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  1. George Gliatis

    No bounced light?

    Hi Andrew! What render engine are you using and what are the settings? Can you provide a simple scene? Greetings, George
  2. Hi 3dworks! Thea Tools icon should be the last icon in the Modeling Tools toolbar. Are you sure that it is not grouped with any other extension? Greetings, George
  3. Thank you! I would love that too. Greetings, George
  4. Hello Andrew. You could achieve this kind of material by combining a Basic Layer with a Thin Film on top of it. The Basic Layer can have translucency too. You can control the transparency of the material, by adjusting the Layer Weight of the Thin Film layer. I would also convert the surface to single face. I have attached the acrylic material. Greetings, George Acrylic.zip