are simply «unreadable» or difficult to interpret.
    Of course this is all a matter of taste…
    But the absolutely fantastic part is that even under V9 it is possible to customize the icons to your own taste.
    I wish very much that this will remain so after the future updates! Thanks!
    You can see an example below:

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    vva reacted to Hugo in smart model architectural plug-in   
    Although I am a professional Architect I am not interested in the way those solutions work, it's just a database! You are not modelling anymore, but searching in a huge database with names and codes. And never find the object you want as an architect. Editing the object is still time consuming... Of course for some objects, like a water tap it's handy... 
    FormZ has the possibility to be the best 3D modeller, simple to use, and therefore fast. The simpler you can build a 3D model, the better it works to get a unique design. Not a copy of a database! 
    The information management in Form Z should be as simple as the 3D modeller, than we can print out our own spreadsheets...
    3D model is one part of the BIM workflow, communicating with other professionals is the other part. For this we need exchange options.
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    vva got a reaction from ¢hris £und in Curve by formula   
    Thank you for investigating this!
    in the meantime I found an Exel doc with a good graph that I used as underlay and made the curve as nurbs.
    so I got this:

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    vva reacted to AndyD in Recent work make with Z 8.6 and maxwell 4   
    It was a competition:

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    vva reacted to Des in Recent work make with Z 8.6 and maxwell 4   
    cool 👏
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    vva reacted to David Lemelin in formZ 9   
    Is this application still a living thing? In the years since Upgrading to FZ 8.x I have had three revisions to MODO, two revisions to Rhino and Blender has launched a free 3D application that emphasizes how far 3D tech and hardware have come.
    There were 2 posts in 2018 about v9 and the few from 2019 sound like calls in the wilderness. Ever since unveiling their support for V-Ray, it's seemed like all further development went into suspended animation. A better rendering solution was a MUST... but there are still lots of things to improve and frankly, considering MODO, Rhino and Blender all have stellar renderers built into the package... the price point on FromZ (which needs an outside renderer to compete) is not making a whole lot of sense.
    I dunno ADS, feels like you're losing interest or conceding that time has simply passed FormZ by.
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    vva reacted to setz in Suggestions for Improving the Drafting Module   
    7.  Improved memory capacity for drawings with lots of imported images.  Addition of transparency for images.
    8.  Option to automatically import both a scaled vector Hidden Line drawing and an internally generated Full Shaded image, cropped and aligned with the Hidden Line in one step.  Ability to edit generated images in external image software and have the image update upon save, as is now possible in the Modeler with Texture Maps In Materials.
    I'm including a simple sample sheet which shows how I typically set up drawings.  Here is a link to the V6 file:  https://we.tl/t-eNLZQwxCPQ

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    vva got a reaction from -andrew- in Simple modeling... stuck on basics!   
    In FormZ, this takes about 15 seconds, in this way:
    1) Create wall
    2) Drag vertical guide in 2" from left > use "Offset a Segment" !
    3) Drag vertical guide in 2" from right > use "Offset a Segment" !
    4) Drag horizontal guide up from bottom 3' > use "Offset a Segment" !
    you don't need > 5) Create rectangle on surface,  at 16" x 9", at intersection of left & bottom guides

    you don't need > 6) Select rectangle and scale proportionally from top right corner to right guide
    7) Push 1" with the "Transform Tool"
    good luck
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    vva got a reaction from Des in Derive Face from outline   
    the easiest way to solve this is to use "Derive > Projection" to ground plain.
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    vva reacted to Tech in forum update complete   
    We just completed an update of the forum with new software and a new host. All of the problems of the last few months should be resolved and you should notice the its more responsive and looks better too! If you experience any issues with the new forum, please click "contact us" at the bottom of the page and send us a note. Sorry but posts from the last 24 hours may have been lost in the transition, please re-post.
    Thanks for your patience, we think it was worth the wait.